Ones To Watch In 2016 – Part 1

Here we list some of the upcoming artists we believe our readers should look out for in the coming months and year. This list includes artists based both in the UK and abroad. The list is just part 1 – Stay tuned to part 2 coming soon!


Kamal Chamkila


Paranda-Kamal-ChamkilaBeing the daughter of Chamkila instantly raises your profile and expectations with the public. It would not be fair to compare her to either of her parents, however as an individual artist, she has slowly started to develop her own style and has begun to start her musical journey. Kamal Chamkila has three solo tracks so far, with two being cover versions of songs sung by her parents, such as Pehle Lalkare and Ki Jor Gareeban Da. She recently released her debut original track called Paranda. Whilst this has not given a lot to judge as 2 of the songs are cover versions, we believe that there is a uniqueness to her singing style and that it can only further progress as she continues to learn and develop.


Check out the video to “Paranda” below:



Jenny Johal


Jenny-Johal-Latest-Song-Narma-Full-Mp3-Mp4-HD-Video-Lyrics-1024x1024Jenny Johal first broke into the scene early 2015 with her debut single “Yaari Jatt Di”, produced by Desi Crew and has recently followed up with the huge hit, “Narma”.  With the lack of female artists, it was refreshing to hear such impactful and appealing vocals . Being under the lyrical and musical guidance of globally known lyricists Bunty Bains, who has been responsible for many hit tracks over the years, will definitely help pick the right songs to suit her vocals. She is about to release her third single called ‘Kismat’ which is a romantic song. For those that haven’t yet heard of Jenny Johal, we highly recommend watching the video below.


Check out the video to ‘Narma’:



Sukhi Sivia


canadaSukhi Sivia first emerged onto the bhangra scene with the massive debut track, “Sarkara” produced by Dr Zeus. Staying away from the traditional bhangra sound, Zeus opted for a more hip urban style, something that worked extremely well with Sukhi Sivia’s vocals. He recently released a single called “Canada” with music by Desi Crew, which further confirmed our initial thoughts about him. His vocals are quite refreshing and of a softer tone compared to other singers with more deeper vocals. Under the guidance and mentorship from producers such as Dr Zeus and Desi Crew, we believe that Sukhi Sivia will continue to deliver hit tracks in the future. Its hard to believe, but if you haven’t heard his debut single, you should definitely check it out.


Check out the video to “Sarkara” below:


Kiran Dhanoa


RBKiran Dhanao is quite new to the Bhangra scene, with only three releases, ‘Tere Bina’, ‘Mahi Ve’ and ‘Darr’. Whilst she hasn’t really released much over the years; she first emerged out of nowhere with “Tere Bina” produced by Rishi Rich. It was a fantastic entry with a tuneful and original melody, exemplary production and heartfelt and expressive vocals. With an upcoming duet with H-Dhami set to release to add to the collection, along with her singing ability and technique, coupled with her trademark glasses, we can safely say that Kiran Dhanoa is definitely one to check out in the future.


Check out “Tere Bina Nahin Jeena” below:


Harleen Singh


HSHarleen Singh is an upcoming soul Punjabi singer who released her debut track called “Leja Kite Door” featuring KalikWest in 2010. It was a great debut song, from production straight through to lyrics and vocals. At the time it was a really fun and quirky track, one that just made you clap along instantly. She has definitely got a sweet and soft voice, which is easy on the ears. Harleen later began to sing cover versions of songs on Youtube such as Naiyon Dil Lagda, Sadi Jind Jaan, Sajna Veh Sajna etc. which allowed her to get feedback, gain popularity and as a way to engage with her fans. She has impressive pitch range and her voice is quite refreshing to hear. She is set to release a few singles soon, something raw, deep and a bit different and unique to whats currently available. So its definitely something to look out for! Click here to purchase ‘Leja Kite Door’


Check out the video to “Boliyan from Oakland” below:





inchZora, real name Jorawar Singh Randhawa was born in India, District Amritsar, Punjab. He started singing at the age of 7 under the influence of his ustaad Late Kaka Bhaniawala. He also started to play the tabla and harmonium at age 11. In 2014, Zora released his debut track “Haa” featuring, Dr Zeus and followed this up with the massive song “Inch” featuring Fateh in 2015, with the trademark sound Dr Zeus is known for. The pairing of Zeus and Zora has a nice feel to it and compliments Zora’s vocals beautifully. ‘Inch’ perfectly displays Zora’s vocal range and ability.


Check out the video to “Inch” below:



Raj Bains


RBRaj Bains is currently a member of TeamPBN and has released three solo singles so far, “Superstar”, “Phatte Chuk Di” and “Thori Thori”, all produced by PBN. “Superstar” led Raj Bains to be nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2013 Brit Asia Music Awards. Whilst Superstar might have been his debut track, we believe “Phatte Chuk Di” truly showcases Raj Bain’s vocal capability and range, with powerful vocals complimented by a hard-hitting dhol beat. Having gotten the “OK” by industry legends and experts (Zeus, Shin DCS, Jassi Sidhu), Raj Bains is sure to make a mark in the bhangra industry. ‘Thori Thori’ again highlights the strengths of this young singer.


Check out the video to “Phatte Chuk Di” below:



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