Which Streaming Services Pay The Most In 2018?




As technology continues to become more accessible and easier to use, more and more people are having to adjust and react to both technology and society changes across all areas and industries. The music industry has probably seen the most change with regards to how consumers perceive technology. In an ideal situation artists and record labels prefer that the consumer purchases the physical copy of an album or EP. However with the rise in manufacturing and producing costs, reduced ROI as well as the constant rise in piracy, it became less appealing as an artist to put out music.


The advancements in technology soon allowed streaming services to emerge; instead of paying for a song or an album and having it in your collation; streaming a track means you listen to it in ‘real-time’. It is not stored on your device, you just continue to stream the data as and when you want. You will pay either a monthly or annual fee for this service; usually £9.99 per month. As a consumer that may be very cost effective especially if you normally purchase a lot of music. However how good is it for the artist? Below are some of the major streaming services along with average prices they pay out per stream to artists:


1. Napster

  • .01682 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £1,682
  • 2.5 million users on this platform

2. Iheart Radio

  • .01318 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £1,318
  • 48 million users on this platform

3. Tidal

  • .01284 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £1,284
  • 4.2 million users on this platform

4. Apple Music

  • .00783 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £783
  • 30 million users on this platform

5. Amazon Music

  • .00740 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £740
  • 65 million users on this platform (estimate – 2017)

6. Deezer

  • .00624 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £624
  • 6 million users on this platform

7. Google Play

  • .00611 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £611

8. Spotify

  • .00397 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £397
  • 140 million users on this platform

9. Pandora

  • .00134 per stream
  • 100,000 streams= £134
  • 73.7 million users on this platform


YouTube has the the highest number of users (at 1Billion) however pays the least with 0.0006 per stream. Though considering it’s nearly entirely free for the users to promote their music on there and given how little YouTube has ventured into this space, it is somewhat understandable. However expect that to change in 2018 / 2019 with YouTube looking at expanding their presence in music streaming.

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