Kay V Singh – Bulletproof (Out Now)

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Kay V Singh – Bulletproof


The long awaited debut album by North American sensation Kay V Singh has finally arrived, in the form of the groundbreaking debut album ‘Bulletproof’.


The phenomenal ten track album is significant in showcasing how versatile the young. vibrant and talented Kay V Singh is – who sings, produces and writes his own lyrics for this very album. 


The debut album has been long in the making for young Kay V, who rose to fame in 2014 with the single ‘Bullet’ featuring music producer Epic Bhangra – a single that played a pivotal part in the success of the Kay V Singh we hear today. The long awaited album has been executively produced by The Harwin L’Tentie and features several guest appearances from Binnie Marwa, DJ Ice, Epic Bhangra, AK47, Solace, Mani Singh and G Sidhu. 


Speaking to Kay V, he was more than excited to unleash his debut album to the millions of Bhangra fans worldwide:

I’ve always wanted to do an album ever since I stepped into the music scene. But, I was lacking the right resources and had a lot of learning to do that was needed to put together my dream album I was aiming for. The timing needed to be right, and that timing was now. I was able to prepare myself from inside out and got together the right team and people to work with to make this album a great product for the fans.




 For me, ‘Bulletproof’ is actually two-dimensional. “Bullet” & “Proof”.  

‘Bullet’ was the bike that inspired me to write and sing my first official song “BULLET”, which was a big hit and gave me the kick in the Punjabi industry. 


And “Proof” was something personal to me. It was the fight within myself and external factors that I faced to bring my album vision to reality and to pursue my dream full time as a singer, producer and lyricist. All the hurdles that I and my team faced made us stronger and more educated. Hence figuratively speaking…. “Bulletproof”.



I am super excited to share my album with my fans and music lovers all around the world.  The album is starting off with “Bullet 2,” which is a sequel of my first official song ‘Bullet’. We wanted to keep it a good mix of Bhangra, Romantic and Sad tracks which is little something for everyone to listen to and repeat. I think it’s best I let my fans experience the tracks with their own vision and perspective. But, I’ve added the Kay Singh signature flavor to all of the tracks, and with that said, I present to you all, my latest masterpiece, “The BulletProof Album.”

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