Ones To Watch in 2016 – Part 2

We are back with the second edition of artists we believe will make a great impact in the music industry in 2016. This list is compiled of producers and singers who have released some great material in the last couple of months and who we have high hopes in doing so again in the future.


Raashi Sood


maxresdefaultRaashi Sood is an extremely talented and versatile singer. Having worked with established artists such as Menis and The PropheC, Raashi has established a cult following with her sweet and soft vocals. Something that works really well is the selection of songs. The types of songs Raashi Sood has really compliment her vocals and highlights her range and capability perfectly. One particular track that we cannot get out of our heads is Udeek, produced by the highly talented PropheC. Everything ranging from the vocals and melody down to the music and lyrics had such synergy. The catchy chorus is complimented by the diverse and innovative production; it was easy to list as one of our standout tracks of 2015. We eagerly await future tracks by Raashi Sood, especially the collaborations with PropheC and a potential album down the line. Do check out her music on YouTube and iTunes to see why we believe she is going to be one of the ones to watch in 2016!


Check out the video to “Udeek” produced by The PropheC below:



Epic Bhangra


CayGZPyHEpic Bhangra is someone who has truly developed and enhanced his craft over the years. From first putting music out on SoundCloud and Youtube and mixing different tracks, her went on to release a handle of catchy and innovative sounds. Epic Bhangra has already worked with industry established singers such as Manjit Pappu, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Ishmeet Narula, Bikram Singh Kaka Bhaniawala, Bakshi Billa to collaborating with new and upcoming singers like Amar Sandhu, Kay-V-Singh etc. The two tracks that really caught our attention were Kashni Ji Akh ft Gurkawal Sidhu and Gal Sun ft Amar Sandhu. Two unique and diverse tracks in their own right, for us they highlighted Epic Bhangra’s creativity and different approach to making music. What stands out about Epic Bhangra is that he doesn’t stick to the re-used copy / paste formula and isn’t afraid to experiment. Whilst at the moment he has only released a selection of singles, we hope this year he finally delivers a full album – as it will be truly different and unique to what is currently in the industry!


Check out the video to “Mukhada” ft Kaka Bhaniawala below:



Gurj Sidhu


1200x630bfGurj Sidhu is a new and upcoming artist having only released a handle of singles so far, with his latest being alongside Tru Skool – Putt Sardaran De. With an absence of folk music over the last few years it was highly refreshing to hear Gurj Sidhus raw and powerful vocals mixed with the defined and polished Tru Skool sound. He has been classically influenced and can play a number of instruments such as the Sarangi and Dhad, Gurj Sidhu has always had a passion for music. Having only been in the industry a short space he has already collaborated with some big names including Kaos Productions, Tigerstyle and Tru Skool. We expect a few more singles this year but what would really be great would be a full out album. 2015 featured a lot of great singles, with only a selection of albums. Hopefully 2016 will be the re-emergence of full albums!

Check out the video to “Putt Sardaran De” below:


Kesh K
Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 20.40.42Kesh K released his second single – Deed Yaar Di alongside the highly talented Sachin Ahuja in September 2015. However we believe that the best is yet to come from this highly gifted and multitalented singer. Kesh born and raised in Bedford to an Italian mother and Punjabi father speaks full Punjabi and teaches Harmonium, Tabla and Vocals all over the UK. Kesh started his vocal training from the age of 3 from his father Om Kaushal, then at the age of ten from Shri Anil Bhagwat and then at the age 16 seeking further guidance from UK’s finest Ustad Shahbaz Hussain. He has a certain sweetness to his voice and his second single Deed Yaar Di was an incredible demonstration of his vocal range and capabilities. Having just released Deed Yaar Di a few months ago, we cannot wait for what he has in store in 2016.


Check out the video to “Deed Yaar Di” below:


Dav Juss
imgdavDav Juss is a music producer who we were highly fond of right from the beginning. There is something about his style of music and approach that is refreshing. Having released tracks such as Patt Suteya, Dil  Nachda, Jatt In Love to most recently Nach Ke ft Jay D, Dav Juss continues to showcase his diversity and rich music quality. Dav Juss can also play musical instruments, something that we believe has helped him really hone his craft and pinpoint exactly how he wants each track to sound. Something that we admire is that he doesn’t stick to the typical formula when producing songs and each has its own flavour and uniqueness about it. We cannot wait for what he has in store in 2016 and wouldn’t mind another collaboration between him and Sheri G!


Check out the video to his recent offering alongside Jay D with “Nach Ke” below:


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 20.42.16J-Star is another singer who we are really big on, having released a string of hits in the last couple of years, including the huge anthem Gabhru alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh. Gabhru is a song that is still in rotation in every DJ’s playlist, a testament to not only the great production by Yo Yo Honey Singh but also the great vocals by J-Star. Na Na Na Na is another fantastic track, something that you will see yourself sticking on repeat a number of times. Although he has released several singles, we cannot wait for a complete album from J-Star; something we hope we will see this year.


Check out the video to “Na Na Na Na” below:



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