The Year In Music – 2016


Once again we list the biggest tracks released throughout the year, this time over the course of 2016. Similarly like last year we had a lot of great material from both the UK and abroad. Did your favourites make the list? Check it out below!



Savvy Nagra ft JSL Singh – Surma Black


Savvy Nagra teamed up with JSL Singh to release Surma Black. Lyrics were penned by Navi Kamboz. The track was released via T Series record label. Surma Black is a great track; catchy lyrics, great production and fun and quirky video. Check out the video below:



Gupz Sehra – Label Black


Gupz Sehra is one of the most talented producers and singers in the industry at the moment. He is a fast rising star who has delivered many great tracks so far. Label Black further adds to that claim. Lyrics were penned by Bunny Gill. I like this track; its got a great video; great catchy lyrics and overall nice production. Check out the video below:





Surjit Khan ft Aman Hayer – Jatt Di Heer


This was Surjit Khan’s second single released in March ft production by Aman Hayer. Surjit Khan never fails to deliver and this was going to be no exception. Crisp production, catchy melody, and easy to understand lyrics. It’s a great track from Surjit Khan; its always great to hear his vocals. Check out the video below:



Nimrat Khaira – Ishq Kacheri


Nimrat Khaira released Ishq Kacheri alongside Preet Hundal in January 2016. What a track! Great production by Preet Hundal. Nimrat Khaira made her debut to the music scene in 2016 and has released 4 great tracks. Ishq Kacheri is a superb track; great lyrics and video to go with it. Check it out below now:



Kay V Singh Laungh Gawacha


Kay V Singh released Laung Gawacha alongside A2. Its an EDM track; something not really heard of in Punjabi music. It’s actually a really great track, A2 and Kay V Singh manage to pull it off alongside Punjabi vocals. Production is superb; vocals by Kay are great as well. The video is stunning, with great scenery. Lyrics were penned by Kay V Singh and Ammu Sandhu. They take a modern twist on the popular Long Gawacha; stripping it to the core and keeping just a hint of the original. Check out the video below:



Panjabi MC – Picha Ni Chad De


Panjabi MC returned to the Punjabi music scene in March 2016 with the huge track Picha Ni Chad De featuring vocals by Sahib. The track itself can only be described as ‘Desi”. Great sarangi and tumbi pieces throughout the track, its just a really catchy and fun song overall. What’s more is that the video is also well done, clean and encapsulates the energy of the track.



Rupali ft Dr Zeus – Neendan


Rupali teamed up with the world famous and renowned music producer Dr Zeus with Neendan. Lyrics were penned by Jaggi Jagowal and it also featured rapping by Ikka. Neendan is a fantastic track that really highlights Rupali’s vocal ability and strength. Coupled with the signature sound of Dr Zeus, this was always going to be something big. The rap by Ikka is spot on, catchy and unlike most tracks adds to the track. Check out the video to Neendan below:



Raashi Sood – Beparwah


Raashi Sood returned to the music scene with her new track Beparwah produced by The PropheC. The atmospheric styled music perfectly compliments Raashi Sood’s soft and soulful vocals. The pairing of both unique artists has resulted in something extraordinary yet again. The video to Beparwah is spectacular with great cinematic views and great effects. Beparwah was released via VIP Records. (Raashi Sood was featured in our ones to watch for 2016) – Check it out here



Aman Sandhu – Murga 


Everything on this track was spot on. The tongue in cheek lyrics were hilariously funny and inventive. Bups Saggu delivered exceptional production on this one and really has been on quite a roll as of late. Aman Sandhu’s vocals are crisp and clear as always. The video further adds to the track and captures the essence of the lyrics in a fun way. Overall this is a really good track and really one that came out of nowhere.



Nimrat Khaira ft Deep Jandu – Salute Wajde


Salute Wajde by Nimrat Khaira featuring Deep Jandu. Nimrat Khaira is a highly talented vocalist who is developing a growing fan base especially after her huge hit track Ishq Kacheri. Salute Wajde is a great track that has catchy verses and dynamic production courtesy of Deep Jandu. Its an overall great track that you can easily stick on repeat a number of times.



Ashok Prince – One Time 4 Ya Mind 


Music for the album was done by Tru Skool who does a great job in integrating raw folk elements with Hip Hop sounds, like only he can. The 10 track album has different sounds and styles for almost everyone. The raw folk singing style of Ashok Prince is perfectly expressed and demonstrated in this album.


Some of my personal favourite tracks are Lengha, Chitthi, Tehnu Nachdi Vekhna, Jatt Boliyan and Malwa Doaba. All I would say at the moment is that One Time 4 Ya Mind is a MUST for any folk music lover.


Sharry Maan – Vadda Bai


Lyrics have been penned by Sharry Maan himself with production by Nick Dhammu. Vadda Bai is a great track with fitting production, unique and clever lyrics. Sharry Maan’s vocals are the highlight for me in this track; they are perfectly demonstrated through the verses. The tumbi pieces throughout the track are on point and add to the overall track. The video is also well directed and planned. Overall this is what you would expect from a Sharry Maan track; easy on the ear production, fun quirky lyrics and amazing vocals. Check the video below:


00 - Manni Sandhu - Welcome To The Future Cover

Manni Sandhu – Welcome To The Future 


To say Manni Sandhu’s second album was highly anticipated would definitely be an understatement to say the least. The album featured a lot of new and unheard of singers compared to his debut. Something else that was also different was the use of the traditional Punjabi folk instruments. Though if I had to sum up the entire album in one word, I would have to say: FRESH.


The album is fresh; fresh musically; fresh lyrically; fresh vocally. Whilst its easy to stick to the traditional and tried and tested formula, its even more difficult to experiment with new sounds and ideas. Welcome To The Future gives a fresh and unique sound, something that the industry had not had as much recently. I like that there were new and unknown vocalists on the album; it not only allows great talent to be recognised but its also something different for the fans. There is also an absence of typical dance floor Bhangra songs on the album as well. With the majority of songs being released specifically for that purpose in recent years, its a good change to hear something completely different.


There were certain songs that I liked more than others as with all albums; its down to personal preference. The song selection is definitely different from the usual list of song topics and that is also refreshing to hear. The theme of the album had a more urban and hip hop approach. However you still got the traditional Manni Sandhu sound which he has crafted and developed over the years; which only sounds more and more polished. Overall this is a great album, full of unique flavours, new and promising vocalists and a refined and developed sound that breaks away from the norm.




Gitaz Bindrakhia – Pasand Jatt Di (ft Desi Crew)


Pasand Jatt Di sung by Gitaz Bindrakhia and produced by Desi Crew. Lyrics were penned by talented lyricists Bunty Bains. Pasand Jatt Di is a fantastic track; great composition and production and amazing vocals. Desi Crew really know how to get the best production out for each singer that they work with. This is a lyrically rich song, filled with great musical pieces; I like the sarangi and prominent tumbi throughout the song. Check out the video below:



Akhil ft BOB – Khaab


Akhil released the track Khaab ft BOB in early 2016 and what an incredible track it was. Beautiful lyrics, great melody and emotional and distinct vocals. Music was done by BOB who is able to perfectly capture Akhils vocals and provide a subtle and elegant backdrop. It’s not overproduced or doesn’t include any unnecessary rapping etc. Akhil is a great vocalists with a unique vocal which tends to suit more softer and romantic tracks. Check out the video below:



Ranjit Bawa – Bad Company (ft Tigerstyle)


This time on a track featuring the uber talented and popular Ranjit Bawa titled Bad Company. The track has a great message that has been perfectly incorporated through the lyrics penned by Jaggi Tohra. Its a song that has great lyrical content and is something that is different to some of the other songs out there at the moment. Production by Tigerstyle is once again fresh and different yet it seems to go with the flow of the song and lyrics perfectly.



The video highlights the lyrics with powerful visuals. It has been well directed and produced; rich scenery and it has a great storyline and plot which adds context for the song. Check it out above now!



Shaan & Verinder ft Bhinda Jatt – Truck


Shaan & Verinder teamed up with The California King, Bhinda Jatt to release Truck. Lyrics were penned by Jandu Littranwala with the video being directed by Guvy Heer. Bhinda Jatt sounds the same as he did when he first started; he has not lost a step and sounds as crisp as ever. Truck is a great track; love the algozeh pieces throughout the track. Check out the video below:



Surjit Khan ft Aman Hayer – Kainthe Wala Gabru


Surjit Khan featured again with Aman Hayer for Kainthe Wala Gabru. The pairing of Aman Hayer and Surjit Khan just works; they continue to deliver hit track after hit track. Kainthe Wala Gabru is a fantastic track; catchy lyrics, great flow and as always great production by Aman Hayer. I love the video; Surjit Khan looks great in a Pagh. Check it out below:



Jaz Dhami ft Steel Banglez – Teri Ah


The track was penned by Mickey Singh & Kay V and Jaz Dhami himself. The track is not your typical Jaz Dhami Bhangra type track; its a different direction with the more urban styled production. I think it works; it is a change to what is usually out there. The lyrics are great and easy to follow and understand. Production is fresh; glad they did not go for the traditional sound. The video to Teri Ah is visually superb; great scenery and effects. Check it out below now:



Jassie Gill & Babbal Rai – Yaar Jatt De


Jassie Gill & Babbal Rai teamed up once again to bring Yaar Jatt De. Production was done by Desi Routz with lyrics by Narinder Bath. Yaar Jatt De is a great track; it perfectly captures the distinct styles of both singers. Lyrics are strong and have a great message. The track was released via Speed Records. Check it out below:



Raashi Sood ft Manni Sandhu – Ijazat


After releasing a chart topping and record breaking album Manni Sandhu teamed up with the rising star Raashi Sood for the soulful track Ijazat. What i liked about this track was that it was able to take the unique styles of both Raashi Sood and Manni Sandhu and seamlessly blend it. You can hear the trademark Manni Sandhu sound alongside the distinct vocals of Raashi Sood. Ijazat is a cool number with great lyrics; penned by Bittu Cheema. Check it out below:



Harjit Harman ft Atul Sharma – Jatt 24 Carat


The song was written by Pargat Khan who has collaborated and written some great hits for Harjit in the past. The track is very catchy with nice production and easy to understand and follow lyrics. Harjit Harman’s vocals are unique and suit a particular style; Jatt 24 Carat is a great track for him. Its a funky dance track which makes you get up and sing / dance along to. Watch the video below:



Harbhajan Maan ft Tigerstyle – Sher


Sher is a fantastic track, the powerful vocals of Harbhajan Maan are perfectly complimented by the Folk and traditional Tigerstyle sound. Its great to hear the more traditional sound that Tigerstyle predominantly used early on in their career. Lyrics were penned by Babbu Singh Mann. The video to Sher is stunning, great visuals, story and plot. Check out the video below now:



Mankirt Aulakh – Kadar 


Mankirt Aulakh is a fantastic singer with such vibrance in his vocals and style. Kadar is a superb track; very catchy lyrics and flow; great production and Mankirt easily delivers on the vocals. The video is really good; highlights the main points within the track and is a nice watch. Check it out below:



Panjabi MC ft Ashok Gill – Gora Gora


Gora Gora by Panjabi MC featuring the vocals of Ashok Gill and Warren G. Gora Gora is a catchy number with slick beats by Panjabi MC, a relevant rap and well flowing rap by Warren G and the distinct vocals by Ashok. Panjabi knows how to get the best out of the vocalists he works with and his paring with Ashok Gill just works really well. The track takes elements of its melody from Surjit Bindrakhia’s Mukhada Dekh Ke. Overall a good track; Ashok Gill and Panjabi have released a string of great tracks recently most noticeably being ‘Morni’.



Sukshinder Shinda ft Harj Nagra – Red Rose


Red Rose by Harj Nagra featuring the vocals of Sukshinder Shinda. Red Rose is a great track with hard hitting production. The track has elements to some of the classic Sukshinder Shinda tracks from 2003, in the flow and the way he sung the track. Overall its a catchy number from a duo who have released a couple of noteworthy tracks recently. Check out the video below:



Jazzy B ft Kaur B – Shikaar


Shikaar by Jazzy B featuring Kaur B and Amrit Maan was produced by Preet Hundal, who does a fantastic job. The pairing of Kaur B and Jazzy B has resulted in some great tracks in the past and this is no exception; add the unique and dynamic vocals of Amrit Maan and you get something truly special. Amrit Maan has also written the lyrics for Shikaar. On top of a great track; the video to Shikaar is well thought out and very well produced. Check out the video below:



Guru Randhawa & Arjun ft Intense – Suit


Suit is a great track produced by Intense. It features Guru Randhawa and Arjun. It’s a really catchy track; great lyrics by both Guru Randhawa and Arjun. Intense delivers on the production as always; its something fresh and innovative. Check out the video below:



Jassi Sidhu ft Dr Zeus – Salute


It’s a collaboration that was long overdue; two of the biggest UK artists finally collaborating. Salute is a great track that combines the trademark signature sound Dr Zeus has perfected alongside the classic and distinguished vocals of Jassi Sidhu. The rapping by Fateh is the icing on the cake. Check out the video below:



Tejinder Kaur ft Ravi Bal – Mein Nachna


Tejinder Kaur released her debut track titled Mein Nachna featuring Ravi Bal. Mein Nachna is a fantastic debut track that gives a glimpse into the vocal potential of Tejinder Kaur. Production is fresh and crisp, making you want to jump up and dance. Lyrics are catchy and easy to understand; penned by Preet Barnala. In an industry dominated by male vocalists; its highly refreshing to see the new wave of female vocalists emerge. Tejinder is definitely a name to look out for in the future.


Mickey Singh – Phone


Phone was produced by UpsideDown who does an excellent job; really creative and fresh beats. Mickey Singh sings in both Punjabi & English; the lyrics are catchy and easy to understand and flow with the overall track. The video to Phone is quirky and has a sort of Halloween / party vibe to it. Check it out below:



Gagan Kokri – Malaayian


Malaayian by Gagan Kokri is produced by Kuwar Virk. Malaayian is a upbeat track; catchy lyrics. Gagan Kokri has a unique vocal and it goes well alongside the production. The video is clean, well produced and relates to the track; which is nice to see. Check it out below:



Zora ft Rupali & Dr Zeus – Wonderland


Wonderland features vocals by Zora and Rupali. Production duties were given to Dr Zeus. Wonderland is a track from the Punjabi movie ‘Lakeeran’. Zora / Rupali’s vocals are spot on in Wonderland. Dr Zeus does a great job with the production; its familiar however it works with the track. Check out the video below now:



Mankirt Aulakh – Kuwari


Lyrics were penned by Preet Judge with music by Gupz Sehra. Mankirt Aulakh is a fantastic vocalist with such a unique vocal. This is one of my personal favourite tracks; the production is fitting and the melody is refreshing. Check out the video below now:



Diljit Dosanjh – Mitran Da Junction


Mitran Da Junction by Diljit Dosanjh is taken from the soundtrack to the film Sardaar Ji 2. Its a really catchy track; one you cannot help but tap your feet and do some Bhangra to. Check out the video below now:



Diljit Dosanjh – Poplin


Poplin was taken from the soundtrack to the film Sardaar Ji 2 featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa. Poplin is a great track by one of India’s most popular vocalists at the moment. Check out the video below now:



Geeta Zaildar ft Aman Hayer – Chattri 


Lyrics were penned by Geeta Zaildar; Chattri was released via the T-Series Record label. Chattri is a superb track coupled with the defined Aman Hayer sound, catchy lyrics and distinct vocals of Geeta Zaildar. This is just a really catchy track that you cannot help but dance around to. Check it out below:



Money Aujla ft Bups Saggu – Lalkaare


Lyrics were penned by Stylish Singh with the video done by Tapehead. Lalkaare was released on the VIP Record label. The track is a great track, with catchy lyrics and an upbeat production. I particularly liked the Snapchat boli made way; that was clever. Money Aujla’s vocals were crisp and clear alongside the powerful Bhangra beat provided by Bups. Check out the video below:



DJ Dips ft Badal – Whiskey Di Bottle


Badal is a singer who has such a unique vocal and tone; when I first heard him on the track Kasoor, I knew he was something special. Since then he has gone on to release a series of hit tracks; with Whiskey Di Bottle being no exception. The track starts off with a great intro before slowly dropping into the track. Production duties were given to DJ Dips who adds his unique style to the track and honestly it’s a great track. DJ Dips continues to deliver hit track after hit track and this just further adds to his collection. I cannot wait to see any new collaborations between these two artists and for the release of DJ Dip’s new album; which is set to release soon! Check Whiskey Di Bottle out below and download it from our Soundcloud page:



Sunanda Sharma – Patake


Sunanda Sharma released her second single titled Patake featuring Gag Studioz. Sunanda released her debut single Billi Akh which helped establish her within the industry. Patake is a great follow up track which further highlights her incredible vocal ability. Sunanda has a unique vocal and its perfectly highlighted in Patake. Music by Gag Studioz is energetic and compliments the vocals. The video to Patake is energetic, vibrant and overall is a great video to watch. The track has had an incredible response throughout, reaching over 22 million views on YouTube. Check out the video below:



Jenny Johal ft Raftaar – Chandigarh Rehn Waliye


Jenny Johal teamed up with Raftaar for the first time to release Chandigarh Rehn Waliye with music being provided by Desi Crew and lyrics by Bunty Bains. Raftaar brings his unique style and mix into the track; showcasing why he is one of the best rappers on the scene today. Lyrics by Bunty Bains are fresh, easy to understand and follow along to. Jenny Johal’s vocals once again are exceptional and are on point in this track. Having released a string of hit tracks in the past Jenny Johal delivers once again; I cannot wait for future projects and at a potential album soon. Check out the video below:



Anmol Gagan Maan ft Tigerstyle – Nakhro


Nakhro by Anmol Gagan Maan is produced by Tigerstyle and written by Preet Kanwal. This is a fantastic track, it combines the folk vocals of Anmol Gagan Maan with the distinct and dynamic sound that Tigerstyle have uniquely developed and perfected. Having not opted to go with the traditional approach in terms of music, its quite refreshing to hear and I think it works pretty well. Lyrics by Preet Kanwal are great as always. I do like the flutes that appear throughout the track; its a nice touch. To top it off the video is clean, well directed and just compliments the track. Check it out below:



Gurj Sidhu ft Kaos Productions – Patta Lagg Ju


Having come of the huge success of Putt Sardaran De ft Tru Skool, Gurj Sidhu released his new single alongside Kaos Productions titled Patta Lagg Ju. Lyrics were penned by UK’s Dhami Amarjit. I knew this was going to be a big track based off Gurj’s previous work and the small snippets we got beforehand, however the final product is just amazing. Expectations were high as Gurj had just released the massive track Putt Sardaran De and he definitely delivered. Music was done by Kaos Productions who offer a fresh and unique take. Patta Lagg Ju is taken from Gurj’s debut album titled Sentimental Value; which is expected to be a monster album and definitely contender for album of the year! Check out the video below now:



JK ft Tru Skool – Baaghi Tera Yaar 


JK returned to the music scene after a near 5 year gap to release his solo track Baaghi Tera Yaar. Lyrics were penned by Raj Ranjodh. Aside from a collaboration on Putt Jattan De, we had not heard from JK in a while. However he came back in a big way. Great production by Tru Skool as always; catchy melody and polished vocals. There is nothing more to be said about the track aside from the fact that if anyone had any doubt about JK; this should certainly put it that doubt away. The video to the track is amazing; great visual effects and it also features an appearance by the legend Surinder Shinda. Check it out below:




Maharajas ft Aman Sandhu & HMC- Giddeh Vich


Maharajas released their debut single Giddeh Vich alongside Aman Sandhu and HMC. This was a fantastic debut single from the duo; Aman Sandhu delivered on the vocals as always and it was great to hear HMC again. This was an upbeat Bhangra track, really catchy lyrics. The video was also well produced; nice vibrant scenery and dancers.



Jatinder Shahi ft Ravi Bal – Gaddiyan Vich Gaane


The track starts off with some great algozeh pieces before we hear the signature Ravi Bal sound. Deep and thought-provoking lyrics are seamlessly displayed through Jatinder’s unique vocals. Overall its a great catchy track; its got some amazing music pieces and a great video to accompany it. Check it out below now:



Jazzy B ft Deep Jandu – Trendster


Trendster is another hit track by Jazzy B; who had a fantastic 2016 in terms of music. Lyrics were penned by Karan Aujla. Deep Jandu provided the music for this track and i have to say he does a fantastic job; fresh beats and sound. Jazzy B sounds as great as ever. Gangis Khan delivers his parts superbly as well; giving the track overall a great fresh vibe. The video was well directed and of a very high quality. Check out the video below:



Roach Killa ft Garry Sandhu & Naseebo Lal – Heartbroken


Heartbroken is a 4-way collaboration between some of the most talented artists in the game right now; Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu, Vee and Naseebo Lal. Its great to hear Garry Sandhu’s vocals again alongside Roach Killa’s signature rap. Naseebo Lal adds that unique and distinct flavour to the track. The production is fresh and powerful. Released via Moviebox records. Check out the video below:



Jaskurn Gosal ft AS Amar – NZ Boliyan


Jaskurn Gosal released a free boliyan titled NZ Boliyan featuring the very talented vocals of AS Amar. This is a magnificent track; great production, catchy and familiar melodies. AS Amar is a very underrated singer, who i believe needs to appear on more tracks; his vocals are truly remarkable. Overall this is a great track, showcasing the diverse skills of the talented Australian-born producer Jaskurn Gosal. And its a free download; a track i’d happily pay for. Check it out below:



Benny Dhaliwal ft Dav Juss & K Singh – Tere Vyah De Din


Its always great to hear Benny Dhaliwal’s vocals. The vocals on top the powerful and dynamic beat courtesy of K Singh and Dav Juss is a winning combination. Lyrics were penned by Harf Cheema. Dav Juss and his bother K Singh have developed a unique niche sound that is refreshing to hear. With more tracks in the pipeline, i can safely say that 2017 is going to be a great year for Punjabi music. Watch the video below:



Kaur B ft JSL Singh – Paranda


Kaur B delivers the best vocal performance of her career to date with Paranda. In fact it may be the best track she has released. JSL Singh absolutely smashed the production on this and his rapping / vocals on this gave it that extra kick. The flow and melody of the track is unique, really catchy and mesmerising. The video is fantastic, vibrant and full of rich content. Check out the video below now:



The PropheC – The Lifestyle  


The PropheC delivered what could possibly be the album of the year with The Lifestyle. Squeezing into 2016, the album features 11 songs and collaborations with Jus Reign, Fateh and Ikka. The ProheC is a highly talented singer and producer who developed his craft over the years and is now one of the most popular artists in the game; for which i could not be more happy about and is truly well deserved. The album has smashed iTunes and chart records all over the globe. Tracks like Hove Mere Naal, Rumours, Kina Chir, Char Janda Cha and Intezaar demonstrate how incredibly gifted this singer is. Stay tuned for our official album review coming in 2017. But for now check out the great video to Rumours below:



SoE – SummerNights (EP)


SoE dropped one of the most underrated EPs in 2016 titled SummerNights. The EP featured Aman Sandhu, Ginz, Tej Gil Jinder Jinda and Rabia Sagoo. The whole EP featured great tracks; it was honestly a real breath of fresh air to the music scene; one that was in desperate need. Given away as a free download; i would gladly paid for the EP. Aman Sandhu sounded as crisp as ever on tracks like Ranjha (my personal favourite), Rumaal and Preeti. SoE just released a remix version to Rumaal on his soundcloud which further demonstrates why he is one of the most talented producers in the game right now.



Resham Singh Anmol – Chete Karda


Resham Singh Anmol has been on a roll in 2016. Chete Karda features production by Desi Crew. Chete Karda is a superb track; great lyrics and flow. Production is nice and simple. I really like Resham’s vocals; i think its unique and different to a lot of other singers out there in the industry at the moment. The fact he was able to release such good tracks this early in his career can only mean he is going to move up to bigger and better things in the near future. With his new album set to release soon, its pretty safe to say he will appear in the 2017 Year In Music blog more than a few times. Check out the video below:


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 18.06.37

Rishi Rich ft Dasu Dil Kya Kare


Dil Kya Kare by Rishi Rich ft Dasu is a chilled track with an RnB vibe. Production is fitting; not overproduced or clustered with unnecessary percussion etc. This allows Dasu’s vocals to shine. The video to the track is also well produced; rich colours, great scenery. Check out the video below:



Dj Harv ft Geeta Zaildar – Darshan


DJ Harv released his debut single Darshan featuring Geeta Zaildar. Darshan is a great debut single for DJ Harv; catchy melodies and great production. Geeta delivers on the vocals as usual. The drop is really catchy and one that sticks in your mind. The video is great and also features Geeta Zaildar as well. Check it out below:


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.18.24

Baljit Malwa ft Kaos Productions – Jatti In Feeling


Baljit Malwa teamed up with Kaos Productions to release Jatti In Feeling. I really like this song; hearing the folk production alongside Baljit Malwa’s powerful folk vocals really made this track standout. Baljit Malwa is a vocals who needs to release more material especially with more UK producers such as Kaos Productions and Tru Skool.



Jassie Gill ft Desi Crew – Att Karthi


Jassie Gill teamed up with the talented producers Desi Crew to deliver Att Karthi. This is a fantastic track; great production, lovely lyrics and a superb vocal performance by one of the fastest rising singers at the moment. The video to Att Karthi is equally great; nice visuals and vibrant colours. Watch it below now:



Ricky Chohan ft Tigerstyle – 2 Akhiyaan


2 Akhiyaan starts of with a Sarangi piece as we begin to hear the distinct vocals of Ricky Chohan. 2 Akhiyaan has been produced by Scottish duo Tigerstyle. True to form, the track is what you can expect from a Tigerstyle production; unique. The track has all the traditional elements but it also adds in the urban elements that Tigerstyle have been known to seamlessly infuse. 2 Akhiyaan has fun, quirky and catchy lyrics which have been written by Preet Kanwal. I really liked the Sarangi pieces throughout the track, along with the dominant production, it was a great combination.



The video was directed by Frame Singh who does a fantastic job. The video has a clear plot, nice theme and is just a pleasure to watch. The video features actress and model Ginni Kapoor as well as a guest appearance from Tigerstyle. Something that I liked about this track is how combined the raw folk sound of the traditional instruments and element such as sarangi, tudd, tumbi and combined it with hard hitting grimy urban beats; the bass on this is wonderful. Overall a very well produced track, which I stuck on repeat a number of times. The melody, verses and chorus are highly addictive and just makes you want to sing and dance along.


Harjot – Chann Warga (ft Desi Routz)


Harjot is a singer I am a big fan of; he has always delivered quality songs in the past. Chang Warga was no exception! I really liked the melody on this track; the production fits in nicely. Harjot has great vocals and its expressed perfectly on this track. The mandolin & sarangi pieces throughout the track are a nice touch. The song overall is very nice to listen to and fits in with his singing style. Desi Routz do a fantastic job with the production; not over-producing and adding random samples etc. in to it. Its a chilled out song that has a real summertime feel; due to the production. I really like the Sarangi piece in the song as with a few of the other songs in this list. The video to Chan Warga is vibrant, has nice scenery and good storyline telling. It is well directed and really highlights and captures the essence of the song and in portraying the lyrics. Check the video out below:



Ishers ft Vee – Agg


We get an introduction to the song by Jelly Manjeetpuri before the song officially kicks off. Agg has highly addictive and catchy lyrics, which you can easily understand and sing along to. Vee has gone with a more ‘Bhangra” style approach with the production and it is refreshing to hear alongside Ishers vocals. This is his first ‘Bhangra’ music production and I have to say its a very good attempt. You have the traditional elements you would expect from a Bhangra song; hard hitting dhols, great music pieces, short catchy verses and energetic lyrics. Sometimes artists can get carried away with including samples, or elements into the song which end up making it sound confusing and horrible. The production on Agg however is just the right amount and keeps you interested throughout the track.



The video to Agg is well produced and of very high production quality. Having come from a highly talented musical family I wasn’t surprised at the level of quality both in production and in vocals. Ishers is one of the most versatile singers today, having studied in the art of singing in India for up to 10 years. I liked the introduction to the song as well; it gave a little bit of context to the track before it kicks in. Ishers is set to release his debut album soon as well as feature in the upcoming project – Phat Trax Vol 2!


When we spoke to Ishers regarding ‘Agg’, he told us the following:


We wanted to recreate some of the old school “Tappe” type lyrics e.g “Ni tu zulfein di laat vangu Baldi Kudti MalMal Di”
“Ma Diye Mobatieh Pala Marke Bhuja Gaye Dewa.” So we came up with “Bina tili Kudi AGG layi Jandia” penned by Sodi Mandera & composed by ISHERS in a 5 note pentatonic scale. The melody has a Fresh Folk vibe that all bhangra listeners can enjoy.


Video is shot in Punjab & directed by Sumit Bhardwaj who has worked on many Hit songs. The experience was great there is always something you can learn &and take away for future videos. It was fun working with little bro Vee on “AGG” he’s a phenomenal singer and his production skills are great too. He has produced my whole album and I’m looking forward for the launch in the coming future.  We kept the “AGG” upfront with a big drop on the chorus, the verses are straight & soulful with a catchy melody easy to sing along with.




Ambi & Dilly ft Nirmal Sidhu – Chanjara


 Chanjara is a great debut single; it has all the ingredients to make it a chart topping hit. Production is fresh and of high quality; the mandolin piece is really nice. The chorus and verses are very catchy and have great lyrics. This song perfectly suits Nirmal Sidhu’s vocals as he shines throughout.



The video to Chanjara is well directed and adds to the song overall. It has a nice storyline that flows and matches the lyrics. Overall its a great debut single; well produced and has rich lyrical content. Check out the video to Chanjara above.


And that is it for music released in 2016. Stay tuned for the Year In Music 2017 blog next year!!


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