Kay V Singh – Bhangra Takeover (Album Review)

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Kay V Singh released his new album titled ‘Bhangra Takeover’ on the 21st of April, which was just over a year and a bit since his last offering ‘Bulletproof’. The album features 7 tracks and features collaborations with Epic Bhangra, Binnie Marwa, A2, DJ EM, Raj Singh Music and Jay Dev. Check out the official Bhangra Central review for the album below:


Track 1 – Chunniyan ft A2


Chunniyan is a great track, right from the beginning you can tell this is going to be a big track. Production was left in the hands of Ishwardeep and Gagandeep Anand (A2) who do a great job. The lyrics were written by Mae Virk. The video was well directed and featured the Jaskiran Kaur as the lead female. Overall I really enjoyed listening to this track and it was a great start to the album.


Track 2 – Bad Jatti ft DJ EM


Bad Jatti is track 2 and was produced by DJ EM. This is a catchy track with a nice music backdrop, I like the Tumbi and musical pieces throughout the track. Overall this is a good track to listen to in the car or in the background.

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Track 3 – Putt Sardaran De


Kay V Singh previewed this track with a live version of sorts on social media and when I first heard it, I was intrigued and was expecting something big. I finally got a chance to hear the finished track when the album came out and I was actually disappointed. A big part of that was due to the music. I don’t know if the guys chose to do it like that as some sort of tribute to Bally Jagpal’s Put Sardaran De but it did not work in my opinion. I was expecting the beat to be different but every time I play it I am reminded of Bally Jagpal’s version and compare the two. Whilst the lyrics are definitely better than the original, something just doesn’t sound right, which was a shame for me personally as I think this could have been a really big track.


Track 4 – Chaabi ft Raj Singh Music and Jay Dev


Track 4 on the album is Chaabi which featured Raj Singh Music and Jay Dev. I like the production and musical pieces throughout the track. I do like Kay V Singh’s vocals and have been impressed with the string of singles he has released in the past. Chaabi is a catchy track and has a good melody.



Track 5 – Mangani ft Raj Singh Music and Jay Dev


Mangani starts off with a nice Vaja intro as we get into the track. The track was again produced by Raj Singh Music and Jay Dev. The beat is slightly switched up with this track a little. This is a good track but at the same time there is nothing that really stands out.


Track 6 – Sone Di Dabbi ft Binnie Marwa


Things are switched up with Sone Di Dabbi as Binnie Marwa makes his only appearance. This is one of the stronger tracks from the album in my opinion. Production by Binnie Marwa is refreshing and offers a different style compared to some of the tracks before it. Kay V Singh sounds great on this track and the melody is very catchy and easy to sing along to. Only thing I would have liked is if the track was a bit longer; with it coming in at 2 minutes and 44 seconds. A lot of the tracks on the album barely reached the 3 minute mark in fact.


Track 7 – Jaan Rakhi ft Epic Bhangra  


Just like how Chunniyan started the album strong, Jaan Rakhi ends the album on a strong note. This has to be my favourite track from the album. The track is produced by Epic Bhangra who has done some great work with Kay V Singh in the past. Right from the beginning you can tell that this just has a different sound compared to the rest of the album. It has the trademark Epic Bhangra sound which is great to hear after so long. Kay V Singh sounds great on this track.




And that’s it!. The album name is Bhangra Takeover and honestly it didn’t feel like a Bhangra takeover to me listening to some of the tracks. The ones that stood out to me were Chunniyan, Sone Di Dabbi and Jaan Rakhi. I was expecting more from the Put Sardaran De track and felt it could have been so much more. Mangani, Bad Jatti and Chabi were decent tracks but it needed something else to make it stand out.


Whilst a track may have a great beat or vocally be great, I still don’t get why male singers / artists will produce songs from the female perspective. It will hardly if ever happen with mainstream artists but it is something that happens a lot in our industry. It took away from some of the tracks on this album. After the ‘Bulletproof’ album, which was a superb album, I felt that the Bhangra Takeover album just fell short. The Bulletproof album felt more complete as an album compared to ‘Bhangra Takeover’. Having said that I do like the fact that Kay V Singh is releasing consistently; two albums in two years and several great single tracks.


The official BhangraCentral.com rating for Bhangra Takeover is 7 out of 10


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3 thoughts on “Kay V Singh – Bhangra Takeover (Album Review)

  1. Let down by the album, and why only 7 tracks, no female vocalist or duet with G Sidhu??

    Epic Bhangra is a quality producer though, expect big things from his new album coming soon

  2. Bullet 2 and Buk Len de are my favorite songs from Kay v so far.
    Epic takes the piss with releases. one song every year

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