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Check out the top ten tracks we thought stood out the most in July 2016 below along with the accompanying videos!

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Number 10 – DJ Vix – Selfie Boliyan


Malkit Singh’s Selfie Boliyan sits in at number 10 alongside DJ Vix. Its always great to hear the legendary voice of Malkit Singh especially on a boliyan / dance type track. Selfies are a craze the world over and is somewhat an unusual topic for a song however Malkit Singh manages to pull it off in his classic style. Production by Vix compliments Malkit Singhs vocals and the lyrics are fun and edgy making references to today’s society. Check out the video below:


bari barsi

Number 9 – Money Spinner ft Banger & Sudesh Kumari – Baari Barsi


Coming in at number 9 is Baari Barsi by Banger and Sudesh Kumari, with production by the talented Moneyspinner. Baari Barsi is a traditional folk track with prominent production. Vocals by Banger and Sudesh Kumari are on point and really work well with Moneyspinner’s production. Its a really catchy track with a superb video to compliment it. Banger has had a string of hit tracks such as Shikari and Patandra and can now add Baari Barsi to that list as this is a fantastic track. Check out the video below:



Number 8 – Jay-D ft. K-Singh – Chak Chak Ke


Chak Chak Ke is our number 8 pick for July by Jay-D. Released on 3Q Records, it features production by K Singh. Production on this is fresh and I really like the musical pieces throughout the track. K Singh has developed his style over the years and it is refreshing to see new artists step up in the industry. Jay D’s vocals are different from what we normally hear and has a more desi style of singing. The video to Chak Chak Ke which was shot both in the UK and India, reflects the track nicely and is a great watch. Check it out below:



Number 7 – Sukshinder Shinda – Selfie Craze


Sukshinder Shinda’s Selfie Craze is number 7 on our list. This is a slightly more upbeat version compared to Malkit’s and it features production by Jeeti. Its great to hear Sukshinder Shinda’s vocals alongside different producers sound. Jeeti does a superb job with the production and I really like the change in tempo throughout the track; it gives the track more substance and is a welcomed change. The song again talks about Selfies and how the society has changed to become ‘crazed’ about taking them and determined to get the perfect angles etc. Overall this is a great fun and catchy track that I can see being played a lot on the dance floors as people try to take their selfies.



Number 6 – Tank – Fully Loaded


Having released a couple of singles before Tank released his debut album titled Fully Loaded in July. The album featured both new and established artists. It was a solid album all round with a mix of bhangra, slow romantic songs and everything in between. Production throughout the album was fresh and distinct to each track; no unnecessary samples or sounds added for the sake of it. Highlights from the album for me were Cluban Vich ft Karan MC, Yaad Karengi ft Ranbir Daskai, Naseeba ft Dippa Dosanjh, Ladies Nachna ft Samara and Hanju ft Soni Atwal



Number 5 – Nimrat Khaira ft Deep Jandu – Salute Wajde


Number 5 is Salute Wajde by Nimrat Khaira featuring Deep Jandu. Nimrat Khaira is a highly talented vocalist who is developing a growing fan base especially after her huge hit track Ishq Kacheri. Salute Wajde is a great track that has catchy verses and dynamic production courtesy of Deep Jandu. Its an overall great track that you can easily stick on repeat a number of times.



Number 4 – DJ Nish ft Benny Dhaliwal – Lengha


DJ Nish released her second single in July alongside Benny Dhaliwal titled Lengha. This is a great track with nice and easy to understand lyrics provided by Gursewak Dhillon. The mandolin and flute pieces throughout the track are a nice touch. The track is what you would expect from Benny Dhaliwal, catchy verses, sharp vocals and great production. Having released two singles so far its safe to say that there is so much more potential from one of the only female music producers / DJs in the scene today and I cannot wait to hear more from DJ Nish. Watch the video to Lengha below now:



Number 3 – Kam Bhamra ft Jeeti – Preeto


Kam Bhamra returned after a near 10 year break alongside Jeeti and Kuwar Virk for Preeto. The track is definitely something different from Kam Bhamra, it has more of a club vibe. Lyrics are different and have a mix of both Punjabi and English. Its great to hear Kam’s vocals once again though and they sound as sharp as ever. The track overall is different but i think it works with the music and the lyrics. Hoping this means Kam Bhamra is back and that there is an album / EP scheduled. Check out the video below:



Number 2 – Jay Status – Gora Gora Rang


Stepping away from the traditional Bhangra tracks even more is our Number 2 pick – Gora Gora Rang by Jay Status. Production by DJ SANJ gives us something fresh and different. Gora Gora Rang is a great track that has throwback elements to early 2000’s with both the lyrics and production, which is very welcomed. Its the perfect mix of modern elements with that classic vibe that was prominent back in the day. Its got that feel good vibe about it. Having released a few singles, we are now eagerly anticipating the debut album by Jay Status which I’m sure is going to be something special. Check out the video to Gora Gora Rang below now:



Number 1 – Ashok Prince – One Time 4 Ya Mind 


Number 1 for July has to be the chart busting album by Ashok Prince – One Time 4 Ya Mind. Music for the album was done by Tru Skool who does a great job in integrating raw folk elements with Hip Hop sounds, like only he can. The 10 track album has different sounds and styles for almost everyone. The raw folk singing style of Ashok Prince is perfectly expressed and demonstrated in this album.


The full album review is releasing soon, however some of my personal favourite tracks are Lengha, Chitthi, Tehnu Nachdi Vekhna, Jatt Boliyan and Malwa Doaba. All I would say at the moment is that One Time 4 Ya Mind is a MUST for any music lover.


And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks as well!


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