Monthly Music Review May 2017


Check out the top 10 tracks we thought stood out the most in May 2017 below along with the accompanying videos


Number 10 – Harjot – Vichola 


Vichola is the new track by Harjot produced by Urban Folk. Lyrics for the track were written by Harjot himself and the video was directed by Khaas Banda Productions. Harjot is a vocalist who we are very big on; his vocals are unique and he has got a sweet tone to his voice. Vichola is another great track by Harjot. The video is also well done and produced. Check it out below now:


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 22.06.53

Number 9 – Jassi Jass – Niki Niki Gal 


Jassi Jass featuring Vikram is our number 9 pick for May. Lyrics were written by Jassi Jass. This is a nice track with a nice composition and some great verses. The one thing I would change would be the video; it could have been better directed. Check out the video below now:



Number 8 – Emanat Preet – Kala Kurta


Kala Kurta features the vocals of Emanat Preet and production by Davinder Gumti. Lyrics were written by Gopi Alampuria. I like this track it’s got some familiar elements, however it’s a catchy track. Production is fitting and compliments the vocals. Female presence in the music scene continues to increase and it’s great to see more and more female singers emerge and consistently release more music. Check out the video below now:



Number 7 – Jassimran Singh Keer – Rohab Sardar Da 


Rohab Sardar Da is a great track by Jassimran Singh Keer. It was produced by Desi Routz. The lyrics were written by Kirat Matharoo with the video being directed by Frame Singh. The track was released via T-Series Record Label. This song has really grown on me; the production is hard-hitting and the melody and vocals are pleasant on the ears. I particularly like the mix up towards the end. Overall this is a great track. Watch the video below now:




Number 6 – Ishers ft Ishmeet Narula – Jinde Meriye 


Jinde Meriye is the new track by Ishers ft Ishmeet Narula produced by Vee. Ishers is one of the most talented and diverse singers in the game today. Vee is a phenomenal music producer, having produced some amazing tracks in the past. The addition of Ishmeet Narula was the icing on the cake. This is my favourite track by Ishmeet Narula so far. The confidence, vocal range and tone in her voice is outstanding. I’ve always been a big fan of hers. The contrast with Ishers vocals on this track is so atmospheric and soothing. Vee provides a great beat; very cinematic and trance-isq music which works really well on the track. This is a fantastic romantic number and I for one cannot wait for another collaboration between these three talented artists. Check out the video below now:





Number 5 – Lakhwinder Wadali – Tera Ki Lagda


Tera Ki Lagda by Lakhwinder Wadali is our number 5 pick for May. It was produced by Gurmeet Singh and released via T-Series Records. This is a fantastic track, sweet lyrics and a nice melody. I really like Lakhwinder’s tone of voice and it goes really well with the music in this track. Check out the video below; produced by Parmod Sharma Rana:



Number 4 – Masterclass ft Master Saleem & HMC – Ajj Nachna


Masterclass ft Master Saleem and HMC is our number 4 pick for May. This track has an early 00s UK Bhangra vibe going on and I am really feeling it. Master Saleem is an exceptionally diverse vocalist and can nail both slow romantic numbers as well as straight up bangers. Lyrics were written by Baldev Mastana. Production by Masterclass is elegant and straight to the point; no unnecessary samples or additions. HMC makes a special appearance and adds that old school UK Bhangra sound. Overall it’s a very cool track; I cannot stop putting this on repeat. Check out the video below; directed by Sai Smith:



Number 3 – Angrej Ali ft Aman Hayer – Heer


Angrej Ali released his new track titled Heer ft Aman Hayer. Angrej Ali is one of my favourite singers of all time and has an incredible vocal. He absolutely nails it on this track. Aman Hayer gives us a great back-drop; some great musical pieces throughout the track. The ranges Angrej Ali is able to go to are amazing. Overall this is a quality track and one of my favourites from Angrej Ali. Check out the video below:





Number 2 – Jasmine Sandlas – Punjabi Mutiyaaran


We said we would like more Punjabi songs by Jasmine Sandlas and boy is she delivering. Punjabi Mutiyaaran is the latest track by Jasmine Sandlas produced by Jaidev Kumar. Lyrics were written by Lalie Gill. Punjabi Mutiyaran is a song that expresses the pride and innocence that makes up the essence of Punjabi beauty. The video is a great visual expression of all the features and characteristics that make up a Punjabi Mutiyaar. The track is really catchy; creative and easy to follow lyrics; a great melody and an energetic beat. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate the spot on vintage act at the beginning of the video! Check it out below now:



Number 1 – Gurdas Maan – Makhna


Gurdas Maan released the second single from his forthcoming album Punjab which was titled Makhna. Lyrics for the track were written by Gurdas Maan himself, with the music provided by Jatinder Shah. Following the huge success of the first single ‘Punjab’ Gurdas Maan delivers another hit track with Makhna. The composition and melody are just beautiful. The video is well thought out and directed by R.Swami. Gurdas Maan has been a consistent figure within Punjabi music and has been responsible for some of the most iconic tracks in the history of our industry. Check out the video below now:



And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks as well!

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