Original Punjabi Songs – Part 2

part 2

In the second edition of the Original Punjabi Songs we look at some more cover songs; did you know any of the ones below?


1) Chitia Kipha Dia – Narinder Kaur 


Chitia Kipha Dia was originally sung by Narinder Kaur. Check out the original track below:



The B21 version, featured on their second album “By Public Demand”, takes a different approach with the music. It features a sample of the Bee Gees track ‘Staying Alive’. Only B21 could pull off sampling a Bee Gees track and adding a Dhol to it. The B21 version was sung by Jassi Sidhu. Check out their version below:



2) Yaar Maar – Jagmohan Kaur


Taj-E released his album Sik n Twisted in 2008 and it featured a lot of great songs. It also featured a track called Yaar Maar, which he also showed the making of in a series of videos on YouTube. The song however was first done by Jagmohan Kaur. Check out the original:



Check out the Taj-E’s version from the album Sik n Twisted featuring vocalist Rajia Dhillon:



3) Kartar Ramla & Sukhwant Sukhi – Char Panj


When DJ H and DJ Rags released their album – Reloaded in 2008, it featured a whole host of great singers and tracks. It had the likes of Kaka Bhaniawala, Labh Janjua, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Miss Pooja, Nirmal Sidhu etc. One track that you might remember is Char Panj – the one which had the cool looking video. Whilst not many people at the time were aware, it is infact a remake of Kartar Ramla’s track. He originally sang it alongside Sukhwant Sukhi. Check it out below:



Check out DJ H and DJ Rag’s version featuring the vocals of Miss Pooja and Nirmal Sidhu. This particular tracks as produced by Jeeti. Listen to it below:



4) Chitta Lahoo – Yamla Jatt


Chitta Lahoo was a track first created and sung by Lal Chand Yamla Jatt. It was later covered by Nirmal Sidhu. Check out the original version below:



Nirmal Sidhu redid this song which featured on his album – Nai Jeena produced by Aman Hayer. Watch the video below:



5) Nakhre Bin Soni Teemi – Kuldeep Manak


Nakhre Bin Soni Teemi was a track originally sung by Kuldeep Manak. His songs have been covered by many artists over the years in various styles. Listen to the original Nakhre Bin Soni Teemi below:



Bally Jagpal covered this track on his debut album ‘Live and Direct’ featuring the vocals of Balwinder Safri. Check out his version below:



That wraps it up for part 2 – Did you know any of these original songs? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @bhangra_Central or send us a message on Instagram – BhangraCentral.


Also be sure to check out part 3 releasing soon


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