Monthly Music Review – April 2017



Check out the top 10 tracks we thought stood out the most in April 2017 below along with the accompanying videos



Number 10 – Nirmal Sidhu ft Nesdi Jones – Chann Chann


Chann Chann was the new track by Nirmal Sidhu featuring Nesdi Jones produced by Dav Juss. I have to say I do like the music; Dav Juss produces a great back drop. Chann Chann is a funky and catchy number with a nice addition by Nesdi throughout the track. Check out the video below now:



Number 9 – USR ft Makhan Dhillon – Patlay


USR returned to the music industry with Patlay sung by Makhan Dhillon. The track was released by Moviebox Records. I’m really feeling the vibe on this track. The music compliments the vocals nicely and Makhan Dhillon delivers a great vocal performance. Check out the video below now:



Number 8 – Miss Pooja – Sohnea


Sohnea is a great romantic slow number by Miss Pooja. She recently released the phenomenal track with DJ Dips – Pasand. Lyrics were written by Happy Raikoti and the music was provided by MG. Overall it’s a nice track which also features a piece by Millind Gaba.  Check out the video below now:





Number 7 – Inderjit Nikku – Mere Yaar Beli 


Mere Yaar Beli by Inderjit Nikku featuring Kuwar Virk is our number 7 pick for April. Lyrics were written by Matt Sheron Wala and it was released by T Series Records. I particularly like the musical piece in the middle. Overall this is a good track by Inderjit Nikku and Kuwar Virk. Check out the video below now:


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 19.57.53

Number 6 – Kuljeet Chouhan – Teriyan Saheliyan


Teriyan Saheliyan by Kuljeet Chouhan is a great track with some interesting lyrics by Kuljinder Kalkat. The producer for the track was Daniel Maxwell and it was released via AARK Records. Check out the track now below:



Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 19.53.00


Number 5 – Rupinder Handa – Sardar Te Mardi


Rupinder Handa ft Deep Jandu – Sardar Te Mardi is our number 5 pick for April. Deep Jandu has released some great songs recently with some creative production. Rupinder Handa is a highly talented and underrated vocalist; she does a great job on this track. Check out the video below now:





Number 4 – PBN ft Manpreet Toor & Sharky P – Bhangra Paundi


PBN teamed up with Sharky P and YouTube dance sensation Manpreet Toor to release his new single ‘Bhangra Paundi’. This track has all the trademark PBN sound and style. It features Sharky P with the ‘Do You Like It’ piece. This is PBN’s best vocal performance to date; catchy verses and a hard hitting beat. The video features Manpreet Toor who shows off her unique dancing style in what is a visually stunning video. Check out the video below now:



Number 3 – Sharry Maan – Saade Aala


Sharry Maan teamed up with Mista Baaz with the track Saade Aala. This is a fantastic track and has got a great vibe; Sharry Maan’s vocals are incredible. Production is crisp and the overall track is very catchy and easy to follow and understand. The video compliments the track nicely as well. Check it out below now:



Number 2 – Nimrat Khaira – DJ Waaleya 


DJ Waaleya is a track taken from the soundtrack to the film ‘Arjan’ and features the vocals of Nimrat Khaira. It was produced by Jay K and the lyrics were written by Dalvir Sarobad. Nimrat Khaira has been on a roll as of late, releasing some great solo tracks as well as features in Panjabi films. DJ Waaleya is a catchy and energetic track; I loved the little boli towards the end of the track. This is a very addictive track and one that will stick in your mind for a while. Check out the video below now:




Number 1 – Ravi Duggal – Dhan Bhag (Album)


Ravi Duggal released Dhan Bhag featuring music by Jeeti via the Moviebox Label on the 20th of April. This was a highly anticipated album by the unique vocalist. We haven’t heard much from the duo for a while so when we got word they were releasing the album, we couldn’t wait. Dhan Bhag features 8 new tracks, all produced by Jeeti. We will be doing a full review of the album soon, as always so stay tuned for that. Upon first listen, our favourites are Dhan Bhag, Teri Heer, Kahani, Sappan and Roop Crazy. Check out the video to Dhan Bhag below now:



And thats it, did you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite picks as well!

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