In this edition we look at 10 of the best tracks Kaur B has released so far based on our opinion. This list is a selection of tracks that we felt really showcased her vocal ability, style and talent. Its not a complete list as Kaur B is set to release more material this year and is just getting started, however its just a quick look at some of our personal songs so far from her. The below list is not in any hierarchal order:

Mitran De Boot ft Jazzy B & Dr Zeus


Mitran De Boot was the first collaboration between Kaur B, Jazzy B and Dr Zeus; lyrics were written by Navi Kamboj. Dr Zeus swerves us with the production on this, as everyone was expecting a hard hitting desi production but he flipped the switch and gave a slick sounding and impactful beat. The subtle flutes and musical pieces were a nice touch. I really liked this track; Jazzy B’s vocals were on point and it really highlighted Kaur B’s vocals. It showed that she can hang with the best in the game. And to top it off, it had some pretty funny and memorable lyrics. Check it out below now:


Paranda ft JSL Singh


Paranda was a phenomenal track by Kaur B featuring JSL Singh. The lyrics were written by Manjinder Brar. Vocally this was perfect; the little part by JSL Singh was a great surprise and added to the track. I really liked the production on this track; JSL Singh has produced some of the biggest tracks in recent years and knows what sounds work with a particular singer. The video to the track again was spot on; it had some great scenic shots and great locations. Check it out below now:



Attwaadi ft Jazzy B & Dr Zeus


Attwaadi is another one of our favourite Kaur B tracks; produced by Dr Zeus and written by Raj Ranjodh. Kaur B teamed up with Jazzy B and Dr Zeus one more time for Attwaadi. Production again is simplistic yet effective and highlights the duo’s vocals effectively. I’m really digging the pairing of Jazzy B and Kaur B; the duo deliver another hit track. Check out the great video directed by Rimpy Prince below:



Main Geet Purane ft Desi Crew


This was one of the first few tracks I heard from Kaur B and instantly fell in love with it. The lyrics mentioned some popular Panjabi singers such as Diljit Dosanjh, Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal, Babbu Maan etc. The production was done by Desi Crew and the lyrics were written by the highly talented Bunty Bains. There was something about this track for me that highlighted Kaur B’s vocal ability. She brought a fresh change to the music scene when she arrived and this was a superb track. Check out the video below:



Phulkari ft Desi Crew


Phulkari was another track taken from the album Desi Robinhood and produced by Desi Crew. Lyrics were written by Bunty Bains. This has to be one of my all time favourite tracks by Kaur B; i loved the way she sang it and the lyrics and composition was amazing. Desi Crew did a phenomenal job on the beat. Desi Crew have delivered some incredible tracks in recent years and Phulkari was another hit track. Check out the video below:



Ghagre Di Lauwn ft Jatinder Shah


Ghagre Di Lauwn was a track that featured in the film Dildariyaan alongside Jassi Gill. Lyrics were written by Rachhpal Malhi and the production was done by Jatinder Shah. This is such a fun, upbeat track that you just cannot help but start to dance along to as soon as you hear it. Kaur B and Jassi Gill sound incredible on the vocals and the beat provided by Jatinder Shah compliments the vocals nicely. Check out the video below:



Feeling ft Desi Crew


Feeling was produced by Desi Crew and written by Bunty Bains. As well as singing up-beat and dancing bhangra tracks Kaur B shows that she can sing other types of songs. I really enjoyed the production on this track, it captured the emotion of the track without needing to add any unnecessary samples or loops etc. Bunty Bains provided the emotional lyrics which Kaur B delivers perfectly. Check out the track below:



Zulfaan De Naag ft Tigerstyle


Kaur B teamed up with the legendary Scottish duo Tigerstyle for Zulfaan De Naag, which was featured on their album ‘Digi-Bang’ as well as being released as a single beforehand with several remixes. It’s always exciting when you hear new vocalists emerge as you try to see what a collaboration would sound like alongside your favourite music producers. Tigerstyle delivered once again on the production and showed why they are on another level when it comes to production and innovation. The creative beat alongside Kaur B’s vocals was the perfect blend and the result was an amazing track. Check out the video below:



Dil Dharkeh ft Bloodline


Dil Dharkeh was a track from the debut album by Bloodline featuring Kaur B titled ‘Evolution’. Lyrics were written by Bunty Bains. It was great to hear Kaur B alongside a UK production and Bloodline did a fantastic job on the production. The beat is forcefully impactful and hits hard alongside Kaur B’s vocals. I like the composition of the tracks and the verses have a nice catch to it. Check out the video below:



Z-Security ft Desi Crew


Z-Security was a single taken from Kaur B’s album Desi Robinhood and was produced by Desi Crew. Lyrics were written by Narinder Batth. The track has some great lyrics and overall theme. The highlight for me was Kaur B’s vocals though, such power and confidence in her singing. The production by Desi Crew is hard hitting and really good. Check it out below now:



And that’s our list, let us know your favourite Kaur B tracks so far in the comments below:

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  1. A sick list, keep doing these types of blogs. Please do top ten for Gippy Grewal, Resham Singh Anmol, Jassie Gill and DIljit Dosanjh

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