5 Questions with Sachin Ahuja


BhangraCentral.com recently caught up with Sachin Ahuja for a brief interview talking about his recent release – Deed Yaar Di as well as his musical background and future projects.


You’ve recently collaborated with Kesh K on the amazing Sufi song – Deed Yaar Di. Tell us what it was like working with Kesh K and will we see another collaboration in the future?


It was an amazing experience working with the talented Kesh K. We were connected by our very dear friend Nisha Sahdev, who also handles our PR Worldwide. I heard Kesh K’s vocals and liked it and decided to produce his single. In regards to working with him in the future, yes why not. I would love to produce a few more songs for him.



Do you normally prefer to have lyrics and vocals before composing music or do you like to make a partial beat before creating a melody and adding vocals?


I basically like to work with the lyrics first and compose the tune according to the voice texture of the singer because with this u can extract the best out of the vocalist. But sometimes while creating music we create some beats which gives birth to a new song tune also. It all depends on the mood and creativity there is no fixed formula or style.


If given the chance to work with anybody in the music industry, who would you want to collaborate with?


Sardool Sikander


I would love to record Mr. Sardool Sikander in my music. Though he has worked with my dad the Legendary Sh. Charanjit Ahuja all his life, I would love to record him in my music.


 What has been your most memorable moment in the music industry?


The day when I met music composer Pyarelal ji in mumbai ( Lakshmikant Pyarelal Fame )
I have always been his admirer since I first started working. We always have fan moments with us all the time but this was my fan moment.


 Who has been your biggest inspiration in the music industry? And what advice would you give to upcoming hopefuls wanting to make it?


Ustaad Janab Charanjit Ahuja Sahab with Gurdas Maan Sahab


The one and only Charanjit Ahuja Ji. He’s not only my dad but the Godfather to most superstars in Punjabi Music Industry.


I am fortunate enough to learn and work under his guidance. He has inspired many artists to work hard and deliver good music.

To all the upcoming artist I want to say that there is no shortcut to hard work. If you work hard no one can stop you from being successful.


What does 2016 have in store for Sahin Ahuja? Can we see some more singles or perhaps a Sachin Ahuja album?


Lots of singles and albums lined up for 2016 which we will reveal as the release date is planned. I hope to deliver some good music in 2016 too.


Do you have any final messages to your fans worldwide and to the readers of BhangraCentral.com?


Firstly I would like to thank all the fans worldwide for always loving and supporting my music. Secondly I would request them all to buy music legally.


We’d like to thank Sachin Ahuja for taking time to briefly talk to us! Look out for a more in-depth interview coming very soon!


Deed Yaar Di is available on iTunes and all digital platforms now!


Click the link below to purchase Deed Yaar Di from iTunes:



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