The Remix Sessions: Gabru Mast Rahe Remix by Nikka Sev (Free Download)

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To a lot of people, remixing songs is an art. An art that finds a perfect balance of refreshing classics, but breathing new life into the originals, bringing them to an audience that wasn’t around during the first release. That being said, remixing the classics is a risky business. Many artists have tried. Some remixes have gone on to become just as successful as their original counterparts, however, A LOT have not been given the time of day.


This is due to the fact that they have been poorly made, to the point where punters have labelled such remixes as disrespectful.Remixing isn’t just slapping an instrumental or beat over a track, there’s much more to the story than that. To do it properly requires skill, musical knowledge and a genuine appreciation and love of the original release.Nikka Sev, a now established Panjabi music producer from Derby, UK, is all of the above and more. 3 releases in to his ‘The Remix Sessions’ series, and it is clearly evident he’s no lightweight producer. Each of the three releases brought something different to the table – showcasing the variety of capabilities Nikka has under his belt.


Like with all good things, however, they have to come to an end. At least that’s what we thought. Nikka is back, nearly 3 months after the release of ‘Gidha Pao Kuriyo Remix’ by A.S. Kang, with a Kuldip Manak remix! Titled ‘Gabru Mast Rahe Remix’, Nikka has taken the evergreen original, more commonly known as ‘Amb Da Boota’, and flipped it on its head. Who would’ve thought Manak would ever collaborate with Biggie Smalls?!Nikka Sev would like to thank everyone involved in the project, in particular, Atepal from Maximum NRG for lending his scratching skills to the track.


Artwork: Omash Daddar Supported By: Bhangra Tape Deck


Song Details:


Artist: Kuldip Manak Feat: Notorious BIG

Produced: Nikka Sev

Album: The Remix Sessions

Song Title: Gabru Mast Rahe Remix


Original Details


Artist: Kuldip Manak

Produced: Charanjit Ahuja

Album: Maa Hundi A Maa

Song Title: Gabroo Mast Rahe

Publisher: 1980 EMI

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