Tarli Digital’s Albums, Ranked!

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The second article in the series features Tarli Digital. Tarli Digital has released 4 studio albums and has mentioned in past interviews that his 4th album was indeed his last. With that in mind we take a look at his albums and rank them based on which ones we preferred. Check out the list below:
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4. The Dub Conspiracy


This was the first album by Tarli Digital. It featured the classic track Nachde Punjabi ft Dalvinder Singh. From the production and vocals to the video; the track stood out in a big way. I still have that in my playlist today; it’s one of those tracks that still sounds fresh and unique many years later. A great start to the album; however the rest of it didn’t seem to live up to the first track in my opinion. Rang Pak Des was up next and it featured Dalvinder Singh and Master Saleem – It is a catchy track with solid production by Tarli Digital. The album also featured Daru with vocals by Romey Gill – It is always good to hear a Romey Gill vocal. Tariq Khan (Legacy) featured twice on the album with Sone Di Tavitri and Mukhre; and out of the two I preferred Mukhre. Gabroo was also a good track from the album – vocals by Ranjit Mani. The production on this track was different – subtle uses of a few samples. Drum & Bass was quite big in the UK at the time; I enjoyed the remix to Nachde Punjabi. As a first album it was a good start to the industry (Nachde Punjabi is still one of his biggest tracks that he is known for) but as you’ll read his later albums had more depth in the tracks and the overall offering was more complete.


Key Tracks – Nachde Punjabi, Mundey Patey Jaan Geh, Gabroo, Daru, Mukhre


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3. TD2 (Gabroo Punjab Dah)


This was the second album by Tarli Digital and it had some great tracks featuring some big names such as Surinder Shinda, Sarvjeet Kaur, Meshi and Ranjit Mani. Some of the popular tracks on the album included, Chuwareh Wali ft Jagdish Koti, Jaaniya ft Sarvjeet Kaur, Bach Keh ft Meshi and Gabroo Punjab Dah ft Surinder Shinda. My personal favourite from the album was Chuwareh Wali, loved every part of the track and the melody was really catchy. The album had some solid songs but as an overall album it fell short. Not a fan of intros and outros; personally think they don’t add much to the track / album. Dil Wich and Mirza Live were good tracks. Overall this was a nice album and followed a similar vibe musically to the first album


Key Tracks – Chuwareh Wali, Jaaniya, Bach Keh and Gabroo Punjab Dah


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2. DigiTaal


DigiTaal was the last album by Tarli Digital and it featured artists like Dalvinder Singh, Des C, The Dhol Foundation, Balwinder Safri, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Aman Sandhu, Angrej Ali and more. First off, I have to say the album name was quite creative as was the album cover. This album overall was pretty good and felt more complete compared to the two albums mentioned above. You can see the improvement and development in production style, quality and variety throughout the the album. Mitran De Naa Karde featured Dalvinder Singh and was a great opener to the album. It also featured the world famous Dhol establishment, The Dhol Foundation. Nishawn Bhullar also featured on the album with the track Kudi Sapni Vargi – which was a good track; Nishawn Bhullar is an underrated singer in my opinion. Some of the other highlights for me were Leh Gaya Haaseh featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Dil Dhak Dhak Soniye featuring Des-C. It was good to hear Des-C’s vocals after a long time and the track is pretty catchy.


The combination of Tarli Digital and Dalvinder Singh never seems to fail as they delivered another classic track with Ik Saun Mahina. The production on the track was elegant and complimented Dalinvder’s vocals nicely; loved the flow of the track. Balwinder Safri makes an appearance on the album with Mundiya Teh Case and whilst its an okay track his vocals were not as good as before; Tarli does a good job with the production though and it is catchy. This was a good album overall; there were a couple of tracks that I wasn’t really feeling and such as Roop Tere Teh, Shareef and Mundiya Teh Case, however overall I really enjoyed this album. It was a great way to finish


Key Tracks – Mitran De Naa Karde, Dil Dhak Dhak Soniye, Ik Saun Mahina, Kudi Sapni Vargi, Leh Gaya Haaseh, Khwaba Vich


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1. Project Rehab


Project Rehab was the 3rd album by Tarli Digital after taking a short break from the music industry. I can safely say this is Tarli Digital’s best work in my opinion. The album as a whole feels complete and not a collection of tracks added together. The album featured some big names including Sabar Koti, Bakshi Billa, H S Talwar, Yudhveer Manak, Mangi Mahal and Dalvinder Singh amongst many others. The first track Do Tara featured the powerful vocals of Bakshi Billa; I really liked this track a lot. Tarli Digital did a fantastic job with the production. Ik Ik Pal featured the legendary vocals of Sabar Koti; the track is well produced and has some deep lyrics. The album featured the classic 2-man combo – Dalvinder Singh / Tarli Digital with the track Peengh Jawani. There were two versions of the track – Dhadition and The Reunion Mix; both are unique in their own right but out of the two I preferred the Reunion Mix. H S Talwar and Tarli Digital had worked together in the past on H S Talwar’s previous album and they teamed up once again for Dil Watte Dil. To me this track reminded me of some of Tarli’s older work which was a great thing.


Vair was the next track featuring Yudhvir Manak. This also had two versions – Old Skool Manak Refix and the original mix. Again both were great mixes but I liked the rawness of the Old Skool Manak Mix. Tej Hundal was up next with Gut Nagan who did an amazing job on the vocals as always. This was another great track; well produced, catchy lyrics and a great flow. Sarvjeet Kaur makes her only appearance on the album with Nachdi Nu. This is a good catchy track; production was fitting and Sarvjeet sounded on point with her vocals. Yaar Veli was the final track on the album and it featured Mangi Mahal. This was a great way to end the album. Mangi Mahal’s crisp vocals alongside the punchy production was a lethal combination; I loved the flute and tumbi pieces throughout the track. Jatt Da Lalkara and Akheeyan were also nice tracks but got overshadowed by the rest of the tracks.


Key Tracks – Do Tara, Vair, Gut Nagan, Dil Watte Dil, Choorian, Nachdi Nu, Peeng Jawani



And there it is! Each solo album by Tarli Digital ranked. I was always a fan of Tarli’s work since I heard Nachde Punjabi and it’s great to see his work develop of the years. Each album was unique in its own way and had a specific story to tell. Project Rehab was to me the most complete album; he came back with another album after a short break from the scene and he came back hard. Whilst Digitaal is the last official album by Tarli Digital it does not mean to say we couldn’t see anymore solo tracks in the future – And with Dalvinder Singh’s newest album set to release soon, we may even see some tracks produced by Tarli Digital. Drop a comment below on which album by Tarli Digital was your personal favourite!

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