Jassi Sidhu’s Solo Albums, Ranked!

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The Ambassador of UK Bhangra, Jassi Sidhu has released a total of 4 solo albums. Jassi Sidhu has stated previously that Singing Between The Lines was his last studio album however will continue to release the odd track now and again. With that in mind, we take a look back at his solo career and in our opinion rank each album. That’s not to say any were bad but just that we preferred some over others. All albums were released by Moviebox Records – This does not include the EP Aashiqui, which contained previous tracks in B21. Check out the list below:


4. No Strings Attached


No Strings Attached was the second solo album by Jassi Sidhu and was released in 2005. It featured 7 original tracks and 3 remixes; 1 by Rishi Rich. The album as a whole was pretty good and different. It featured a Rock Ballet track, which was literally unheard of in the Punjabi music scene at that time. The lead track was Putt Jatt Da, which had a fantastic and very creative video. The track was what you would associate with the Jassi Sidhu sound – It was very catchy, had some great musical pieces and the production was spot on. Another favourite from the album was Raahe Raahe, which I felt was quite underrated when it first came out. Again the lyrics and melody was classic Jassi Sidhu. The album also had several good tracks like Margay Margay, Pabi, and Tappe. I did like the Streets Mix to Putt Jatt Da; that was a really good mix. The album as a whole was a good album, however compared to the other albums as a whole by Jassi Sidhu, it fell a bit short.


Key Tracks – Putt Jatt Da, Raahe Raahe, Honkeh, Margay Margay, Tappe




3. The New Adventures Of Jassi Sidhu


The New Adventures Of Jassi Sidhu was the third album by Jassi Sidhu and it was the first time he collaborated with other producers (aside from remixes). The album had the track Ki Kehne which featured Malkit Singh MBE. The track was produced by Jassi and it was a catchy track. Rishi Rich produced Sohni Lagdi, Thaal and Kuri Dil Mangdi and the remix to Ki Kehne featuring Mumzy Stranger. I did like those tracks; the combo of Rishi Rich and Jassi Sidhu works really well together. Sohni Lagdi was a nice laid back and chilled track, a contrast to Thaal and Kuri Dil Mangdi which were upbeat and energetic tracks. The original didn’t particularly standout but,  I did like the remix to Ki Kehne. Rishi Rich added a unique flavour to the track and Mumzy Stranger’s addition gave it a new feel. Jassi Sidhu produced Sohne Gabroo Desh Punjab, Mirza and Nachna Hi Nachna. Mirza was another standout track for me; I like the creativity in the track and just how it sounded overall.


The album also featured Mr Groundshaker himself Aman Hayer. He produced two of the tracks – Akh Largi and Koka. Akh Largi was a good track, with solid production and catchy lyrics but the highlight was Koka. That was straight up an Aman Hayer production and Jassi Sidhu smashed the vocals on that track. The switch up in tempos throughout the track made for a pleasant listen. Overall this was a great album and you could tell the difference from this compared to NSA. Jassi Sidhu was experimenting with different sounds yet still keeping his unique style.


Key Tracks – Ki Kehne, Sohni Lagdi, Mirza, Koka, Kuri Dil Mangdi




2. Reality Check


Reality Check was Jassi Sidhu’s first leap into a solo career. I remember when it was announced that Jassi Sidhu will be releasing an solo album, there was a lot of anticipation as to who will produce it, how many tracks would be on it and even which label will release it. The album was the first step away from the days of B21 and is what launched Jassi Sidhu as a solo artist. The track Agg had similarities to the B21 track Jaan however was a solid opener to the album. My favourite on the album is Veer Ji – It has become a constant stable in DJ’s sets all across the world and could possibly be ‘the’ wedding anthem. Catchy lyrics, great production and an overall fantastic track. Ama Ni Ama was another great track, I liked the switch up in tempos; a really good track (the video – not so much). The other standout tracks for me were Ranjha – what a classic track! and Chargay Jawani. This saw Jassi Sidhu team up with Metz N Trix who added their unique twist to the track.


The album also had the tracks Nain and Pyar which whilst good, were overshadowed by the tracks mentioned above. The album featured 3 remixes. Agg was remixed by Rishi Rich and Mentor. The remix stripped away all of the music pieces and gave it a more hip-hop vibe. The live version of Chargay Jawani was a nice addition. Overall this was a great album and featured some classic tracks.


Key Tracks – Agg, Veer Ji, Ama Ni Ama, Ranjha



1. Singing Between The Lines


Singing Between The Lines was Jassi Sidhu’s final solo album and it also featured a number of different producers – a total of 6. It was difficult to decide between the first and last album but as a whole SBTL was a more complete album. The title track was produced by Aman Hayer titled Nai Reesa. It was a great track, well produced by Aman Hayer and it had a great video. Aman Hayer also produced the track Agg Vargi which is one of my personal favourites and wanted to see it have a full video. Rishi Rich was on board with this album as well and produced Naa Rukiyeh and Thor Punjaban Di; both great tracks in their own way. This was also the first album which featured a female singer alongside Jassi Sidhu – Nindy Kaur, on the track Yaariya. The track has some deep lyrics and the production by Pama Sarai compliments the vocals perfectly. He also produced the track Naal Nachna ft Sole, which is a really catchy track; something different from Jassi Sidhu. Billy Sandher produced two tracks – Umrit Varga Paani and Puthura Diya Daatha. PBN also featured on the album with Has Loh – PBN would later go on to work with Jassi Sidhu on the track Singh.


This was also the first album that featured Honey Singh – he produced the huge track Jaan Mangdi. Honey Singh has been at the forefront of the Punjabi music scene for a number of years and a collaboration between the two was bound to happen. Jaan Mangdi is a unique track, with a cool and catchy melody. I wouldn’t mind another collaboration between the two


Key Tracks – Nai Reesa, Jaan Mangdi, Agg Vargi, Oh Jatta, Naa Rukiyeh,



And there it is! Each solo album by Jassi Sidhu ranked. Jassi Sidhu has had an incredible career both in B21 and as a solo artist. The Ambassador of UK Bhangra has certainly left his mark on the music scene. He is no longer releasing albums (although one more would be great) but still releasing tracks every now and then. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Jassi Sidhu – Coming Soon!

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