My Favourite Singers (2000 – 2010)

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We’ve had arguably some of the biggest artists and albums released over the last decade from both the UK standpoint and abroad. This blog looks at my favourite and top singers from 2000 – 2010. It’s based on my opinion of singers that really stood out to me and had classic albums; some of which are in my list of all time albums collection. I might had missed some artists out but it’s not intentional. This list is in no hierarchical order.


Amar Arshi


Amar Arshi was at that time one of the most popular artists and was in demand from nearly every UK producer. He was taught by the legendary Amar Singh Chamkilla and it showed through the way he performed on his songs. Having also featured on some big albums in the 90’s, most noticeably Bally Jagpal’s Dark & Dangerous, he would later go on to dominate the UK music scene.  He recently found success in Bollywood with his track Kala Chasma getting the remake duties. I remember listening to him for the first time and thinking wow; this guy sounds just like Amar Singh Chamkila; he had a freshness to his voice. The songs that he was releasing as well sounded fresh and unique to his singing style. He later released some big tracks such as Oh Jandi ft Aman Hayer (Deja Vu) Nachdi Kuri Toon ft DJ Chino, Gwandian Da Dhol ft Dr Zeus, Aaja Ni Aaja & Kala Chasma ft Kam Dhillon,  Mukhra ft Shin GC, Gal Ban Gaye & Gabroo Haan Da ft PBN.



Towards the latter part of the decade he released more duet songs with artists in India like Miss Pooja – Hasia Karo (solo), Nakka (Nakka) Gabru Putt (Southall)  and Sudesh Kumari – Rangli Kothi (Rangli Kothi), Chandigarh, Flying Kiss (Admission) amongst others. He returned the scene last year with Sudesh Kumari and Tindy & Rixx with the track ‘Tu Rehnde’; however he has rarely been used by UK producers in recent times. A return to the UK Bhangra scene would be pretty cool I think; especially with the variety of top talent the UK now has.


Lehmber Hussainpuri


You cannot have a list of top singers in the last decade without having Lehmber Hussainpuri on it. This guy was responsible for nearly all of the major hit tracks throughout the 2000s. Almost every producer had his vocal on their albums and EPs. Again Lehmber Hussainpuri started off in the industry with a few select producers and had released some good tracks. He got his break in the UK industry with some major songs released via the Envy camp. A well known hit track was Das Ja by DJ Sanj. An amazing track – from production, composition and melody through to lyrics and vocals. The video was typical for that particular point in time. He would go on to work with other producers such as DJ Swami who released another hit track in – Desi Rock. Lehmber Hussainpuri also worked with Dr Zeus on two career defining albums – Folk Attack and Unda Da Influence. Unda Da Influence was a Dr Zeus album, however Lehmber Hussianpuri featured on all but 2 songs.



That album is in the top 10 / 5 lists arguably of all time albums for UK music. Every Lehmber song on that album was a hit, either musically, lyrically or vocally. That is what really rocketed him. Folk Attack was his solo album and it featured the unusually anthem ‘Sachiyan Sunaiyan’ – what was meant to be a sad song, turned out to be a dance floor anthem. It also featured tracks like Yaarian, Das Ki and Oh Kudi. He would later go on still releasing hit tracks with producers such as Aman Hayer – Manke (Chalakiyan) Gabroo Shakeen (Reminisce) Tokh Tokh Ke & Melene  (Gettin Serious) Theka (Genius-Us) , Jeeti – Mela (Off The Hook) Ne Baliyeh (Ne Baliyeh), Holi Nach & Boliyan (Chalakiyan), GSL – Maan Si Nahi (D-Unit 2), Death Jamm 2004 – Uddeh Mitten De (Dr Zeus / DJ Stin) & Saag Tor Di (Lil Sach), Ominous DJs – Panj Bindiyaan, Yaar De Viyah, Boliyaan (Unfinished Business) – Mukhtar Sahota – Chumka Te Lengha & Sanu Soni Lagdi (Time Out), The Specialist & Tru Skool – Saukhi Di Kammai (Repazent), E=MC – Nachna Tera & Mahi Ve Mahi (Call It What You Want),  I’m sure that there are a plethora of other great songs by other artists but to list them all would take a very long time. He was unquestionably one of the great voices of the past decade and a half.


Jassi Sidhu


Jassi Sidhu released two albums / Eps with B21 before going on to release 3 solo albums – Reality Check, No Strings Attached and The New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu. Made In England featured the classic track Darshan alongside the funky tracks Mahi and Kuriya Punjab Diyan. Long Overdue ft B21 featured some big tracks – Jawani, Jaan and Dil. Jassi Sidhu really found his sound after he released his first solo album titled Reality Check. For a lead singer of a very successful band to then go on to release a solo album; it was a very risky move. However Reality Check featured the hugely talented and popular artists Rishi Rich and Metz & Trix. The album featured some major tracks – Agg, Veer Tha Viyah (a remake version would later go on to be featured in a film titled Speedy Singhs), Ranjha and Ama Ni Ama. The album had a very funky and UK type of feel to it. Great production and the song selection was top notch; it just suited Jassi’s voice and style. No Strings Attached later cemented his commitment to the solo scene and it opened the doors for him even further. It featured tracks like Puth Jatt Da – with that very creative video by the way!, Raahe Raahe (very underrated), Margay Margay, Tappe and Honkeh.



It was the first album for Jassi that featured a ballad and rock song (Honkeh) – A very bold move that actually i think worked. His last album of that decade was The New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu. For the first time he worked with other producers. The album featured Mr MBE himself Malkit Singh in the very catchy track Ki Kehne. It also featured other great tracks like Sohni Lagdi & Koori Dil Mangdi ft Rishi Rich, Akh Largayah & Koka ft Aman Hayer and Mirza. Jassi Sidhu definitely left his mark on the UK industry throughout the decade and was one of the leading voices and artists championing the UK sound. It’s rare that an artist can have incredible success as part of a band and as a solo artists especially in the Punjabi music industry.


Sukshinder Shinda


Up until the early 2000s Sukshinder Shinda was a world renowned music producer – even dubbed the ‘Music Man’. However at the turn of the century he decided to try his hand at singing. His first release was the album Gal Sunja. We all knew he could produce but could he sing? Answer – Yes!. There was a freshness with his voice and his singing style was really different; something I really liked. Gal Sunja was a great album and contained some massive tracks such as Gal Sunja, Nachiyen Vey, Soni Lagdi (just listen to the Dhol on that!), Ho Ho, Pyar Ho Gaya, Flower and Ek Kuri. Sukshinder Shinda later released the followup titled Balle. This featured the party / dance floor anthem Kushian; featured in 99% of all parties. Some of my other favourite songs were Balle, Akhian, Akh Jadon, Panjabi Clap (really liked the urban stuff Sukshinder Shinda was doing at the time), Kisa Jatt Da and Boliyan Paake.



Sukshinder Shinda was one of the first successful producers to also try his hand at singing. He later released the huge album titled Living The Dream which featured another set of classic tracks such as Majajne, Aao Gidha Palay Eh, the huge tracks Wanga and Chardi Kalla. Tara was a fantastic track with some great lyrics. Sukshinder Shinda developed with his sound both musically and vocally upon each release. He started releasing a collaboration album aptly titled Collaborations. It featured the great classic with the living legend Gurdas Maan and Abrar Ul Haq. It also featured some of my favourite tracks – Oh Na Kuri Labdi ft Jazzy B, Shoulder Surf and Halla Lalla. Sukshinder Shinda’s last Bhangra release was Collaborations 2 and it featured amazing tracks like Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm ft Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Yaaria Banayi ft Jazzy B, Shinda Around the World ft Don Revo, Apni Bana Ley ft Sazia Manzoor, Nachde O Mundeyo ft Labh Janjua and Parande Sat Rang Deh ft Manjit Pappu. Sukshinder Shinda was a prominent artist throughout the last decade both as a music producer and a singer.


Kaka Bhaniawala


Kaka Bhaniawala was a well known and popular singer in India and he had released a couple of albums before the UK producers worked with him. Most noticeably he featured on Tigerstyle’s Nachan Onda Nai (which later got featured on Britain’s Got Talent by dancing duo Signature). Again his rise in the UK scene came courtesy of The Specialist and Tru Skool, with their monster album ‘Word Is Born’. It featured a remake of Sahnivaal Chaunk as the lead track. He would later go on to feature in the duo’s second album Repazent with the great tracks Eshare and Daaru Peekeh, which further exposed him to the wider UK audience. He had a very unique vocal and could sing easily in different tones and ranges. He would feature on several producers’ albums such as Dark MC – Dushmani (It’s Getting Dark In Here), DJ H & DJ Rags – Jawani & Nachda Rahu (Reloaded), Jags Klimax – Chakley Soniya Yaara (The Album), Twinbeats – Dil Vich Tareya (The Sounds of Punjab). Northern Lights – Aashiq Dig Dig (Sparked), Ricky Bhalla – Giddhe Vich (The Final Cut), DJ Dips – Gerra De De (Stand Up Vol 1), Highflyers – Baa Farke (Highflyers), U Music – Hallare (The Intro), Taj-E – Bundook (Sik N Twisted), DJ Jagz – Ik Vari (My Moment). He also featured on DJ Vix’s Vix Tape with the track Dil Ashiq Tere Te.



He would also work with the very talented producer AMX on a number of projects; one in particular was titled Folk Magic. It featured the massive tracks Lohri, Wanga and Phulkari. This was a very underrated album and it featured some great tracks as well as introducing to the scene Saini Surinder. Kaka Bhaniawala also featured on the highly anticipated album Broken Silence by AMX with the big tracks Kisi Horh Banereh and Sohne Taweet Varga. Like with Lehmber I’m sure that I am missing a few big tracks but there are just so many songs that he featured on that were big songs. He was an incredibly talented singer who featured mostly in the second half of the last decade. He was scheduled to have his own solo album out as well however the status of that album is unknown as of this point.


Gurdas Maan


Gurdas Maan is actually a living legend; truly a one of a kind artist. Gurdas Maan has had a number of classic songs throughout his illustrious career. He also had some great songs through 2000-2010 either from his personal albums or features on films. Punjeeri was an outstanding album and it featured the instant classic Pind Diyan Galliyan Di. What an emotional song and to top it off an outstanding video. It’s different listening to a Gurdas Maan album as each and every track is amazing in its own right. There are elements from all the tracks that you can relate to or appreciate.



As well as featuring on Sukshinder Shinda’s Collaboration album Gurdas Maan released his new album Vilayatan. The album contained some great tracks; my favourites are Vilayatan Ho Gayee, Babe Bhangra Pounde De, Ishq Di Maari, Punjabiyan Di Balle Balle (how could you not love this song), Bas Rehan De Chhed Na, Bekadraan Naal Pyar and Sarbans Daaniyan Ve. Boot Polishan was another classic track and the album itself featured some nice tracks. Ki Khatteya Main Teri Heer Banke featured on the album Heer was also a very nice number; a very Gurdas Maan type track. Gurdas Maan has done so much for the Punjabi culture and music industry and is not stopping anytime soon. He is releasing a new album titled Punjab this year with the first single out this month.

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Karan MC


Karan MC has got to be one of the most unique vocalists to every come into the scene. He predominantly worked with the Envy camp of producers who were responsible for his biggest tracks. He did not make as many songs as some of the other artists on my list but the few that he did were exceptional. He featured on Lil Sach’s album ‘Baad, Phat & Invincible’ on the massive songs Your Eyes Are Killing Me, Queen Of My Heart, Dance With My Friends, Lets Dance and Written Your Name on My Heart. A very underrated album indeed. He also featured on Lil Sach’s album ‘Next of Kin’ with the tracks Liskareh Tere Koke Da and Sara Pind Mittran Da. The music nowadays just doesn’t sound as organic and fresh as this. It was part of the Envy movement who decided not to care what others thought and just produced music that they wanted. From samples to original work the music produced between them was fantastic.



Lil Sach and Karan MC released the huge Sohne Lengeh Waliyeh which featured on the album Death Jamm 2004. Balle Balle Hogi Mitro was a big dance floor track for DJ Sanj; it featured on his album America’s Most Wanted 3 as the leading song. He also was on Kais’s album Klub’ch with a boliyan track titled Rabba Rabba. Karan MC has a distinct voice and his style suited full out Bhangra songs. It was as time when the music videos were very questionable however the music was the focus; and it was damn good.




Jazzy B


Jazzy B is one of the most popular singers in the world today. He had major success in the 90s and 00s; even enjoying success now. Folk N Funky was a massive album for Jazzy as it launched him into the limelight with some amazing tracks with the most noticeable one being London Patola. Throughout 2000-2010 Jazzy B would go on to release 4 albums; Tere Roop, Oh Kedi, Romeo and Rambo. He also released an EP titled Kaun Nachdi. Oh Kedi was his first release in that decade and it was a great album. Some of the tracks I really liked were Oh Kedi, Kuch Keh Gaya, Naag and Kuri. He also featured on the track Pawarey Tere Akh De Sohniye which was another instant classic track. Tera Roop was a fantastic album full of hit tracks – Bach Ke, Yaar Le Marde ft HMC and MC Lyca, Sonieh, Tera Roop, Jawani and Sardara. Production was done by the music man Sukshinder Shinda. His paring with Jazzy B has got to be up there as one of the best; they simply work well together and are able to get the best sound from each other.



Jazzy B then released what was his career defining album; Romeo. The ten track album was produced again by Sukshinder Shinda and featured Apache Indian and Takeova Ent. The title track became the modern Jazzy B anthem; Dil Lutiya. It was a very catchy track and the production was very modern. Apache Indian’s addition just added to the track and gave it that urban vibe. Some of the standout tracks for me were Gabru Tere, Tappe, Yaari, Bach Bach Ke, Romeo and Soorma. The album had a mixture of sounds and music styles that worked well with Jazzy’s vocals. You had the slow tracks, garage tracks, urban mixes as well as the traditional bhangra tracks and hard desi numbers. The album was as an overall package, very complete. Only Jazzy B could have pulled off the track Romeo and make it sound cool. Jazzy B then released his last album from that decade in the form of Rambo.


Expectations were very high for Jazzy’s next instalment. Rambo built on the foundations that Romeo had started. The album also featured a variety of music styles and inspirations. Main tracks for me were I Love You (loved the creativity), Glassy, Jatt, Dilla Nu, Gaddi, Jawani and Ashiq. I thought it was going to be hard to top Romeo but Rambo gave strong competition. Sukshinder Shinda’s production was top notch as always; very crisp and refreshing. Jazzy B always changes his style to keep up with the times; either with his looks or music. He was definitely one of the main singers in the last decade pushing Punjabi music worldwide. He has just announced the sequel to Folk N Funky which is scheduled to release soon featuring Sukshinder Shinda. He has stepped away from that sound in recent years however 2017 is when we can finally hear that iconic sound that launched Jazzy B. He is also set to release Londono Patola Reloaded this month.


aaa_Miss Pooja.jpg


Miss Pooja


During the early 2000s there weren’t many female singers in the Punjabi music industry; you had a few but there was not anyone who was really releasing a lot of material. Miss Pooja really took the industry by storm. It could be fair to say that she brought back Punjabi duets; in a time when the focus was really on singles. She is very musically aware having studied music. She has released a plethora of songs over her career but some of the songs that I really liked or stood out were Seeti featuring Geeta Zaildar. This track when it got released really stood out. It didn’t have the traditional Indian production; it was polished and the drop and lyrics were very fresh and creative. Geeta Zaildar was the perfect singer to feature on this track. The combination made this track an international anthem. Petrol was another big track for Miss Pooja which featured Preet Brar. Miss Pooja also worked alongside Manjit Rupowalia with the amazing track Baazi. Desi Jatt was a very big song for Miss Pooja and one that still gets played at weddings and parties. That was a collaboration with Harjit Heera. Other tracks that really stood out were Cha Da Cup 2 & 3 ft Babu Chandigarhia, Jhona ft Shinda Shonki, Pakhi ft Raj Jujhar, Sharabia Yaara ft Ranjit Mani.



She also released some great solo tracks as well; most noticeably with PBN – Ashiq. She then released her album Romantic Jatt which featured some of the UK’s biggest names. Tracks that I liked were Romantic Jatt ft Tigerstyle, Nachdi De Pairan Vich both mixes ft Aman Hayer and Tarli Digital, Markh Punjaban Di ft DJ Vix, Kise De Naal Pyar ft Rishi Rich and Chan Fika Fika by Kam Frantic. It was a great way to introduce her to the UK scene; it had great tracks and really got her exposed to the UK market. Some other songs that I liked were Dil Mera Gaya Lutiya by Aman Hayer (The Entourage), Neeriyan by DJ Sanj (American Desi), Photo Rakh Ke ft Bups Saggu (Redefined), Char Panj ft Nirmal Sidhu (Reloaded), Nachdi (Miss Pooja Live Concert), Gerra De De ft Kaka Bhaniawala and Lehmber Hussainpuri & DJ Dips (Stand Up Vol 1)




Malkit Singh MBE 


Malkit Singh has consistently released great music throughout the 90’s 00’s and even up till now. He has got one of those evergreen voices; who always know its him singing on a track when you hear it. Throughout the last 10 years he has released some great material and had quite some dance floor hits. Nach Nach featured the great track Kurri Patole Wargi as well as Preeto, Jija Ji and Mehndi.  He had some great tracks on the album Paaro such as Khich Kanda, Paaro and Cheecho Cheech Ganeriyan. Midas Touch featured the massive dance floor anthem Chal Hun. The album as a whole had some great music such as Putt Sardaran De, Maa, London Tu Nachdi and Mithe Gaane.


He released his incredible 21st album aptly titled 21st Chapter which featured music by Aman Hayer. This album had some big tracks like Nachana Aj Nachana, Sohniye, Shehl Shindiye, Doriya, Photo, Fer Kado Nachan. It also featured the most played Jago track of all time; Jago Aaya. As the 21st album this was quite an incredible album. It was definitely meant as a celebration of his illustrious career and the tracks contained definitely reflected this. He would release one more album within that decade being Billo Rani – An album that contained another modern classic anthem.



Billo Rani featured various producers such as Rishi Rich and PBN. Some of the main tracks were Nach Billo and Saari Raat ft Rishi Rich – It had a very urban vibe going on. Mama Great was the modern anthem i was referring to above; it is a classic wedding dance floor anthem. Production was great, vocals great and the whole track itself was – yup great! Other standout tracks were Bhabhi Gal Sun Meri, Paundah Bhangra ft PBN, Balle o Punjabiyo – This had a great video to it as well.




K S Makhan


Aman Hayer has some great artists that he really works well with and produces great music with on a regular basis. K S Makhan was an artist who had some amazing albums and songs throughout the last decade. The collaboration just worked; from their first few tracks – Mitran Di Motor all the way up to their recent single Lumbi Race. Speaking of Mitran Di Motor De, that was one of the first songs I heard from K S Makhan and i instantly took a liking to it. The production, compassion and vibe was something extraordinary. It was initially released in India with a different producer but got the Aman Hayer production makeover. It was honestly a really great track. K S Makhan then released his album First Play which featured some amazing tracks yet again such as Koka, Jawani and Nachia Karo. Jawani in particular was a very big track in the UK. One track that really stood out to me was Dildar which featured on the album ‘Dildar’. It had great production, i really enjoyed the lyrics and composition. Big tracks from that album were Dildar, Hoopeh Part 2, Kachia Khanda, Nachana, Darshan and Driver. I’m listing most of the tracks because the albums had very good tracks; almost all of the tracks were very big in the UK especially.



K S Makhan had two big tracks on the compilation album Genie Us – those being Billo and Sohne Munde – What an amazing track!. Another big album for K S Makhan was Muskaan. Some of my favourite tracks were Balle Balle, Pyar, Muskaan, Gabhroo Top Da, Sharaabi, Bille Bille Nain and Raula. Year Mastane released in 2008, featured some great tracks as well; I really liked Long, Sir Khadve, Yaar Mastane, Dil Kalla, Jatti Nachdi and Phulkari. His final album release that decade was Good Luck Charm. This was a very different album yet it still retained the classic distinct K S Makhan sound. Some big tracks were Good Luck Charm ft Roach Killa – Very creative and bold, Hall, Jee Kara Da and the anthem Dasna Ni Penda. The 2000s would not be complete without K S Makhan – he was responsible for some of the biggest tracks and anthems throughout that time.






Manak-E had huge success in the 2000s and featured on some big albums as well as releasing several of his own albums. He worked with the likes of RDB, Sangra Vibes, Aman Hayer, Kam Frantic and Jeeti to name but a few. He featured quite a bit on the RDB compilation albums as well. Some of those tracks that I enjoyed were Dhol Vajda (Urban Flavas 1), Nakharay Valiyeh (Danger 3) RDB Valay (Unstoppable), Khushian (Urban Flavas 2)


His vocal style was very different and suited almost any music style. The albums and compilations he was featured on were very consistent with his style. He could work well with a variety of producers. Paisa was one of my favourite albums by Manak-E and it featured some creative tracks. The title track featured the well known sample by Usher (Yeah), with a fast paced beat alongside it. Paisa also featured on the Bollywood film De Dana Dan. Some of the other big tracks were Boliyan, Dhoor, Sardari, Mohabatain and Punjab. Manak-E released his album Darr and the noticeable tracks for me were – Yeah Yeah, Boliyan ft Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kushian part 2, Kan Vich Gal, Dhol and Kaun Nachdi. He also released the album Aaja which featured some great tracks. My favourites were – Aaja ft Jeeti, Khorey, Karkoo, Duet 2 ft Sangra Vibes and Mukh The Mukh ft RDB.



Releasing at the end of the decade, Show Time featured a remix of his track Dhoor alongside some other tracks. Jehri Kurri had to be the standout song for me. Production was fresh and vibrant; lyrics and melody was very catchy and the vocals were impeccable. Lalli showed the diversity of Manak-E whilst tracks like Lovely Lovely, Kuriyan Ne Bhangra and Love Letter were aimed at your Bhangra-heads. Gera De De was a very catchy and upbeat track; obviously aimed at the dance floors and parties. He also featured on E=MC’s album Call It What You Want with the tracks – Tera Naa Ni and Gal Sun Ja. With a plethora of albums and singles throughout the decade, Manak-E definitely left a mark in the industry. He had some big dance floor songs as well as great tracks that you can just sit back, listen and enjoy.


Gubi Sandhu


Gubi Sandhu was an artist who really made an impact during the early 2000s. I first heard him on the track Sah Rukh Da and really liked the vibe of the track. Since then he went on to collaborate with producers such as Indy Sagu, RDB, Bally Jagpal amongst others. Dil Karda was his first album release and it featured production by RDB. Garage was very popular at the time and it was very different to what was out there – with many producers going for traditional Bhangra. The album featured some great tracks such as Akhian ft G I Jatt, Chardi Jawani, Sah Rukh Da, Doveh Nachieh, Gal Sun, Teray Meray Pyar Diyan, Ranjha, Pathlo and of course the titled track Dil Karda. The vibe at the time was so fresh and different that there was something on each track that made it sound unique and fresh. Gubi Sandhu released his second album called Sold My Soul which featured production by RDB and Bally Jagpal. The album had less of a garage vibe and more traditional Bhangra. I really liked Mahi, Aaja Ni Aaja, Kinni Sohni, Sajana, Akhian Billian and Viah.



Gubi Sandhu also featured on the compilation albums by RDB and on Indy Sagoo’s debut album. Dil Karda featured on the Urbanflavas 1 compilation. Gubi Sandhu also had a track on the album Heavy titled Nakhra alongside MC Coppa. He teamed up with Indy Sagoo for Goreeai Ni Goreeai alongside MCs Metz & Trix and on the title track Aaja Soniye. The production and track was amazing; i can still remember those classic videos. I also really liked his track Billo on Urbanflavas 2 with Lightnin MC and G I Jatt. – Who  could forget – Float like a butterfly, sting like a Punjabi! The whole style of music back then was different and you could tell that there was a certain movement going on.




Despite not releasing as many songs as the other artists on this list, Sahara were one of the most exciting and refreshing acts in the 2000s. Sahara released Access All Areas which featured the hit track Sohniye Ni Sohniye. Sahara went on to release Undisputed in 2004 featuring RDB, Kam Frantic and E=MC. It featured the unquestionable anthem Lal Ghagra (with E=MC). E=MC’s flow was on point, RDB production was second to none and Herbie smashed the vocals on this one. You’d think that you would get tired of listening to it after the 1000th time but nope, it still sounds as fresh now as it did back then. A testament to all involved and the hard work put in. The album also featured some other big tracks; Nai Labna featured E=MC as well as a clever sample. It was a really funky track. It was a type of sound that you don’t get in today’s music. Mahia was a great track that switched the tempo; it featured Sohail Salemat who really works well alongside Herbie’s vocals. Its more on the Quwali vibe and another great track.



London Sara was touted as the main single from the album; it even got a video feature. This was a Kam Frantic production. Compared to Access All Areas, the album as a whole just took me by surprise. I was anticipating a more garage type vibe but there was a mix of everything on there. Some of the other tracks that stood out to me were, Rab Ne, Aja Nach Ke, Dil Mang Di and Pyar – what an emotional track!. Sahara released their comeback single Billo Hai ft Manj Musik which was in a way a throwback to this album and in particular the track Lal Ghagra. A Sahara album in 2017 / 2018 would be pretty amazing I think.


With these artists, there are i’m sure quite a few songs I night have forgotten and missed; it happens. Let me know which ones i missed in the comments or message me on Twitter. Similarly there were a lot of great singers in the last decade and this blog is not meant to disrespect anyone by leaving them out. This was purely a list of the singers that I really liked during that time. Let me know what you think and tell me your favourites in the comments below and follow me on Twitter as well:


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