Monthly Music Review: October 2016


Check out the top 15 tracks we thought stood out the most in October 2016 below along with the accompanying videos!


Number 15 – Drumologist ft Jaswinder Daghamia – Dagga Dhol Utteh


Number 15 is Dagga Dhol Utteh by Drumologist featuring the vocals of Jaswinder Daghamia and lyrics penned by Balkar Laltonwala . Dagga Dhol Utteh is an upbeat Bhangra dance track with hard hitting beats and a catchy flow. Jaswinder Daghamia delivers once again on the vocals. Overall this is a funky track that is sure to get people on the dance floor. Check out the video below:



Number 14 – Jazzy B ft Kaur B – Shikaar


Number 14 is Shikaar by Jazzy B featuring Kaur B and Amrit Maan. Shikaar was produced by Preet Hundal, who does a fantastic job. The pairing of Kaur B and Jazzy B has resulted in some great tracks in the past and this is no exception; add the unique and dynamic vocals of Amrit Maan and you get something truly special. Amrit Maan has also written the lyrics for Shikaar. On top of a great track; the video to Shikaar is well thought out and very well produced. Check out the video below:



Number 13 – Subaig ft Popsy – Munda Sadaran Da


Subaig returned with his newest single featuring Popsy ‘The Music Machine’ titled Munda Sardaran Da. Lyrics were penned by Laddi Gobindpuri. Munda Sardaran Da is a great track, superb production and an overall nice flow. Subaig’s vocals shine alongside the rich production by Popsy. Check out the video below:



Number 12 – Bhinda Jatt – Vigdiya Jatt


Number 12 is Vigdiya Jatt produced by Kesar KC. Lyrics were written by Gindu Ladhar. The California King has been absent from the Bhangra scene for while, however since returning he has released a string of hit tracks. Bhinda Jatt’s vocals sound as crisp as ever. Production by Kesar KC is great and compliments Bhinda Jatt’s vocals nicely. Check out the video below:



Number 11 – Amar Sajaalpuria – Red Ribbon


Coming in at number 11 is Red Ribbon by Amar Sajaalpuria released via Speed Records. Production duties were given to Jaz Buttar who gives a unique twist and gives the track a completely different vibe. Amar Sajaalpuria both sung and wrote the track. Amar Sajaalpuria is a great vocalist who has consistently delivered hit tracks in the past. Check out the video below:



Number 10 – Dark MC ft Nirmal Sidhu – Worldwide


Number 10 for October is Worldwide by Dark MC featuring the vocals of Nirmal Sidhu. Worldwide was written by Balkar Laltonwala and also features rapping by Dark MC. Nirmal Sidhu does a great job on the vocals as always. The melody and flow of the track is different and is refreshing to hear. Production is crisp and compliment Nirmal Sidhu’s vocals. Check out the video below:



Number 9 – Nimrat Khaira – Taan Vi Changa Lagda


Number 9 is Taan Vi Changa Lagda by Nimrat Khaira. The track was produced by Gold Boy with lyrics penned by Babbu. Its a great track that even makes reference to Messi and Ronaldo; which was a nice addition. Having previously released more Bhangra type tracks it was a nice change to see things switched up a bit with this track. Check out the video below:



Number 8 – Jassi Sidhu ft Dr Zeus – Salute


Number 8 is Salute by Jassi Sidhu featuring Dr Zeus & Fateh. It’s a collaboration that was long overdue; two of the biggest UK artists finally collaborating. Salute is a great track that combines the trademark signature sound Dr Zeus has perfected alongside the classic and distinguished vocals of Jassi Sidhu. The rapping by Fateh is the icing on the cake. Check out the video below:



Number 7 – Dj Jas DV8 ft Nooran Sisters – DV8 Boliyan


Number 7 is the debut release by Dj Jas DV8 featuring the Nooran Sisters titled DV8 Boliyan. As the name suggests, this is an upbeat dance track. Suki Kaila & Kam Frantic provided the music. This is a track that i’m really liking; the Nooran Sisters are highly talented with great vocal ability. This is highlighted throughout the track. Check out the video below:



Number 6 – Tejinder Kaur ft Ravi Bal – Mein Nachna


Tejinder Kaur released her debut track titled Mein Nachna featuring Ravi Bal. Mein Nachna is a fantastic debut track that gives a glimpse into the vocal potential of Tejinder Kaur. Production is fresh and crisp, making you want to jump up and dance. Lyrics are catchy and easy to understand; penned by Preet Barnala. In an industry dominated by male vocalists; its highly refreshing to see the new wave of female vocalists emerge. Tejinder is definitely a name to look out for in the future.


Number 5 – Mickey Singh – Phone


Mickey Singh’s Phone is our number 5 pick for October. Phone was produced by UpsideDown who does an excellent job; really creative and fresh beats. Mickey Singh sings in both Punjabi & English; the lyrics are catchy and easy to understand and flow with the overall track. The video to Phone is quirky and has a sort of Halloween / party vibe to it. Check it out below:



Number 4 – Gagan Kokri – Malaayian


Number 4 on our list for October is Malaayian by Gagan Kokri produced by Kuwar Virk. Malaayian is a upbeat track; catchy lyrics. Gagan Kokri has a unique vocal and it goes well alongside the production. The video is clean, well produced and relates to the track; which is nice to see. Check it out below:



Number 3 – Zora ft Rupali & Dr Zeus – Wonderland


Wonderland is our number 3 track; it features vocals by Zora and Rupali. Production duties were given to Dr Zeus. Wonderland is a track from the Punjabi movie ‘Lakeeran’. Zora / Rupali’s vocals are spot on in Wonderland. Dr Zeus does a great job with the production; its familiar however it works with the track. Check out the video below now:



Number 2 – Mankirt Aulakh – Kuwari


Number 2 is Kuwari by Mankirt Aulakh. Lyrics were penned by Preet Judge with music by Gupz Sehra. Mankirt Aulakh is a fantastic vocalist with such a unique vocal. This is one of my personal favourite tracks; the production is fitting and the melody is refreshing. Check out the video below now:



Number 1 – Geeta Zaildar ft Aman Hayer – Chattri 


The number one pick for October is Chattri by Geeta Zaildar featuring Aman Hayer. Lyrics were penned by Geeta Zaildar; Chattri was released via the T-Series Record label. Chattri is a superb track coupled with the defined Aman Hayer sound, catchy lyrics and distinct vocals of Geeta Zaildar. This is just a really catchy track that you cannot help but dance around to. Check it out below:



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