Summer is here, which can only mean one thing if your Asian… Wedding season!


Having dropped one of this year’s biggest floor fillers with his solo single, ‘Bhangra Paundi’, PBN returns with power house vocalist Raj Bains for their brand new single ‘Mere Vargi’. The new single promises to add excitement to dance floors worldwide. The superb lyrics co-written by PBN is true and relatable to today’s youthful audience, even global fashion icon Kim Kardashian gets a mention!!

The new single also sees the introduction of uk born female talent, Manny Kooner. Manny is a Brit-Asian panjabi folk singer, based in Wolverhampton, England. Inspired by late greats such as Noor Jehan, Mohammed Sadiq and Surjit Bindrakhia, Manny brings a raw undiluted panjabi vocal together with a edgy Brit-Asian swag.



“We finally witness 2 young UK talents on a true folk duet, something which is quite unheard of in today’s Asian music market. I wanted to create something which people can relate to and enjoy but also brings out their competitive side, especially on dance floors. I did it with ‘Fitteh Moo’ and I plan to do it again with my new single ‘Mere Vargi’” PBN.


The new single releases worldwide on Limitless Records this Thursday 10th August 2017.

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