Monthly Music Review June 2017


Check out the top 10 tracks we thought stood out the most in June 2017 below along with the accompanying videos

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Number 10 – Nimrat Khaira – Bhangra Gidha  


Nimrat Khaira released her long awaited track Bhangra Gidha alongside Panj-aab Records. Production was delivered by Desi Crew with the lyrics written by Babbu. It is a catchy track and one with easy to understand lyrics and nice verses. The video has some nice shots and scenery as well. Check out the video below now:


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Number 9 – Popsy ft Badal – Bullet 


Bullet is the new song by Popsy featuring vocalist Badal Talwan. The track was released by Future Shock Productions. The video was directed by Deep R Dee. Bullet is a nice track with some nice production and musical pieces. Badal delivers once again on the vocals as usual. Overall this is a nice track. Check out the video below now:


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Number 8 – Razbir Zaildar – Kaalje Fookide


Razbir returns with his new track Kaalje Fookide alongside Desi Crew and Bunty Bains. I am a big fan of Razbir’s vocals; I like the tone and his general style. The track itself has similarities to his previous track Taare Taare Taare in terms of music and flow but overall it’s a nice track to listen to. Check out the video below now:


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Number 7 – Sakhowalia ft Jassi X – Dhokha Mutiyare


Dhokha Mutiyare is the new song by Sakhowalia produced by Jassi X. The lyrics were written by Bunty Bains and the track was released by Bunty Bains Productions. The track has deep lyrical content and Sakhowalia is able to perfectly express them through his unique vocals. Check out the audio video below now:


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Number 6 – G Khan – Kache Kothe


Kache Kothe is the new track by G Khan produced by SKB and released via Fresh Media Records. Lyrics were written by Ajay Khan. I am really liking this track; its got a nice beat and the melodies and flow of the track are catchy. I like the vocal range changes during the verses in particular. Check out the video directed by Garry Sandhu and Sukh Dhillon below now:


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 19.13.55

Number 5 – Upkar Sandhu ft Gupz Sehra – Naal Tere Hova  


Naal Tere Hove is the new track by Upkar Sandhu featuring Gupz Sehra. Lyrics were written by Guri Batala and the track was released by T-Series. I am really digging this track; especially Upkar’s vocals. He has got a unique vocal tone. Gupz Sehra delivers another hit beat with the production. Overall the track is very catchy with some nice verses and easy to understand lyrics. Check out the video below now:


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 18.53.40

Number 4 – Jaz Dhami ft B Praak – Oye Hoye Oye Hoye


Oye Hoye Oye Hoye is the new track by Jaz Dhami ft B Praak and Jaani. This track has a different vibe from previous Jaz Dhami tracks and you can tell from the first couple of seconds into the track. Music for the track was produced by B Praak and the lyrics were written by Jaani. The track combines both English and Punjabi and at some times it can be a little bit weird to hear the back and forth changes but it works well with the beat and the overall vibe of the song. Overall i like this track; its different from Jaz Dhami’s previous work and he does pull it off. Check out the video below now:


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 18.43.09

Number 3 – Neha Bhasin – Chan Mahi


Neha Bhasin returned with her new single Chan Mahi which is a unique twist of the classic track Jind Mahi. Neha has stated that this particular version was one that she grew up listening to from her mother and grandparents. Neha Bhasin has such an incredible vocal and sweet tone. Having first listened to a few years ago on her covers of Akh Kashni and Laung Gawacha, we knew that she was highly talented. The production for Chan Mahi was produced by Sameer Uddin who gives a great beat. Overall i just really like this track and the whole music style of Neha Bhasin; it’s quite unique and different to a lot of the other singers in the industry at the moment. Check it out below now which features dancer Naina Batra:


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 19.07.11

Number 2 – DJ Harv ft Benny Dhaliwal – Sada Time


DJ Harv returned with his second single alongside Benny Dhaliwal – Sada Time. After the huge success of Darshan featuring Geeta Zaildar, expectations were high for his second offering. Benny Dhaliwal delivered another classic track like only he can; he absolutely smashes it on the vocals. Sada Time was produced by DJ Harv with the mixing and mastering done by K Singh and Dav Juss. I am liking the production on this; its not overproduced or has any unnecessary samples. It is a feel good song and something that you can easily stick on repeat a number of times; as I have throughout the month! Watch the video below:


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 18.36.22

Number 1 – Gurj Sidhu ft Kaos Productions – 365


For the third time this year, Gurj Sidhu tops the Bhangra Central Top tracks list. In January it was with Deep Obsessions, February it was with Sentimental Value and now in June he delivers with 365. The best thing about the track is the fact that it was sung, written and produced by UK Talent. This trio are speeding past the competition and are not even glancing back! 365 is an amazing track from start to finish; it’s a track that sounds great in your car and through your speakers. Production is top notch by Kaos Productions who have delivered some incredible and noteworthy tracks in the last few years. Gurj Sidhu having just released his debut album is already gearing up to release his second very soon. It 365 is any indication as to the kind of tracks we can expect from the second album, then we are certainly in for a treat. An unexpected highlight for me was the inclusion of the female vocalist Gurpsy Kaur who added that extra level of depth towards the end. The track was released via Moviebox records. Check out the video below now which also featured the beautiful model Jasmine May:



And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks as well!

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  1. 365 is a bad boy track and big up Harv On Sada Time

    Love the fact there are some hidden gems on your lists – Upkar Sandhu – wow!

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