Monthly Music Review – May 2018


Check out the top 15 tracks we thought stood out the most in May 2018 below along with the accompanying videos

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Number 15 – Rupinder Handa – Parwah Ni Karidi


Rupinder Handa released Parwah Ni Karidi featuring Arpan Bawa. Lyrics were written by Happy Bandala. The message of this track is to ignore what society is saying and to stay on your own path; concentrate on what you are doing and what you need to do. This is more of a statement track by Rupinder Handa to everyone out there who might have doubted her in the past.


Check out the video below now:


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Number 14 – Jeeti ft Ravi Duggal – Ranjhana Refix


This was a track that was released in 2011 however as part of a new series Jeeti is adding a different style to some of his classic tracks. Ranjhana was the first in the series featuring Ravi Duggal. I loved the original but this mix is very good. I always thought it needed a more bhangra type feeling (why not add a Dhol to everything eh lol). The track does enough to separate it from the original but not ruin it. Click here to purchase the track!


Check out the video below now:


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Number 13 – Kaur B ft Desi Crew – Engaged Jatti


Engaged Jatti was the new track by Kaur B ft Desi Crew. The song is okay; the production by Desi Crew could have been better and switched up a bit. Kaur B sounds great as always but the track as a whole just felt like it was missing something. The track was released via T Series.


Check out the video to Engaged Jatti below now:


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Number 12 – Mankirt Alukah – Daru Band


Mankirt Aulakh released his new track titled Daru Band featuring J Statik. There track is definitely better from him compared to his previous releases and a style that suits him better. It is a catchy track although has slight similarities to another track but I cannot quite figure it out (let us know in the comments if you can figure it out). Mankirt Aulakh is a great vocalist and very talented but like I’ve said before he needs the right producers and the right type of song.


Check out the video below now:


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Number 11 – Amit ft Fateh Doe & Enzo – Diesel


Diesel was the new track by Amit ft Fateh & Enzo. Lyrics were written by Jaggi Jagowal with the track released via T Series. This is a catchy track; funky production and it features Fateh; what more can you possibly want. Click here to buy the track now!


Check out the video below now:


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Number 10 – Subaig ft Popsy – Tofani Jatt


Tofani Jatt was the new track released by Subaig ft Popsy. Lyrics were written by Laddi Gobindpuri and the track was released via Mahaveer Records. I like this track, very catchy and the production by Popsy is hard-hitting as always. Subaig sounds great on the vocals with this one. The track has a ‘Naag’ like similarity to it, which is no means a bad thing. The track is very catchy especially the verses. Check out the video below now:


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Number 9 – Sharry Maan – Motor


Motor was the new track by Sharry Maan ft Giftrulers. Sharry Maan sang and wrote the track. This was the first release on Sharry Maan’s own official YouTube channel (Sharry Maan). The track is good and typical of what you would expect from a Sharry Maan track. The electric guitar piece mid way in the track was a nice addition. Check out the video below now:


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.21.02

Number 8 – Sanam ft Desi Routz – Niki Jini Gall


Number 8 is Niki Jini Gall by Sanam ft Desi Routz. The track was released via the T Series record label. This is a great track; well produced by Desi Routz; loved the guitar pieces throughout the track. Sanam sounded great on the vocals. Overall this is a really good track and one that is definitely in our playlist.


Check out the video below now:


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Number 7 – G S Chaggar – Blackout EP


G S Chaggar released the second side if you like to his EP titled Blackout. The first had more of a Bhangra sound (PDL). Blackout was advertised as having no panjabi instruments in any of the tracks including the well known GDR loop sample. We will give our thoughts on this EP as a whole and include PDL in a later post but the standout track for us in this EP was Teria Mohobattan (Mitti Mitti 2) by Pammi Saini and Kulbir Kaur. This follows on from the Mitti Mitti track released in the album – Blacklisted. Pammai Saini is a great vocalist; he sounds phenomenal on this track.


Check out the EP below:


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.19.56

Number 6 – DJ Sanj ft Jay Status- Blue Label


DJ Sanj returned to the scene with Jay Status with the new track Blue Label. Lyrics were written by DJ SANJ, Jay Status, Sabhi Chaha. The track as released via Moviebox Records. As DJ Sanj has stated before, this is a straight up DJ Sanj record, aimed for the dance floors. I have to agree, this is your typical Sanj track that gets people jumping up and down on the dance floors. The track is good, don’t get me wrong but I would have liked the song topic to be a bit more creative (as opposed to alcohol). Jay Status is a phenomenal vocalist though and I cannot wait for his debut album out via Moviebox Records this year.


Check out the track now below:


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Number 5 – Bups Saggu ft Sahib – Hor Ni Peeni


Number 5 is Hor Ni Peeni by Bups Saggu and Sahib. Sahib is a fantastic singer with some great potential. The track is a good one by Bups Saggu; production is good and overall the track is quite catchy, would have liked better lyrics though but they fit the track’s overall aim and were written by Binder Nawepindia. The track was released via VIP Records.


Check out the video below now:


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.03.26

Number 4 – Jag Bancil ft Badal – UK De Munde


Jag Bancil released his new track ft Badal titled UK De Munde via UnderCover Records. Badal is another one of our favourite singers at the moment; his style is just different to a lot of other singers. He usually works with Aman Hayer and DJ Dips however he teamed up with an emerging UK talent – Jag Bancil. This is a catchy track; loved the melody on this one. Production by Jag Bancil is good and fitting; compliments the vocals nicely. This is a track that you need to have on your playlist.


Check out the video below:


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Number 3 – Fateh – To Whom It May Concern


Fateh released his new album titled To Whom It May Concern featuring Raaginder, The PropheC amongst others. Fateh is an artist who we’ve seen develop immensely over the last 5-6 years. From his YouTube clips / tracks to working with some of the biggest names in the UK such as Dr Zeus, B21 to collaborations all over the world; he is an artist who has really started to make his mark in the industry. To Whom It May Concern is a superb album; it’s not your typical album release; listening to this start to finish I felt an incredibly rollercoaster of emotions. Our full album review is coming soon but for the meantime check out the audio to ‘Coulda Been’ below


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 18.39.28

Number 2 – UpsideDown ft The PropheC & Sunny Leone – Got It All


Got It All is the new track by Upside Down ft The PropheC and Sunny Leone. This is a catchy track; lyrics provided by The PropheC. The production by UpsideDown is good, reminds me a bit of Phone by Mickey Singh. The PropheC is a phenomenally talented artist; he sounds great on this track. Overall this is a really catchy track; well produced and creative lyrics.


Check out the video below featuring Sunny Leone:


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 18.27.18

Number 1 – Gurj Sidhu – Dil Yaaran De


Gurj Sidhu released his new track titled Dil Yaaran De featuring Kaos Productions. Snippets had been played here and there before the official release and fans over the world were hooked. Kaos & Gurj Sidhu have captured magic in a bottle and their formula is highly addictive. Lyrics were written by Sukh Sandhu. The switch up at the end of the track was a nice addition and my favourite bit. Gurj Sidhu is an artist who consistently delivers amazing tracks and you know whatever he realises will be something big. Check out the video below:



And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks too!

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