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Welcome to BhangraCentral.com Tell us about “Roma”


Roma is a singer/songwriter who sings in Punjabi, Hindi and English. Music is her first love which she is now pursuing as a career, with the desire to establish her brand and enter Bollywood.


When did you first start singing? Did you always know you wanted to pursue a career in music?


I started singing from a very young age and first performed live at the age of 11. Music was always a hobby until after I graduated (studying a Law degree) that I realised something was missing in my life and that was music.


Who did you look up to within the music industry when growing up?


There are many artists and sounds that have inspired me, and I love listening to Bollywood music. I have been following a singer called Shreya Ghoshal since her SaReGaMa singing contest days and Leona Lewis from The X Factor. I have watched them grow into the successful artists they have become now and would say these are definitely two singers that I look up to.


You released your debut single ‘Tere Bin’ with world renowned music producer Rishi Rich in 2014. How did the collaboration with Rishi Rich happen and what was the experience like? How did you feel when it reached the Top 10 of the World iTunes chart?


I began forwarding my demos to producers and labels. One day I went to watch a Shankar Ehsaan Loy concert and took my demo with me in the hope that I could forward it to Shankar Mahadevan Ji. I bumped into the manager of the event who listened to my demo. They were good friends and in contact with Rishi Rich and introduced me to him.



I have always been a fan of Rishi’s work since the Rishi Rich project. Working with him was absolutely amazing. I felt at home in his studio and creating the song was very easy as Rishi was very down to earth and approachable.


I never expected to reach the top ten of the world iTunes so obviously this was the cherry on the cake. It made me feel that I was heading the right direction (as with my second single which also hit the Top Ten …yay!).


Do you prefer to sing in English, Punjabi or Hindi?




Whose music stands out to you at the moment?


To be honest I don’t follow any particular genre. Music is developing and everyone is expressing their own identity and flavour, which is great! At present I like the vibe of Zack Knight, Bilal Saeed, Dr Zues and of course a lot of the Bollywood productions, in particular Pritam.


You are set to feature in the Brit-Asian film ‘Born to be King’ with the song ‘Top of the World’. Tell us how that experience was like recording for a film? Would you like to focus on films or just music at the moment?


I recorded the vocals for the song ‘Top of The World’ in Rishi Rich’s studio, during the time I was creating ‘Tere Bin’ so it was very comfortable. It’s a very upbeat and uplifting song which I’m sure you will love. I would like to work on film music alongside my own music.


You recently released your second single – Addicted produced by Manoj. How did the collaboration come about? What is it like to see and hear Addicted played on the TV and Radio?


I was introduced to Manoj through the label who had released my debut song. Manoj quickly understood the feel and sound that I wanted for ‘Addicted’ and we got on with the recording straight away. It’s always nice to see your song being played on TV and Radio’s especially as this was the first song I had wrote and composed myself. I also drew the story board for the video so I was pretty much very involved with the entire project.


Did you find it difficult to break into the industry? How supportive have family and friends been in your decision to pursue a music career? How important is having the backing and support of family, friends and industry peers?


Entering the music industry involves a lot of hard work, motivation, passion and a positive attitude. My family and friends have been supportive and give me the freedom to get on with my music, which is very important to me. Although the skill of music runs through my family I am the first person to have entered the music industry professionally, knowing this gives me a push and desire to want to achieve something.



What is currently in your music playlist?


22da- Zora Randhawa, Deewani Mastani- Shreya Ghoshal from film Bajirao Mastani, Nakhre- Zack Knight and many many more.


What has been your most memorable experience in the music industry so far?


I would say everything. I am growing with each experience so right now I am loving everything to do with music from recording vocals in the studio to completing the song to shooting for the video. One particular moment I do remember is when I entered RishiRich’s studio and just before I was about to record my vocals I had a look at a collage of pictures that were on his wall. These were pictures of many established artists that he had worked with and had recorded in the same vocal booth I was about to enter. That moment felt surreal to me.


Tell us something we don’t know about you?


The first song I ever performed live was called ‘Awaaz do humko’ by Lata Mangeshkar Ji from the film ‘Dushman’.


If you could collaborate with anyone in the music scene today, who would it be with and why?


Arijit Singh because his voice is magic and he seems like a very humble person, so I would love to meet him too.


Random Quick Fire Round:


Pizza or Pasta?  Pasta


Chocolate or Strawberry Milkshake?  Strawberry


Favourite music era?  90’s


Bollywood or Hollywood?  Bollywood


Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset


Having just released your second single in 2015, what can fans expect from Roma in 2016?


More singles for sure!


Finally do you have any messages for your fans and the readers of BhangraCentral.com?


I would like to thank all the fans and readers who have been supporting me and listening to my music. If you would like to find out more about me and what I get up to, you can follow me on:


Facebook: Official Roma Music


Instagram/Twitter: @Roma_artist
Website: www.romamusic.co.uk


Finally a big Thank you to BhangraCentral for having me!


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