Monthly Music Review – April 2016




There were a lot of singles released in April from artists all over the world. In this post, I will be going over the top 10 tracks we at thought stood out the most. Check out the list below along with the accompanying videos!


Number 10 – Jay Johal ft Masha Ali – Gal Sun Le


Number 10’s entry is Gal Sun Le sung by Masha Ali ft Jay Johal. Masha Ali’s strong vocal performance throughout the track is evident. The song was released via the T-Series record label. He is able to effectively project the rich lyrics penned by Raja & Harjit in the track with ease. Production by Jay Johal is fitting, not over-produced and add to the overall experience. The sweet flutes throughout the track are very effective.



The verses and melodies also play to Masha Ali’s vocal strength; there is confidence in his singing and overall this is a great performance. Something that sticks out about this track is the superb video that accompanied it. The video was produced by Sahil Sharma and it really captured the essence and emotion of the track. The video has a relatable plot line, vibrant imagery and a clean, family oriented theme.


Number 9 – Rav-E – Kalli / Do Tarra


Rav-E returned in April after a short while away from the industry to release two singles on the same day. Kalli which featured the vocals of Pappi Gill and Do Tarra sung by Aalam Jasdeep Singh. Do Tarra is a great rendition whilst also infusing new elements and sounds. Aalam Jasdeep Singh’s vocals are powerful and work well with the dominant production; the tumbi pieces really add to the track. Kalli is sung by the very talented Pappi Gill who does a spectacular job as usual. Production on this is unique, it combines the hard-hitting sound of the Dhol but it also has a mix of grime and hip hop.



When speaking to Rav-E about the singles he said the following:


Since I haven’t released a proper single since May of 2014, I thought it would be a good idea to release 2 singles at once, giving the fans more content. 2015 was a quiet year for myself that was spent working on tons of music. I’m very eager to share my new music with everyone and am releasing these singles as a preview of what is yet to come.

Falling Star

Number 8 –  Sonu Singh ft Dalvinder Singh – Sona Lagda


Sonu Singh teams up with Dalvinder Singh for his newest release ‘Sona Lagda’. The track is an uplifting full out dancing song that makes you want to jump up and sing / dance along. Production by Dalvinder Singh is crisp and energetic, complimenting the diverse vocals of Sonu Singh. The song is about a guy complementing a girl on how beautiful her laugh is and general habits and personality. Lyrics are easy to understand and can resonate with a lot of people. Sonu Singh has recently come of his successful single release “Sheesha” which similarly to Sona Lagda was a great track, highlighting his vocal capability.



Sona Entertainment are proud to present “Sonu Singh” with his new single “Sona Lagda”. After the successful single ‘Sheesha’, which remained in the chart for over 4 weeks, Sonu Singh is maintaining his presence with this new single which is sure to keep you on the dance floor. Behind the nostalgia lies what we are currently missing in the industry; a traditional bhangra beat! Produced by Dalvinder Singh, the perfect mix of strings and drums will certainly have everyone talking. Sonu Singh’s career started in early 2013, He has since released Judho Langda, Senti, Dil Tel Lagiah and Sheesha which have all gained Sonu a strong fan base. Sonu’s love for the stage has got him performances across the country and performing alongside some Bhangra legends. Sona Lagda is AVAILABLE NOW via iTunes and all major Digital Platforms.


Number 7 – Khiza ft Omer Nadeem – Dildariyan 


Khiza is back with a new single featuring Omer Nadeem titled Dildariyan. Omer Nadeem’s melodious voice combined with the elegant smooth production by Khiza makes for a pleasant listen. Dildariyan is a sad love song that perfectly highlights Omer Nadeem’s vocal ability. The chorus is very catchy as are the lyrics throughout the entire song. The single was released on the T-Series label with an accompanying music video shot in London. This is one of many upcoming singles from the duo coming soon this year.



Khiza had this to say about the single:


Dildariyaan is the new single by me feat Omer Nadeem . It’s a smooth RnB Punjabi sad love song about kismat, which means luck. Without kismat you can’t get what you want in life; whatever is destined for you, you will get. The video was shot in London, Omer Nadeem is a singer from Lahore pakistan who has already done play back singing in india for a few movies. One was Yamla Pagala Dewaana part one; his recent movie HIJRAT  just been released. This is a Punjabi touch with Omer Nadeem soulful vocals giving it the urban touch by me. The single was signed to T-Series india and is out now!


Number 6 – Vee ft Nafees – Dil Jaaniye


Dil Jaaniye is our number 6 pick for April sung by Nafees and produced by Vee. It’s a great romantic slow love song; that talks about how much one would love another person; production is atmospheric, calming and fitting. Nafees already having a string of hit tracks such as Bukhaar, Judaa and Mehmaan adds one more with Dil Jaaniye. It is a smooth chilled slow love song that you cannot help but see yourself stick on repeat for a few times. The subtle flutes in the background throughout the track is what makes this really stand out for me personally. Dil Jaaniye is a great demonstration of Nafees incredible vocal ability and talents. The song is available from iTunes and all digital media outlets now. There is something calming about the Manchester based Asian music artist and I am sure we will continue to see this further highlighted in future tracks.



Number 5 – Ravi Bal – Vadde Kakke


Ravi Bal teams up with Sukhwinder Suman once again after the success of Sukhwinder Suman’s debut single Izzat; this time the duo released Vadde Kakke. Production is strong throughout the track as you would expect from a Ravi Bal track. The lyrics are great, catchy and melodious; something that Sukhwinder Suman easily and effectively portrays through his incredible voice. Sukhwinder Suman is a very talented and under-rated singer who has a unique and distinct voice. This was first highlighted on the track Izzat which was an incredible track that introduced Sukhwinder Suman to the industry. Vadde Kakke takes a different approach and is more of an energetic song.



Sukhwinder is one of many new additions to the Ravi Bal Productions camp as we get set for more singles in the near future. Ravi Bal is someone who doesn’t release a lot of material often but when he does its something to take note. Vadde Kakke is no exception, it has great musical pieces, catchy lyrics, amazing vocals and an overall great song to listen to and enjoy. The video to Vadde Kakke has been shot in London and features kids from all ages in a fun and quirky plot. The song is available to purchase on iTunes and all digital media outlets.


Number 4 – Resham Singh Anmol ft Desi Crew – Bhabhi


Bhabhi Thodi End Ah is produced by Desi Crew with lyrics by Bunty Bains. Having come of the recent success of Chete Karda, Resham returns with another banger in the form of ‘Bhabhi Thodi End Ah’. Musical duties have been given to the talented duo Desi Crew; who do a great job as usual. The music video is clean with great visuals and scenery; it features the model and actress Ginni Kapoor. Lyrics by Ravi Raj are great, fresh and also easy to sing along to. Resham Singh Anmol is one of the most promising and exciting singers out now with a number of great tracks such as Jatt Di Yaari, Chete Karda and now Bhabhi Thodi End Ah which only adds to his recent string of hit tracks. The track was released via the Speed Records label. The trio of Resham Singh Anmol, Desi Crew and Bunty Bains is something that has consistently produced a number of great music tracks and music videos which I am sure will continue with their future releases. Check out the video to our number 4 pick for April below:



Number 3 – DJ Sanj ft Jay Status – Dhul Gayi


Coming in at Number 3 is the new single by Jay Status produced by the world famous Dj Sanj. The single is taken from the debut album by Jay Status coming later this year. The duo had been gone for a while after having already released a plethora of singles including, Katal Kare, Chugliyan, Silli Silli, Mukhada, Jawaab and Jorri.


Dhul Gayi is a mix of both new and fresh elements along with the polished and distinct signature DJ Sanj sound. Production is fresh and offers something different from their previous collaborations. The break with the production in the verses just added to the overall song. The video for Dhul Gayi is also very vibrant and colourful. Lyrics by Sabhi Chahal are catchy, easy to follow and understand. The approach taken with Dhul Gayi is slightly different compared to Katal Kare and Jawaab etc. and thats what sets it apart..



The thing that stands out to me are the verses, I like the melody a lot; its something different than some of the material out today. The video to Dhul Gayi is a nice video, clear direction, nice scenery and vibrant. The duo of DJ Sanj & Jay Status is something that just works and the pair do not disappoint with this latest single. Overall Dhul Gayi is a great return track by Jay Status as we eagerly await his much anticipated debut album. In fact Jay Status and DJ Sanj are already preparing to release the second single from the album called ‘Gora Rang’, which going by their previous releases is sure to be just as great


Number 2 – Ishers ft Vee – Agg


Agg sung by Ishers and produced by Vee sits in our Number 2 spot for April. We get an introduction to the song by Jelly Manjeetpuri before the song officially kicks off. Agg has highly addictive and catchy lyrics, which you can easily understand and sing along to. Vee has gone with a more ‘Bhangra” style approach with the production and it is refreshing to hear alongside Ishers vocals. This is his first ‘Bhangra’ music production and I have to say its a very good attempt. You have the traditional elements you would expect from a Bhangra song; hard hitting dhols, great music pieces, short catchy verses and energetic lyrics. Sometimes artists can get carried away with including samples, or elements into the song which end up making it sound confusing and horrible. The production on Agg however is just the right amount and keeps you interested throughout the track.



The video to Agg is well produced and of very high production quality. Having come from a highly talented musical family I wasn’t surprised at the level of quality both in production and in vocals. Ishers is one of the most versatile singers today, having studied in the art of singing in India for up to 10 years. I liked the introduction to the song as well; it gave a little bit of context to the track before it kicks in. Ishers is set to release his debut album soon as well as feature in the upcoming project – Phat Trax Vol 2!


When we spoke to Ishers regarding ‘Agg’, he told us the following:


We wanted to recreate some of the old school “Tappe” type lyrics e.g “Ni tu zulfein di laat vangu Baldi Kudti MalMal Di”
“Ma Diye Mobatieh Pala Marke Bhuja Gaye Dewa.” So we came up with “Bina tili Kudi AGG layi Jandia” penned by Sodi Mandera & composed by ISHERS in a 5 note pentatonic scale. The melody has a Fresh Folk vibe that all bhangra listeners can enjoy.


Video is shot in Punjab & directed by Sumit Bhardwaj who has worked on many Hit songs. The experience was great there is always something you can learn &and take away for future videos. It was fun working with little bro Vee on “AGG” he’s a phenomenal singer and his production skills are great too. He has produced my whole album and I’m looking forward for the launch in the coming future.  We kept the “AGG” upfront with a big drop on the chorus, the verses are straight & soulful with a catchy melody easy to sing along with.


Number 1 – Ricky Chohan ft Tigerstyle – 2 Akhiyaan


Our number 1 track released in April was 2 Akhiyaan by Ricky Chohan, produced by Tigerstyle. 2 Akhiyaan starts of with a Sarangi piece as we begin to hear the distinct vocals of Ricky Chohan. 2 Akhiyaan has been produced by Scottish duo Tigerstyle. True to form, the track is what you can expect from a Tigerstyle production; unique. The track has all the traditional elements but it also adds in the urban elements that Tigerstyle have been known to seamlessly infuse. 2 Akhiyaan has fun, quirky and catchy lyrics which have been written by Preet Kanwal. I really liked the Sarangi pieces throughout the track, along with the dominant production, it was a great combination.



The video was directed by Frame Singh who does a fantastic job. The video has a clear plot, nice theme and is just a pleasure to watch. The video features actress and model Ginni Kapoor as well as a guest appearance from Tigerstyle. Something that I liked about this track is how combined the raw folk sound of the traditional instruments and element such as sarangi, tudd, tumbi and combined it with hard hitting grimy urban beats; the bass on this is wonderful. Overall a very well produced track, which I stuck on repeat a number of times. The melody, verses and chorus are highly addictive and just makes you want to sing and dance along.


And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite April picks as well!


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