Falak Shabir ft PBN – Haye Rabba (Video)


When two established and versatile Artists from across the shores collaborate, it’s bound to create a buzz! That’s exactly what Falak Shabir and PBN are bringing to the industry as they gear up to release their very anticipated collaboration ‘Haye Rabba’.



Penned by Mavi Singh, Haye Rabba brings an Urban Desi fusion with Pakistani and UK Influences. The duet sung by Falak and PBN is an up tempo number which promises to have everyone singing and dancing along to the infectious beat and hook line.


“It was a great pleasure to not only produce but sing with Falak Shabir, the collaboration has allowed me to show a different side to my music and is something which I am very keen to showcase to my fans. Falak is an immensely talented and respected artist from Pakistan and I am sure this is the beginning of more exciting _
collaborations”_ PBN.



The new single, Haye Rabba, releases worldwide on Speed Records this Tuesday 24th October 2017.

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