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Welcome to BhangraCentral.com, Tell us a bit about Khiza.


Khiza is a music producer and has produced over 15 albums and worked with loads of artist from Pakistan to India to Jamaica. He has produced and collaborated with the some of the biggest Asian names , Abrar Ul Haq Hadiqa Kiani, Omer Nadeem, Zack Night, Soni J, Atif Aslam, Apache Indian, Mikœa Singh, Hunterz, Ishers, to name but a few.


You started in the industry as a dancer in the group called Roshan Dancers. Tell us how that experience was and how did that experience compare to music production?


It’s been a long journey (laughs). Dancing was good, always kept me fit no matter what I was eating  I learnt a lot by performing all over the UK and got to know everyone in the music scene. It’s like a job where you start from the bottom then make your way up. So my next step was going into producing and launching acts, which still gives me a chance to be on stage.


What has been your favourite moment as an artist? 


Well favourite moment has to be when you produce a song then you mix it master it then the next step plan the video then it gets released to the world. Best feeling to showcase your work to the world




What do you look for when you scout talent? 


They have to know the lingo and pronounce the words properly. They have to be hungry to get out there, work hard and put the effort in to build themselves as an artist. It is like a whole package.


If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


I was going say I would love to perform at Wembley arena (laughs). But last year that dream came true as we performed there. However I would love to perform there again sometime.


Do you have a particular objective and goal in mind when you start an album? 


I just go with the flow and all depend which artist are featured on the album.


Does music feel less personal now with the increase in the number of streaming companies. Do you feel we are missing out on actually owning a physical copy, reading the cover booklets etc?


I still love hard CD copy. You can’t beat it and it has affected everyone but we all have to go with the times.



How important are videos in today’s society and do artists get too focused on the appearance rather than the music? 


Videos are very important now as social media is the way forward and I always try to promote my artists. People should know who the singer is etc.


Who would you like to work with, that you haven’t as of yet?


There are a few names like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Hans Raj Hans and mainly old school legends.


If you could describe your ‘sound’ in three words, what would they be?


Touching , Urban and Youthful.


What are you currently listening to?


Drake, Zack Knight, Dilljit Dosanjh, Ranjit Bawa and Kulwinder Billa are a few names I’m listening to.


You recently re-released ‘Khat Par Ke’ ft the vocals of Nidhi Kohli. Why did you decide to redo this particular song?


It was one of my old songs which was a huge hit. I had the vocals recorded back in the day and I just thought why waste it. So I just put it out as a single.


Hogya Ni Pyar featuring Abrar Ul Haq is one of my personal favourite tracks. Are there plans for you two to work together in the future?


Abrar Ul Haq is a legend. We always talk about doing more songs, the only problem is getting into a studio together. Maybe in the near future.



You released your last album ‘Turning Point’ back in 2009. Music has changed quite a lot since then, are there any plans to release an album or are you focused on working with other artists and releasing singles?


No albums yet just focusing on pushing ZACK KNIGHT, OMER NADEEM AND SONI J.


You’ve worked with a lot of great singers over the years. Do you have a particular favourite?


It has to be HADIQA KIANI. She is a great artist and has supported me a lot from day one and working with legends you always learn a lot.


Do you feel you have accomplished everything you set out to when you first started as a music producer? 


I think I have done loads with blessing of Allah and everyone has been very supportive.


If you could, what is the one thing you would change about the music industry?


People to buy original music so all the artist can make more music and release more songs.


Random Questions


Cricket or Football – Cricket


Bollywood or Hollywood: Bollywood


Peanut Butter or Strawberry Jam: Strawberry Jam


Favourite TV show: Eastenders


Favourite holiday destination: Dubai 


The UK Music scene


Since digital started iTunes etc. It’s gone down hill as us Asian were used to buying CDs and before that the cassettes. We could make money and make more videos and albums. Now it’s online and there aren’t any shops left where you can buy CDs from it’s all on digital stores.


Hadiqa Kiani


One of my favourite Pakistani artist who has worked with me on several songs even the song Dil Janiyah from the Pakistani movie Bol. Since I done the song Meher Ma, we have become more of a family. She is very talented and can sing in 5 different languages; an amazing Pakistani female talent.



Abrar Ul Haq


This guy is a legend, any show he has done & that I’ve been to has been amazing; like everyone out there is dancing. True PUNJABI star very talented and his lyrics will always crack you up (laughs) – Hogiya Ni Pyaar was a song I produced on my turning point album feat Abrar ul Haq. It was a great experience working with him.


Turning Point


This was my last album I did just before everything went on digital. It had loads of different flavours from Pakistani & Indian singers mixed with the urban sound. I also had Omer Nadeem from Lahore who I launched on this album. It did very well for me and got his name out there. Another singer featured on the album was a female singer from India, Delhi called Nidhi Kohli who is another talented singer.


Hip Hop Samples


 I don’t really use samples but hip hop samples were used back in the day, a few people still use them.  If you know how to use it to fit the song then you can create something good. It all depends if you use samples all the time while producing a record.


Kuldeep Manak


 One of my favourite singers, RIP, a true legend. As they say old is gold, you can’t forget the hits he has done. I can listen to Kuldeep Manak everyday.


DJ’s or Live Bands


This day and age it’s about DJs taking over but you can’t beat the live bands. When you can hear and see every instrument played in front of you it’s hard work but it is all about real music. DJs are good, they play their part and get the party started.


What does 2016 have in store for Khiza? Can we expect more singles or perhaps and EP / Album?


New single is out 14th January 2016 featuring Soni J called Love Me. Also watch out for new Zack Knight singles to drop in 2016.

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