Check out the top ten tracks we thought stood out the most in September 2016 below along with the accompanying videos!


Number 10 – Money Aujla ft Bups Saggu – Lalkaare


Number 10 for September is Lalkaare by Money Aujla ft Bups Saggu and Big Bangers. Lyrics were penned by Stylish Singh with the video done by Tapehead. Lalkaare was released on the VIP Record label. The track is a great track, with catchy lyrics and an upbeat production. I particularly liked the Snapchat boli made way; that was clever. Check out the video below:



Number 9 – Raju Dinewala ft Aman Hayer – Rolah Dolah


Number 9 is Rolah Dolah by Raju Dinewala featuring Aman Hayer. Rolah Dolah is a superb track with great production and lyrics. Aman Hayer delivers once again on the music and Raju Dinewala’s vocals sound as crisp as ever. The sarangi piece mid track was my favourite part. Lyrics by Deepa Bundala have a clean and strong message. Overall this is a great track from Raju Dinewala; I cannot wait for his album to release. Check out the video to Rolah Dolah below now:



Number 8 – DJ Dips ft Badal – Whiskey Di Bottle


For the first time a free download track is in the top 10 list. Badal is a singer who has such a unique vocal and tone; when I first heard him on the track Kasoor, I knew he was something special. Since then he has gone on to release a series of hit tracks; with Whiskey Di Bottle being no exception. The track starts off with a great intro before slowly dropping into the track. Production duties were given to DJ Dips who adds his unique style to the track and honestly it’s a great track. DJ Dips continues to deliver hit track after hit track and this just further adds to his collection. I cannot wait to see any new collaborations between these two artists and for the release of DJ Dip’s new album; which is set to release soon! Check Whiskey Di Bottle out below and download it from our Soundcloud page:



Number 7 – Sunanda Sharma – Patake


Sunanda Sharma released her second single titled Patake featuring Gag Studioz. Sunanda released her debut single Billi Akh which helped establish her within the industry. Patake is a great follow up track which further highlights her incredible vocal ability. Sunanda has a unique vocal and its perfectly highlighted in Patake. Music by Gag Studioz is energetic and compliments the vocals. The video to Patake is energetic, vibrant and overall is a great video to watch. The track has had an incredible response throughout, reaching over 6 million views on YouTube alone. Check out the video below:



Number 6 – Jenny Johal ft Raftaar – Chandigarh Rehn Waliye


Jenny Johal teamed up with Raftaar for the firs time to release Chandigarh Rehn Waliye with music being provided by Desi Crew and lyrics by Bunty Bains. Raftaar brings his unique style and mix into the track; showcasing why he is one of the best rappers on the scene today. Lyrics by Bunty Bains are fresh, easy to understand and follow along to. Jenny Johal’s vocals once again are exceptional and are on point in this track. Having released a string of hit tracks in the past Jenny Johal delivers once again; I cannot wait for future projects and at a potential album soon. Check out the video below:



Number 5 – Parvinder Sandhar ft Ravi Bal – Bhangra Ch Dhol


Parvinder Sandhar teams up yet again with the highly talented music producer Ravi Bal to bring Bhangra Ch Dhol. The track was written by Jagdish Mattu who also wrote the track Akhian for Parvinder Sandhar. The track is essentially about doing some Bhangra and having some fun. Lyrics are easy to understand and follow. The track and melody play to Parvinder’s strength as you can hear clearly the emotion and clarity in his vocals. I really like the production on this track; its filled with great musical instruments coupled with a nice baseline and percussion. The video is set to release soon; check out Parvinder’s video message below in the meantime:



Number 4 – Anmol Gagan Maan ft Tigerstyle – Nakhro


Number 4 on our list for September is Nakhro by Anmol Gagan Maan, produced by Tigerstyle and written by Preet Kanwal. This is a fantastic track, it combines the folk vocals of Anmol Gagan Maan with the distinct and dynamic sound that Tigerstyle have uniquely developed and perfected. Having not opted to go with the traditional approach in terms of music, its quite refreshing to hear and I think it works pretty well. Lyrics by Preet Kanwal are great as always. I do like the flutes that appear throughout the track; its a nice touch. To top it off the video is clean, well directed and just compliments the track. Check it out below:



Number 3 – Sukhi Sivia ft Tigerstyle – Koka


Sukhi Sivia’s fourth official track released in September and featured production by musical duo Tigerstyle. Sukhi Sivia is another artist who I think has incredible potential. Kaka is a different type of track for Sukhi Sivia, compared to what he has previously released. I like the tumbi piece throughout the track; the production in general is refreshing to hear and goes with the melody. Sukhi Sivia sounds on point as always. I really like the track; it is something different and it works. This has only made me want a Sukhi Sivia album even more; hopefully it is in the works and releases soon 🙂 Check out the video to Koka below now:



Number 2 – Gurj Sidhu ft Kaos Productions – Patta Lagg Ju


Number 2 is Patta Lagg Ju by Gurj Sidhu. Having come of the huge success of Putt Sardaran De ft Tru Skool, Gurj Sidhu released his new single alongside Kaos Productions titled Patta Lagg Ju. Lyrics were penned by UK’s Dhami Amarjit. I knew this was going to be a big track based off Gurj’s previous work and the small snippets we got beforehand, however the final product is just amazing. Expectations were high as Gurj had just released the massive track Putt Sardaran De and he definitely delivered. Music was done by Kaos Productions who offer a fresh and unique take. Patta Lagg Ju is taken from Gurj’s debut album titled Sentimental Value; which is expected to be a monster album and definitely contender for album of the year! Check out the video below now:



Number 1 – JK ft Tru Skool – Baaghi Tera Yaar 


The number one pick for September is Baaghi Tera Yaar by JK alongside Tru Skool. JK returned to the music scene after a near 5 year gap to release his solo track Baaghi Tera Yaar. Lyrics were penned by Raj Ranjodh. Aside from a collaboration on Putt Jattan De, we had not heard from JK in a while. However he came back in a big way. Great production by Tru Skool as always; catchy melody and polished vocals. There is nothing more to be said about the track aside from the fact that if anyone had any doubt about JK; this should certainly put it that doubt away. The video to the track is amazing; great visual effects and it also features an appearance by the legend Surinder Shinda. Check it out below:



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