Monthly Music Review September 2017


Check out the top 15 tracks we thought stood out the most in September 2017 below along with the accompanying videos

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Number 15 – Kamal Khaira ft Preet Hundal – Bahli Sohni


Bahli Sohni is the new track by Kamal Khaira produced and written by by Preet Hundal. The track was released via Speed Records. Bali Sohni is a great track by Kamal Khaira; I like the tone of his voice and the production on this track compliments his vocals nicely. Check out the video to Bahli Sohni below. Buy your copy now!



Number 14 – Lakhwinder Wadali – Sajda


Lakhwinder Wadali released his new track titled Sajda ft Jatinder Jeetu. The song was released via T Series and was written by Sunder Makhana. Sajda is a fantastic track by Lakhwinder Wadali. The production is very fitting and it has easy to understand and catchy lyrics. Check out the video below and buy your copy now!


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Number 13 – Ravinder Grewal – Selfie Queen 


Selfie Queen is the new track by Ravinder Grewal ft Jyotica Tangri produced by Dj Flow. Lyrics were written by Kulveer Shonki. I like this track; its a very catchy track; it’s got some quirky lyrics. Production is good by Dj Flow; simple yet effective. Check out the video below. Buy your copy here!


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Number 12 – Miss Pooja – Baari Baari Barsi 


Number 12 is Baari Baari Barsi by Miss Pooja. Music was produced by G Guri, with the lyrics being written by Singhjeet. It was great to hear a Miss Pooja track again. It is a catchy track and a different take to the traditional Baari Barsi type of tracks that we all know. The video is well done by Sukh Sanghera which you can check out below. Click here to purchase the track now!



Number 11 – Mukhtar Sahota ft Surjit Khan – Jhanjran  


Jhanjran is the new track by Mukhtar Sahota featuring Surjit Khan, released via Headliner Records. I’ve always been a big fan of Surjit Khan’s vocals and Mukhtar Sahota’s production. The combination of the two makes for a great track. I love the uniqueness to this track. The lyrics were written by Harry Padda. Check out the video below now:


Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 15.56.51

Number 10 – Jeeti ft Lehmber Hussainpuri & Sudesh Kumari – Galabo


Jeeti returned to the music scene with his new track Galabo featuring Lehmber Hussainpuri and Sudesh Kumari. We haven’t heard much from Lehmber Hussainpuri or Sudesh Kumari for a while so it was nice to hear them together. Galabo is a great track; hard-hitting production by Jeeti and powerful vocals by both Sudesh Kumari and Lehmber Hussainpuri. Check out the audio video below. Buy your copy here!



Number 9 – Jr Dread ft Jasjot Ghuman – Gussa Ni Karida


Jr Dread released his new track titled Gussa Ni Karida alongside Jasjot Ghuman. Great production by Jr Dread, very different and hard-hitting. Jasjot’s folk vocals are raw and powerful; it is great to hear his vocals again. I really enjoyed his EP – The Yellow Brick Road, which he released a few years ago. I do like the lyrics to this and the overall composition. Click here to purchase the track. The video also has a different concept, which you can check out below:


Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 22.48.18

Number 8 – Surinder Rattan ft Joga Singh – Aari Aari


Number 8 is Aari Aari by Joga Singh produced by Surinder Rattan featuring Desi Ma. Aari Aari is a funky urban track with catchy lyrics. Joga is a phenomenal singer and I really enjoyed his debut album; looking forward to a follow up album. Check out the video below. Click here to purchase Aari Aari!


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Number 7 – Desi Dark Child – Reggae Wisdom  


Desi Dark Child released his new album titled Reggae Wisdom which featured a whole host of great vocalists. The album as the name suggests is heavily focused on reggae music. This is an album that you can tell has taken time to produce and is not just a collection of reggae samples. We will have a full album review in due course however for now, the tracks that are sticking out are, Lack, Sahbia, Gidhe Vich, Jaan and Surmaa. Click here to purchase your copy!


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Number 6 – Jasmine Sandlas ft Garry Sandhu – Illegal Weapon


Illegal Weapon is the new track by Jasmine Sandlas and Garry Sandhu produced by Intense. I like the duo of Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas; they work well together. Production by Intense is fresh and different. The video was directed by Sukh Sanghera and the tracks was released via Fresh Media Records.


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Number 5 – Gurj Sidhu ft Kajal – Bottle


Gurj Sidhu released his new track titled Bottle featuring Kajal. Gurj Sidhu produced this track himself. The lyrics were written by Ginder Sidhu. Similar to how we spoke of Jasmine Sandlas releasing hit after hit, the same applies to Gurj Sidhu. Having just released the incredible track 365 last month Gurj is back at it again. Bottle is a fantastic track, I really liked Kajal’s addition; it added that extra level of depth to the track. As far as the production goes, Gurj does a great job; it’s funky, fresh and different. click here to purchase your copy of Bottle!

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Number 4 – Badal ft Aman Hayer – Chaska Duet 2


Badal teamed up with Aman Hayer once more to release Chaska Duet 2; the follow up to the hugely popular track Chaska Duet. This time he collaborated with Sudesh Kumari. It was great to hear Sudesh Kumari’s vocals on Aman Hayer’s production again and her pairing with Badal worked really well. The track takes a similar approach with the melody and composition to one of Amar Chamkila’s tracks. I feel this track should have been named something else; it would have made it stand out more as people will always compare the two versions. Check out the video below. Click here to purchase Chaska Duet 2!


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Number 3 – Sunanda Sharma – Jaani Tera Naa


Sunanda Sharma returned to the music scene with a bang. Jaani Tera Naa is an amazing track produced by Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz. Sunanda is one of the best female vocalist in the scene today, hands down! She has a different tone and her song selection fits her vocal range and style. Lyrics for the track were written by Jaani. It’s a very catchy track and I particularly like the ‘woah’s she adds at the end of each verse. The video is very different as well. Overall this is a great track. Check it out below now and click here to purchase your copy!


Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 15.49.08

Number 2 – DJ Harpz ft The PropheC & Bambi Bains – Chakkar


DJ Harpz released his new track Chakkar featuring The PropheC and Bambi Bains. The track was released via VIP Records. Lyrics were written by The PropheC. This is an amazing track; simple yet effective and refreshing production. I like the composition of the track and the pairing of Bambi and The PropheC works well in this track. Watch the video below and click here to purchase Chakkar!



Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 21.37.54


Number 1 – DJ Dips ft Badal & Roach Killa – Yaaria


Dj Dips released his long awaited track ‘Yaaria’ featuring Badal Talwan and Roach Killa. From hearing the promo he posted on Instagram to the sneak preview he added with his mixtape, I could tell this was going to be a big track; and I was correct. The whole track has that fresh vibe going on with it. Badal Talwan is an amazing singer and I’m really surprised how he is not featured with other producers on their singles or albums. Roach Killa’s flow and deliver is impeccable; adding that unique style only he is known for. The production on this is banging; there is only one word to describe it. It sounds good on any sound system! Really glad he finally released the track and can only hope he now releases the other Badal track that we’ve heard as well 🙂  Check out the video below and click here to purchase your copy!



And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks as well!

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