Top 10 Aman Sandhu Tracks (So Far)



In this series we look at 10 of the best tracks Aman Sandhu has released so far based on our opinion. This list is a selection of tracks that we felt really showcased his vocal ability, style and talent. Its not a complete list as Aman Sandhu is set to release more material this year, however its just a quick look at some of our personal songs so far from him. The below list is not in any hierarchal order:

Koka Nakhro Da


We had to start at the beginning. Koka Nakhro Da was Aman Sandhu’s first major release in the music industry. When it was released, it just sounded so fresh and different. There was something different about his vocals at the time compared to what was being released and it sounded damn good. It’s a fantastic track, great production and lyrics were spot on. Koka Nakhro Da literally came out of nowhere and became an unexpected hit track. It launched Aman Sandhu into the public domain. Check it out below now:




There is something about the combination of SoE and Aman Sandhu that seems to click. Rumaal is a great track and something different from Aman Sandhu. The beat was actually quite different to what i was expecting from the track. The track had a great vibe and tumbi and flute pieces throughout. Lyrics were very catchy and Aman Sandhu delivered it eloquently. Rumaal was a fantastic track that again came out of nowhere; with little promotion or marketing beforehand. Just goes to show you that quality music doesn’t need to have a lot of hype and marketing; the music speaks for itself. Check it out below now:



Giddhe Vich


Maharajas released their debut single featuring Aman Sandhu titled Giddhe Vich and HMC. I really liked this track it had a throwback classic Bhangra feel to it. HMC’s addition also added to that vibe and style and worked well with the track. Giddhe Vich was a more upbeat track and showcased Aman Sandhu in a different style. I liked the upbeat pace of the track; it reminded me of some of the old tracks in the early 2000s. The boli mid way was a great surprise – #LorndehShirtanGabruKuware #NiBilloTereNaalNachna – Check out the track below:





This track from his debut album ‘2 Fingers 2 The Game’ was produced by E=MC. (To read our full review of the album click here) What i liked about the track was the production; and how effective it was. It didn’t have a bundle of things going on in the background; it had a clean and simple beat, grimy bass and straightforward lyrics that could easily be understood. Record truly shows off the diverse production capabilities of E=MC. While it is easy to over-produce a song, adding a bundle of instruments, E=MC takes a different approach and strips that all away. With a grimy baseline, powerful vaja piece, its hard not to clap along with the song. Aman Sandhu’s vocals really shine in this song and it works well with the production. Check out the video below:



Phase 3B2


Whilst ‘Record’ was the first track to have a video from the album, Phase 3B2 was my favourite. What an amazing track! Production was slick and clean as were the vocals; E=MC even adds a few lines himself. The whole vibe of the track is awesome; its a really chilled out track with unique and emotional lyrics. It has got that summertime feel to it and ends up being a very chilled out track. It is a shame this track didn’t get a video however check out the audio piece below:



Lakh De Hullare


The Firm collaborated with Aman Sandhu in 2012 with the track Lakh De Hullare. What i liked about this track was the freshness in production by The Firm. The boli mid way also was a nice addition. The video was a mix of actual video content and on screen lyrics which i thought was pretty cool. A lot of people like to sing along to songs but don’t know the exact words or pronunciation, so the video i thought was pretty clever. The track itself has just got a very cool and relaxing vibe about it. You cannot help but bounce your head and sing along to it. Hopefully we see more tracks between these two in the future. For the meantime check out the track below:



Red Rose


Red Rose was a great romantic track produced by Amzee Sandhu. Lyrics were written by Love Brar. The track showcased a different side to Aman Sandhu. It suited his sweet tone and calming vocals. The lyrics were catchy and easy to understand. My personal favourite bit was the introduction; the passion and emotion from Aman Sandhu’s vocals were clearly evident. The track showed his diversity and ability to sing both Bhangra songs and more romantic slow jams. Check out the track below to see why we picked it as one of our top 10 tracks so far:





Hanju is another slow track by Aman Sandhu produced by SoE. I just have to take a minute to appreciate the incredible production on this track. Aman Sandhu’s vocals alongside the incredible production is something special indeed. The lyrics are powerful and emotional. The production actually goes with the song and SoE hasn’t tried to find some indian percussion loop and make it sort of fit with the song. You can tell that he has taken time to perfect the right beat for the track to get the best out of it. Check out Hanju below:





The track starts off with a fantastic Tumbi piece, before we eventually hear Aman’s vocals. Preeti is probably one of the more underrated tracks from the EP and Aman Sandhu’s collection overall. His vocals on this track sound amazing; he absolutely smashed it on this one. SoE’s production is amazing; it’s not over-produced and he hasn’t used any unnecessary popular mainstream instrumental or sample. The flute throughout the song really give this track a nice touch. I also liked the vaja piece towards the end of the track. If there is one producer who deserves to be recognised more its definitely SoE. He has been working his craft for many years and has always released quality music.

Aman Sandhu teamed up with SoE on his EP SummerNights and featured on 4 tracks. All 4 are featured in this list – Thats just how great that EP was! On a personal note the SummerNights EP was an incredible EP that was initially given away for free before being put on iTunes. It had some incredible music on there featuring some very talented upcoming vocalists. When we spoke to SoE recently, he mentioned he was working possibly at releasing SummerNights part 2 soon; for which i cannot wait to hear. Check out the audio to Preeti below now:





Since we started with at the beginning we finish the list off with Aman Sandhu’s most recent track Murga. This was produced by UK producer and singer Bups Saggu. Murga is a tongue in cheek, quirky and fun track both with the music itself and the video. The video is pretty funny and has a clear and easy to follow plot line. It’s great to hear Aman Sandhu alongside a UK producer. You hear the signature style of Bups Saggu in what is a great track. The beat compliments Aman Sandhu’s vocals nicely. This is the first time these two had collaborated and the result was amazing; do hope that they release more songs in the future. Check it out below now:



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