Monthly Music Review: May 2016



Check out the top ten tracks we thought stood out the most in May 2016 below along with the accompanying videos!



Number 10 – Subaig Singh Kandola – Tere Jhootiye Ni Laare (ft Popsy)


Tere Jhootiye Ni Laare is our number 10 pick for May and it is the debut single by Dr Subaig Singh Kandola. The song was produced by multi-talented producer Popsy “The Music Machine”. This was a great debut single with powerful production, effective and catchy lyrics and an incredible display of vocal talent from the newcomer. The song incorporates the raw, live and folk elements into the production, which is something that is not seen as often in Punjabi music.




The video to the song is also very great; clean and has a clear direction. I like the effects and the overall concept; it added to the overall song. This is a great debut song from Subaig Singh Kandola, who favours a more folk style approach when it comes to singing, which hopefully means we will see future songs released of similar magnitude.



Number 9 – Sakina – London Di Rani (ft DJ Surinder Rattan)



Number 9 is London Di Rani sung by Sakina and produced by DJ Surinder Rattan. London Di Rani is a catchy number with easy to understand lyrics. Production by DJ Surinder Rattan compliments the vocals and the overall direction that the song intended to go with. London Di Rani is an overall funky track that you can easily see yourself sticking on repeat. The catchy chorus along with the chilled production makes this a great track. Check out the official video below:




Number 8 – Sona Roadshow – Sang Mutiyaar Di (ft Sarika Gill)


Sona Roadshow released their debut single Sang Mutiyaar Di sung by the highly talented Sarika Gill. Sang Mutiyaar Di is a fantastic number, with nice crisp production, catchy melody and great vocals. Sarika Gill is one of the fastest rising UK female Punjabi singers having delivered a string of great tracks highlighting her vocal ability such as Massi, Jatti Heer and most recently Waka. The song was released via the 3Q record label. Check out the video to Sang Mutiyaar Di below.



Number 7 – Aman Sandhu ft Rupinder Handa – Drive (ft PBN)


Aman Sandhu released his debut duet track alongside Rupinder Handa titled Drive. It featured production by PBN who delivers a fitting and polished sound. Aman Sandhu could not have picked a better female artist to duet with as Rupinder Handa is one of the most talented and versatile vocalists out there today.



The video to the track is also superb, with atmospheric scenery and a great background. It features both vocalists and PBN himself. The song is aimed specifically at the dance floor.

dance like govinda final cover

Number 6 – Jassi Sidhu – Dance Like Govinda (Ft Bups Saggu)


Coming in at Number 6 we have Dance Like Govinda by Jassi Sidhu in collaboration with Bups Saggu, GV, Ameet Chana and the man himself Govinda. In a list packed with hard-hitting Bhangra tracks, Dance Like Govinda stands alone. Its something that you would not normally expect from Jassi Sidhu, yet the way its been produced really works well with his voice. The single came in two versions – original and a Desi version produced by GV. I couldn’t decide what mix I liked better, so I put both 🙂



Production by Bups Saggu is fresh, energetic and a real pleasure to listen to. Having released several hit tracks in the past such as Miss Kaur and Bodyguard, Bups delivers yet again. The desi mix by GV is exactly what a Desi mix should be. I loved the tumbi throughout the song and it offered something different to the original but at the same time familiar with what i’ve come to expect from Jassi Sidhu and GV, which was a great welcome. The video to the song also features the living legend himself Govinda which I really liked; seeing those iconic moves done once again brought back fond memories.




Number 5 – Gitaz Bindrakhia – Pasand Jatt Di (ft Desi Crew)


Pasand Jatt Di is our number 5 pick for May sung by Gitaz Bindrakhia and produced by Desi Crew. Lyrics were penned by talented lyricists Bunty Bains. Pasand Jatt Di is a fantastic track; great composition and production and amazing vocals. Desi Crew really know how to get the best production out for each singer that they work with. This is a lyrically rich song, filled with great musical pieces; I like the sarangi and prominent tumbi throughout the song. Check out the video below:





Number 4 – Farooq Ilyas – Tu Mera Dil (Ft Ravi Bal)


Tu Mera Dil is our number 4 pick for May. It has been sung by Farooq Ilyas with production by Ravi Bal. Tu Mera Dil is a great slow romantic track that perfectly highlights Faro’s vocal capability and strength. Catchy melodies and sweet lyrics make this a great track to listen to. Production is superb; its not overproduced or missing that extra edge. It features some great instrument music pieces along with a very subtle flute piece which add to the overall track.



Ravi Bal features in our monthly list twice in a row; last month it was for the great and different track Vadde Kakke, whilst this month its for the slow romantic ballad Tu Mera Dil. With a string of upcoming songs set to be released by the growing RBP Camp of artist, I’m sure that he will feature alongside his artists quite prominently in future monthly reviews!




Number 3 – Ambi & Dilly ft Nirmal Sidhu – Chanjara


Coming in at Number 3 is the debut single by Ambi & Dilly featuring Nirmal Sidhu – Chanjara; released via E3UK Records. Another debut song in the Top 10 list which is a great thing as it highlights the new wave of upcoming talent in the music industry. Chanjara is a great debut single; it has all the ingredients to make it a chart topping hit. Production is fresh and of high quality; the mandolin piece is really nice. The chorus and verses are very catchy and have great lyrics. This song perfectly suits Nirmal Sidhu’s vocals as he shines throughout.



The video to Chanjara is well directed and adds to the song overall. It has a nice storyline that flows and matches the lyrics. Overall its a great debut single; well produced and has rich lyrical content. Check out the video to Chanjara above.


Number 2 – Harjot – Chann Warga (ft Desi Routz)


Harjot is a singer I am a big fan of; he has always delivered quality songs in the past. Chang Warga was no exception! I really liked the melody on this track; the production fits in nicely. Harjot has great vocals and its expressed perfectly on this track. The mandolin & sarangi pieces throughout the track are a nice touch. The song overall is very nice to listen to and fits in with his singing style. Desi Routz do a fantastic job with the production; not over-producing and adding random samples etc. in to it. Its a chilled out song that has a real summertime feel; due to the production. I really like the Sarangi piece in the song as with a few of the other songs in this list. The video to Chan Warga is vibrant, has nice scenery and good storyline telling. It is well directed and really highlights and captures the essence of the song and in portraying the lyrics. Check the video out below:



Number 1 – Ranjit Bawa – Bad Company (ft Tigerstyle)


Our number 1 track released in May yet again features the talented duo from Scotland, Tigerstyle. This time on a track featuring the uber talented and popular Ranjit Bawa titled Bad Company. The track has a great message that has been perfectly incorporated through the lyrics penned by Jaggi Tohra. Its a song that has great lyrical content and is something that is different to some of the other songs out there at the moment. Production by Tigerstyle is once again fresh and different yet it seems to go with the flow of the song and lyrics perfectly.



The video highlights the lyrics with powerful visuals. It has been well directed and produced; rich scenery and it has a great storyline and plot which adds context for the song. Check it out above now!


And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite May picks as well!


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