Monthly Music Review – February 2017



Check out the top fifteen tracks we thought stood out the most in February 2017 below along with the accompanying videos


sohnilagdi nishawn


Number 15 – Nishawn Bhullar ft Rupan Kahlon – Sohni Lagdi


Nishawn Bhullar released his new track Sohni Lagdi composed by Rupin Kahlon and written by Fateh Shergill. Nishawn Bhullar is a fantastic singer who had some great tracks with Yo Yo Honey Singh in the past. The track is a nice overall song that has a catchy melody and lyrics. The music by Rupan Kahlon is fitting and compliments Nishawn’s vocals. Check out the video below now:





Number 14 – Badal ft Popsy – Naan


Badal teamed up with Popsy to release his new song Naan. When I first heard this i thought to myself, are they really going to talk about eating Naans? But The track actually has a deeper meaning to it and the Naan is just one part of the meal. Naan is a very interesting track which outlines a scenario between a wife and husband regarding some of his behaviour. I like the music provided by the Music Machine Popsy; it’s got a sweet funky element to it. Check out the video below now:



Number 13 – Nik Ghuman – Dalmore


Dalmore is a funky track that caught my attention due to the video at first; very vibrant and energetic. For me this is a cool and all out great track; something that you can easily play in your car or outside in the garden. The lyrics and melody of the track are very catchy as well; you cannot help but sing along; the boli mid way was a nice touch. Check out the video below now:





Number 12 – Param Singh – Saza


Saza is a great track by Param Singh; very emotional and meaningful lyrics. The production on this is very fitting and atmospheric. Param also featured on December’s Monthly Music Review with the track Daru Badnaam alongside Kamal Kahlon. I am feeling this track a lot; its got just a great vibe and vocals by Param are on point throughout the track. Check out the video below now:





Number 11 – Money Aujla – Kamm Chakma


Kamm Chakma is a great track by Money Aujla produced by Ullumanati. Lyrics were written by Ullumanati as well. The track is a cool urban track, with very catchy lyrics and melody. I liked the switch up in tempo with the vocals towards the end. The video is a nice watch with some great scenery shots directed by Urban Base. Money Aujla is a very talented singer who also featured on the worldwide anthem ‘London’ ft Yo Yo Honey Singh. Check out the video below now:





Number 10 – Happy Raikoti – Mutiyaar


Mutiyaar is a superb track by Happy Raikoti. Lyrics were written by Happy Raikoti himself. The track is very catchy and I like the composition. Production was by Laddi Gill. The track has a very atmospheric vibe going on. The video to the track is also great and has some nice bits in terms of scenery and effects. It’s overall a very chilled and relaxed styled track. Check out the video below now:





Number 9 – Diljott – Tere Rang


Diljott released her debut singing track titled Tere Rang alongside Daljit Singh. Diljott has appeared as an actress in various music videos, most noticeably Diljit Dosanjh’s Patiala Peg. Now she has taken the exciting step into singing. Tere Rang is a great romantic number and something you would expect to hear in a film soundtrack. The video is very striking, vibrant and colourful. Diljott’s vocals sound great and Tere Rang is a impactful debut single.


We recently caught up with Diljott to talk about the single, here is what she had to say about it:


How did it feel to release your debut singing track?

It has been a wonderful experience to release my first single track ‘Tere Rang’. Infact I feel blessed with all the appreciation and wishes I got from my audience all over the world. The journey right from conceiving the idea of the song, developing the lyrics and the music and finally releasing it has been a beautiful one.


Was the transition from actress to singer an easy one for you? Did you get any advice from anyone when you made the move?

Yes definitely…. Though it was never pre planned this way. I have been passionate about both acting and singing from the very beginning. It is just naturally that acting happened first and was followed by singing. And as a singer I wanted to give my audience a song that they would like, appreciate and enjoy watching. Really happy that I got the same response, which I had yearned for. Yes my parents have been a big support always in helping me realise my dreams.


What do you have in store for your fans in the future? Upcoming songs?

My three more films as a lead actress shall release in 2017. One is a Hollywood film ‘5 Weddings’ (In which even this song ‘Tere Rang’ features as a playback song of the film), a Punjabi film ‘Punjabi By Nature’, directed by Gurbir Grewal and a Bollywood film, about which I shall talk in detail after sometime. Besides these films as an actress, I shall be coming up with new songs as a singer. More single tracks will release, infact I am getting offers for playback songs of the film’s too. So a lot is in store ahead.


Check out the video below now:





Number 8 – Renee ft Vee – Jahan


Renee released her new single with Vee titled Jahan. The song was written and composed By Renee, Vee & Ay Sam. Vee produces a fresh and impactful track. Renee’s vocals on this one are impeccable; such a clear and enticing vocal. The lyrics and melody are really catchy, making this one amazing track. This track has been on repeat for quite some time now and you can definitely see why once you click play. The track was released via Moviebox Records. Check out the video below now:





Number 7 – Ravi Bal ft Sukhwinder Suman – Dhann Dhann Mittro


Dhann Dhann Mittro has been taken from Ravi Bal’s 3rd album titled ‘The United States of Bhangra’. I’m really feeling the production on this track; a lot of bass on this – as the title suggests (BASS Supremacy RBP Mix). Sukhwinder Suman has some incredible vocals; I’m glad he is featuring on more tracks. The english bits throughout the middle give it that urban vibe. This gets me so pumped for Ravi Bal’s 3rd album. Having introduced some fresh and highly talented vocalist over the last few years, the new album will be a great showcase of the future of UK Punjabi music for sure! The video is coming soon but in the meantime download the track from iTunes now!


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 21.04.57


Number 6 – Raashi Sood ft DJ Hiten – Din Izhaar Da


Raashi Sood is an unbelievable vocalist and was one of our picks to watch out for. Her voice has a sweet and calming tone to it. Her work with The PropheC in the past has been incredible. Din Izhaar Da is touted as ‘THE’ love song and you can easily see why. Raashi Sood delivers a very emotional and confident vocal performance. Lyrics by Ammy Gill are very touching and intricate. DJ Hiten had provided the music for this and it’s the third piece of the puzzle; lovely composition and backdrop music. Check out the audio video below now:





Number 5 – Jassi Sidhu ft DJ K Square – Haa Kurvarkeh


Jassi Sidhu released his new single alongside DJ K Square titled Haa Kurvakeh. Lyrics were written by Mehroze. Weeks and even months prior Jassi touted this track as a return of ‘THAT’ sound. There was a lot of speculation as to what ‘that’ sound was exactly. However after hearing the full track, it was plain to see that the sound he was referring to was ‘the Jassi Sidhu’ sound. A sound that circulated for the better half of the last decade and span through four albums. DJ K Square does a fantastic job in capturing that iconic sound whilst also adding his unique take on it. The Kuldeep Manak bit towards the end was surprising and a very nice touch. We’ve always said Jassi Sidhu should release another album; the industry can always have some more Jassi Sidhu, but if no album is scheduled (and speaking to him, there isn’t) then we can at least be satisfied with a couple of singles here and there. Check out the video below now:



Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 15.45.51


Number 4 – Gurdas Maan – Punjab


Gurdas Maan released Punjab alongside Jatinder Shah. The track is a reminder of the situation in Panjab at the moment and how it has been affected by things such as drugs, violence, corruption, alcohol etc. Whilst this is not a new initiative, many other artists have covered this topic, it is great to see Gurdas Maan highlight this as only he can do. The track is very striking, both with its descriptive lyrics and emotional video. Check out the video below now:



Number 3 – Jazzy B – Naag The Third  


Jazzy B doubled up in Feb with back to back releases from the new album Folk N Funky 2. This time he released Naag The Third. He completed the trilogy with the Music Man Sukshinder Shinda. The thing with sequels or other parts is that they are always going to be compared to the original and the ones before it. Naag 1 was a complete anthem, in all aspects of the word. It was literally a track that took the industry by storm when it was released. Jazzy B followed that up with The Music Machine Popsy for Naag 2. That was a great track that built on the foundations the original had laid out but also added a fresh and unique touch to it. Naag The Third is a sort of mix between the two. It is just so great to hear that classic Jazzy B sound again. This is a great track and has only made everyone eagerly anticipate Folk N Funky 2 even more. Check out the video below:



Number 2 – Jazzy B – Londono Patola Reloaded 


For us, the number 1 and number 2 spot are virtually identical here; It was almost impossible deciding which to put as 1 and 2 as either pick could easily sit at those positions.  When Jazzy B announced the first single from Folk N Funky 2 would be Londono Patola Reloaded everyone began to speculate whether it was a remake or a sequel or something entirely different. Having listened to the track for a while now I would most likely say this is a great throwback track. From the beginning 5 seconds you can hear elements of the original sound that Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda made famous in the 90s. Londono Patola Reloaded is a fantastic track. I have to say Jazzy B’s vocals sound on point, and Sukshinder Shinda manages to recapture that iconic 90’s signature sound. It is going to be always compared to the original because of the name and the chorus.


It cannot equal the original as that has to go down as one of the all time classic tracks. However Londono Patola Reloaded is a very great track in itself. It’s more of a celebration; making several references to the original both in the lyrics and the fantastic nostalgic music video. Folk N Funky is out soon; Naag The Third is scheduled to be released next. If this is anything to go by then Naag The Third and Folk N Funky 2 is going to be an incredible album. Jazzy B released Londono Patola Reloaded and whilst its not going to compete with the original, as a standalone track, it is by far the modern day anthem. Check out what has to be the video of the year so far below now:





Number 1 – Gurj Sidhu – Sentimental Value (Album)


Gurj Sidhu’s Sentimental Value is our number 1 pick for February, although the two choices between 1 and 2 were incredibly difficult to pick. The album was produced by some of the industry’s best in Tru Skool, Aman Hayer, Kaos Productions, Tigerstyle, Atul Sharma + more. The album came in two formats, a digital copy which featured 11 brand new tracks and a CD copy which included the previous singles Gurj Sidhu had released before. Sentimental Value is an album that can be summed up in one word – DESI! It features all kinds of styles and sounds. One thing that surprised me the most was the track titled – The Love Song. It showed an entirely different side to Gurj Sidhu and his vocal ability. Kaos Productions delivered a fantastic music backdrop. Whats even more unique and special about this album is the backstory behind it. Gurj Sidhu mentioned he had started the album when he was 14/15 and even managed to get a duet with Miss Pooja at that age.


However it was the 10+ years of struggle, perseverance and dedication through which Gurj Sidhu not only grew as a vocalist but as an artist. And the album / songs reflect that; you can see how much effort was put into each of the songs. Some of the songs that instantly stood out at first listen were The Love Song, Hounsla, KK, Deep Obsession, Goriyeh, Backyard and Mirza Flashback. As always we will be releasing our official album review of the album in a few weeks; in which we will go into each track into more depth. Check out the video to Deep Obsession below now:



And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks as well!

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