Monthly Music Review: November 2016


Check out the top 15 tracks we thought stood out the most in November 2016 below along with the accompanying videos!


Number 15 – Ranjit Bawa – Ja Ve Mundeya


Number 15 for November is Ja Ve Mundeya by Ranjit Bawa. The track has been produced by Desi Routz with lyrics being penned by Maninder Kailey. Ranjit Bawa delivers another fantastic performance in Ja Ve Mundeya; crisp production, nice breaks and a catchy flow. Check out the video below, which was done by Frame Singh:



Number 14 – Rupinder Handa – Takhatposh


Number 14 is Takhatposh by Rupinder Handa produced by Desi Crew. Lyrics were penned by Narinder Bath and the track was released via T Series. I’m a big fan of Rupinder Handa’s vocals and this track is a nice addition to her recent string of great tracks. The video is vibrant and quirky with great scenery and storyline. Check out the video below:



Number 13 – Arshh ft Roach Killa – Violin


Arshh’s Violin is up next featuring Roach Killa. Violin is a great track fusing both English / Punjabi lyrics. Lyrics by Jaani are meaningful, different and perfectly expressed through Arshh’s unique vocals. Roach Killa delivers on the rap with his signature style. Its a catchy number; couldn’t help myself sticking this on repeat a number of times. Production by B Praak is fresh and compliments the track. Check out the video below:



Number 12 – Mangi Mahal – The Brave Jatt


Mangi Mahal teamed up with the hit producer Aman Hayer for his latest single – The Brave Jatt. Its great to hear the two artists work together again; it always results in some great tracks. Aman Hayer delivers as always on the production; very desi and full of rich musical pieces. Mangi Mahal both sung the track and penned the lyrics. The track is very catchy; especially the chorus. The video is a great visualisation of the track with fitting story. Check out the video below:



Number 11 – The PropheC ft Ikka – Hove Mere Naal


Number 11 is Hove Mere Naal by The PropheC featuring Ikka. The track is taken from his upcoming album titled ‘The Lifestyle’. The PropheC delivers another standout performance; catchy melodies; deep lyrics and atmospheric production. The video to Hove Mere Naal is well produced and of high quality; a reoccurring theme with the tracks in this list. If this is just a taster of the music we will get in The Lifestyle; I cannot wait for the end of December when the album gets released. Check out the video below:



Number 10 – Sukshinder Shinda ft Harj Nagra – Red Rose


Number 10 is Red Rose by Harj Nagra featuring the vocals of Sukshinder Shinda. Red Rose is a great track with hard hitting production. The track has elements to some of the classic Sukshinder Shinda tracks from 2003, in the flow and the way he sung the track. Overall its a catchy number from a duo who have released a couple of noteworthy tracks recently. Check out the video below:



Number 9 – Panjabi MC ft Ashok Gill – Gora Gora


Number 9 is Gora Gora by Panjabi MC featuring the vocals of Ashok Gill and Warren G. Gora Gora is a catchy number with slick beats by Panjabi MC, a relevant rap and well flowing rap by Warren G and the distinct vocals by Ashok. Panjabi knows how to get the best out of the vocalists he works with and his paring with Ashok Gill just works really well. The track takes elements of its melody from Surjit Bindrakhia’s Mukhada Dekh Ke. Overall a good track; Ashok Gill and Panjabi have released a string of great tracks recently most noticeably being ‘Morni’.


Number 8 – Tee Thapar ft DJ Dips – Jaan Soneya


Tee Thapar released his debut track alongside the talented producer DJ Dips titled Jaan Soneya. The track keeps things simple and does not include any rapping or other elements; which only added to the overall impact. Tee Thapar’s soft and soothing vocals are perfectly highlighted through the carefully selected production and musical pieces. Overall I really like this track; it has emotional and creative lyrics, a catchy melody. Check out the video below:



Number 7 – Resham Singh Anmol ft Raftaar & Desi Crew – Saroor


Number 7 is Saroor by Resham Singh Anmol featuring Raftaar. Saroor was produced by Desi Crew and was released by Speed Records. Resham Singh Anmol has released a string of great tracks recently and this only adds to the list. Lyrics by Gurjit are perfectly expressed through Resham’s energetic vocals. I cannot wait for Resham’s new album which is set to release in 2017. The standout for me was Raftaar’s rap; his entire flow and style is fresh and adds a new dynamic to the track. Check out the video below:



Number 6 – Jaz Dhami ft Steel Banglez – Teri Ah


Coming in at number 6 is the new track titled Teri Ah by Jaz Dhami produced by Steel Banglez. The track was penned by Mickey Singh & Kay V and Jaz Dhami himself. The track is not your typical Jaz Dhami Bhangra type track; its a different direction with the more urban styled production. I think it works; it is a change to what is usually out there. The lyrics are great and easy to follow and understand. Production is fresh; glad they did not go for the traditional sound. The video to Teri Ah is visually superb; great scenery and effects. Check it out below now:



Number 5 – Jassie Gill & Babbal Rai – Yaar Jatt De


Jassie Gill & Babbal Rai teamed up once again to bring Yaar Jatt De. Production was done by Desi Routz with lyrics by Narinder Bath. Yaar Jatt De is a great track; it perfectly captures the distinct styles of both singers. Lyrics are strong and have a great message. The track was released via Speed Records. Check it out below:



Number 4 – Raashi Sood ft Manni Sandhu – Ijazat


After releasing a chart topping and record breaking album Manni Sandhu teamed up with the rising star Raashi Sood for the soulful track Ijazat. What i liked about this track was that it was able to take the unique styles of both Raashi Sood and Manni Sandhu and seamlessly blend it. You can hear the trademark Manni Sandhu sound alongside the distinct vocals of Raashi Sood. Ijazat is a cool number with great lyrics; penned by Bittu Cheema . Check it out below:



Number 3 – Harjit Harman ft Atul Sharma – Jatt 24 Carat


Jatt 24 Carat is at the number 3 slot by Harjit Harman. The song was written by Pargat Khan who has collaborated and written some great hits for Harjit in the past. The track is very catchy with nice production and easy to understand and follow lyrics. Harjit Harman’s vocals are unique and suit a particular style; Jatt 24 Carat is a great track for him. Its a funky dance track which makes you get up and sing / dance along to. Watch the video below:



Number 2 – Harbhajan Maan ft Tigerstyle – Sher


Number 2 is Sher by Harbhajan Maan featuring production by Tigerstyle. Sher is a fantastic track, the powerful vocals of Harbhajan Maan are perfectly complimented by the Folk and traditional Tigerstyle sound. Its great to hear the more traditional sound that Tigerstyle predominantly used early on in their career. Lyrics were penned by Babbu Singh Mann. The video to Sher is stunning, great visuals, story and plot. Check out the video below now:



Number 1 – Mankirt Aulakh – Kadar 


He was our number 2 pick last month however this time round he takes the number 1 slot with Kadar. Mankirt Aulakh is a fantastic singer with such vibrance in his vocals and style. Kadar is a superb track; very catchy lyrics and flow; great production and Mankirt easily delivers on the vocals. The video is really good; highlights the main points within the track and is a nice watch. Check it out below:



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