The Year In Music – 2017 – Part 3

YearInMusic 3
Check out the biggest tracks released throughout the year in 2017. This list comprises of our picks throughout the year as featured in our Monthly Music Reviews as well as personal favourites and hidden gems and underrated tracks in our opinion. Check out Part 3 below. Click here to view Part 1! Click here to view Part 2!

G Sidhu ft Urban King – Mundri


Mundri by G Sidhu featuring Urban King is the 1st Single from the album “Pehli Tape”. The video was directed by Rupan Bal and the lyrics were written by G Sidhu himself. I’m feeling this track; it’s got a great vibe going on. Production is simplistic yet effective and provides a great backdrop to G Sidhu’s vocals. Check out the video below:



Kulwinder Billa – Roon Wargi


Roon Wargi is a fantastic track by Kulwinder Billa. The music was provided by Jassi X, with the lyrics written by Shivjot. Kulwinder Billa has been on a great roll as of late; releasing some quality tracks over the past few years with a number of top producers such as Dr Zeus, Aman Hayer and Tigerstyle. He has consistently released some hit tracks and Roon Wargi is another one to add to your collection. It is a fun and energetic Bhangra track. I really like Kulwinder Billa’s vocals; it’s quite unique and refreshing. Check out the video below now:



Miss Pooja – Sohnea


Sohnea is a great romantic slow number by Miss Pooja. She recently released the phenomenal track with DJ Dips – Pasand. Lyrics were written by Happy Raikoti and the music was provided by MG. Overall it’s a nice track which also features a piece by Millind Gaba.  Check out the video below now:



Kiran Dhanoa ft H Dhami & Rishi Rich – Tu Mera Main Teri


March saw the release of Tu Mera Main Teri by H DHami and Kiran Dhanoa. This track was previewed many years ago but we finally got to hear the full version. Kiran Dhanoa was featured in our ones to watch blog – she has got a unique vocal and tone. This is a fun duet track; the two vocals and styles make for a great listen. H Dhami is another artist who needs to release some more music; perhaps a new album even! Check out the video below now:





Ravi Bal ft Sukhwinder Suman – Dhann Dhann Mittro


Dhann Dhann Mittro has been taken from Ravi Bal’s 3rd album titled ‘The United States of Bhangra’. I’m really feeling the production on this track; a lot of bass on this – as the title suggests (BASS Supremacy RBP Mix). Sukhwinder Suman has some incredible vocals; I’m glad he is featuring on more tracks. The english bits throughout the middle give it that urban vibe. This gets me so pumped for Ravi Bal’s 3rd album. Having introduced some fresh and highly talented vocalist over the last few years, the new album will be a great showcase of the future of UK Punjabi music for sure!



Mankirt Aulakh ft Gupz Sehra – Choorhey Wali Bahh


Mankirt Aulakh is an artist who seems to constantly release great song after great song. Choorhey Wali Bahh is yet another great song to add to the collection. I like the production by Gupz Sehra; who is a very underrated artist. Check out the video below:



Kay V Singh – BulletProof (Album)


Kay V Singh released his debut album titled BulletProof at the beginning of March. The album features some great tracks alongside a collection of talented collaborations such as Epic Bhangra, Solace Nerwal, G.Sidhu, Binnie Marwa etc.


As always we will be doing our official review of the album later on and will be going into each track in depth. For now, our highlights from the album are Bullet 2, Red Suit Waliye, Mehndi Wale, Jugni and Muchh.



Bups Saggu ft Zora – Faaltu


Faaltu is the new track by Bups Saggu featuring Zora Randhawa. Lyrics were written by Attri and the track was released via Moviebox records. I like this track; it combines the signature styles of Bups Saggu and Zora. This is just one of the many singles Bups Saggu is set to release this year. Check out the great visual video below now:



Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 21.04.57


Raashi Sood ft DJ Hiten – Din Izhaar Da


Raashi Sood is an unbelievable vocalist and was one of our picks to watch out for. Her voice has a sweet and calming tone to it. Her work with The PropheC in the past has been incredible. Din Izhaar Da is touted as ‘THE’ love song and you can easily see why. Raashi Sood delivers a very emotional and confident vocal performance. Lyrics by Ammy Gill are very touching and intricate. DJ Hiten had provided the music for this and it’s the third piece of the puzzle; lovely composition and backdrop music. Check out the audio video below now:



Rupali – Adawan


Rupali released her new single titled Adawan featuring music by Nick D with the lyrics written by Ekraaj Khanuwan. Rupali is a superb singer who has released some quality tracks as of late. Adawan is a very catchy track and the production compliments the vocals perfectly. The video is also very well done; great shots and vibrant. Check it out below now:



Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 19.53.00


Rupinder Handa – Sardar Te Mardi


Deep Jandu has released some great songs recently with some creative production. Rupinder Handa is a highly talented and underrated vocalist; she does a great job on this track. Check out the video below now:



RS Chauhan ft Preet Hundal – Kurta Pajama


RS Chauhan released his new track titled Kurta Pajama featuring Ikka produced by Preet Hundal. RS Chauhan has a very unique style of singing and tone to his voice. This has to be one of my personal favourites released; Preet Hundal is a great music producer and he has delivered once again with this track. Check out the video below:



Amrit Maan ft Jasmine Sandlas – Bamb Jatt


Bamb Jatt is the new track by Amrit Maan and Jasmine Sandlas produce by DJ Flow. This is an amazing track; loving the vocals by Jasmine Sandlas especially. It’s great to hear her on more of the Punjabi style tracks; her last duet being Laddu with the talented Garry Sandhu. I like the direction DJ Flow went with the production; it suits the vibe. Check out the video below:



Jazzy B – Folk N Funky 2


When Jazzy B releases an album the whole world takes notice. Folk N Funky 2 was the sequel to the highly popular and successful Folk N Funky album released over 20 years ago now. Expectations were high for this especially after Jazzy announced some of the track names. This is a phenomenal album for today’s age. It’s got everything you expect from a Jazzy B album. It’s got the tracks for those who remember dressing up and having that iconic Jazzy B hairstyle, to those who grew up when Jazzy B introduced a new kind of Punjabi Urban sound with tracks like Romeo and Rambo. The album and tracks will always be compared to the original but as a standalone album, it’s one of the best released so far this year. Watch out for our official album review coming soon!. In the meantime check out the video to Londono Patola Reloaded below now:





PBN ft Manpreet Toor & Sharky P – Bhangra Paundi


PBN teamed up with Sharky P and YouTube dance sensation Manpreet Toor to release his new single ‘Bhangra Paundi’. This track has all the trademark PBN sound and style. It features Sharky P with the ‘Do You Like It’ piece. This is PBN’s best vocal performance to date; catchy verses and a hard hitting beat. The video features Manpreet Toor who shows off her unique dancing style in what is a visually stunning video. Check out the video below now:



Sharry Maan – Saade Aala


Sharry Maan teamed up with Mista Baaz with the track Saade Aala. This is a fantastic track and has got a great vibe; Sharry Maan’s vocals are incredible. Production is crisp and the overall track is very catchy and easy to follow and understand. The video compliments the track nicely as well. Check it out below now:




Ravi Duggal – Dhan Bhag (Album)


Ravi Duggal released Dhan Bhag featuring music by Jeeti via the Moviebox Label on the 20th of April. This was a highly anticipated album by the unique vocalist. We haven’t heard much from the duo for a while so when we got word they were releasing the album, we couldn’t wait. Dhan Bhag features 8 new tracks, all produced by Jeeti. We will be doing a full review of the album soon, as always so stay tuned for that. Upon first listen, our favourites are Dhan Bhag, Teri Heer, Kahani, Sappan and Roop Crazy. Check out the video to Dhan Bhag below now:



Nimrat Khaira – DJ Waaleya 


DJ Waaleya is a track taken from the soundtrack to the film ‘Arjan’ and features the vocals of Nimrat Khaira. It was produced by Jay K and the lyrics were written by Dalvir Sarobad. Nimrat Khaira has been on a roll as of late, releasing some great solo tracks as well as features in Panjabi films. DJ Waaleya is a catchy and energetic track; I loved the little boli towards the end of the track. This is a very addictive track and one that will stick in your mind for a while. Check out the video below now:



Jassimran Singh Keer – Rohab Sardar Da 


Rohab Sardar Da is a great track by Jassimran Singh Keer. It was produced by Desi Routz. The lyrics were written by Kirat Matharoo with the video being directed by Frame Singh. The track was released via T-Series Record Label. This song has really grown on me; the production is hard-hitting and the melody and vocals are pleasant on the ears. I particularly like the mix up towards the end. Overall this is a great track. Watch the video below now:




Ishers ft Ishmeet Narula – Jinde Meriye 


Jinde Meriye is the new track by Ishers ft Ishmeet Narula produced by Vee. Ishers is one of the most talented and diverse singers in the game today. Vee is a phenomenal music producer, having produced some amazing tracks in the past. The addition of Ishmeet Narula was the icing on the cake. This is my favourite track by Ishmeet Narula so far. The confidence, vocal range and tone in her voice is outstanding. I’ve always been a big fan of hers. The contrast with Ishers vocals on this track is so atmospheric and soothing. Vee provides a great beat; very cinematic and trance-isq music which works really well on the track. This is a fantastic romantic number and I for one cannot wait for another collaboration between these three talented artists. Check out the video below now:



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