GS Chaggar presents his new album – Sublime – Out Now


GSChaggar has been in the industry since the age of 12 when GSChaggar joined the bhangra group called Notorious Dhol Gangsters. GSChaggar had the opportunity of learning the skills of the Dhol and also Bhangra Dancing which was the 1st step into music. In 2002 GS Chaggar took a second turn in music towards DJ’ing and music production.


While having some knowledge about the Dhol, GSChaggar was introduced to Puppy Duggal to improve the skills of the Dhol and to improve his understanding of Panjabi Music. GSChaggar has been bought up with UK Panjabi music and can produce a wide range of different genres. In 2009 GS Chaggar released his debut album “Blacklisted” which featured ground shaking vocal talents of the Master Saleem, Labh Janjua, Bakshi Billa, Ashok Gill, Sarvjeet Kaur, Manjeet Pappu and MC Creed.


In March 2010, GS Chaggar released the mind blowing song Maa which was sung by Bakshi Billa. This song went across the globe on Mothers day and was played on all the major radio stations across the world. GSChaggar has gone on to release multiple singles over the years, with Sublime Boliyan Part one being played up and down the clubs. During this time GS Chaggar has been working on his 2nd album entitled “Sublime”. Sublime is set to release in 2020 over 10 years since his first album. Sublime will feature Master Saleem, Meet Malkit, Balwinder Matewaria, Bill Singh, Manjeet Rupowalia and Sarbjit Mattu, Gurlej Ahktar , Sukwinder Panchi, Sanj V, Javeed Bashir and Jeevan Maan.


“This album would be best described as real traditional panjabi music. Ok, this has the core elements of panjabi music, with the twist of selected rhythms which I feel that would work best. Each and every song on the album has had so much passion and time put into each song, each song will shine out in its own way” – GS Chaggar


Album released by Desibel Media

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