Exclusive Interview with Jaskurn Gosal


We recently caught up with Australian producer Jaskurn Gosal, to talk about his start in the music industry along with his recent release Dil Mangeya, Haan Baliye plus much more


Tell us how you first started in the industry? Who are your biggest musical influences?


I was born and bred up in Brisbane, QLD , Australia. I started my way throughout the music business as a DJ. This led to me remixing songs and then finally onto production. I still regularly do DJ gig’s whilst also focusing on my production. My biggest musical influences would initially have to be Bindi. He was my mentor in the DJ/Dhol field. He was  the first Punjabi DJ in Brisbane and I used to look up to him…..wanting to be that guy behind the decks some day just like him. In the wider scope of things, Gurdas Mann, Charanjit Ahuja, Tru Skool and Dr Zeus, are artists whom I have come to respect and admire. Surjit Bindrakhia, Dilshad Akhtar were dons as well!


You are one of the most exciting and fastest emerging producers from Australia. Do you feel a certain amount of pressure to represent Australia?


Being from Australia, you do seem to get known and judged more as an artist I believe. Because we are pretty much separated away from the rest of civilisation down here, people do generally tend to take a keen interest in the happenings down under. Pressure? Nah not really. As long as you give 100% and don’t cut corners, everyone should be happy.


Is there anyone in the UK music scene whose music you enjoy at the moment? What has been your favourite release this year?


In terms of UK based producers, Tru Skool is the stand out for me. To have the ability to manipulate sounds into a style that doesn’t even sound like it’s from this era, is a skill I am in awe of. Proper Desi, folk music will win me over any day of the week. And the big thing, he says what he wants and how he see’s it. No lovey dove stuff!!! Dr Zeus is another producer who continues to go from strength to strength. He deserves it after being committed to the scene for a long time!


My favourite release in the past 12 months would have to be Inch – Zora and Zeus. the chorus is infectious.



Haan Baliye came out of nowhere in 2010 featuring A S Amar and Bunzy Mack. A S Amar is a vocalist we feel has unbelievable talent and potential. What made you pick him and Bunzy Mack for this track?


I chose AS Amar after hearing his voice in a few productions by the Envy camp. Some one put me in touch with him and mentioned that he looked like a carbon copy of Lehmber bhaji, They weren’t wrong! I found his tone of voice to be perfect for my project. On the rapping side of things in Haan Baliye, Sunny Brown of Culture Shock, put me through to Bunzy Mack. Very nice guy and down to earth with a great voice and lyrical arsenal. We done everything over the phone and internet. Technology is great!


You decided to release the follow up to Haan Baliye in the form of Dil Mangeya featuring Supnandan, a newcomer to the scene. Why did you pick Supnandan?


Supnandan is lovely artist and person in general. I was suggested to use her on a track by a good friend and lyricist, Romi Bains. I told him my plan (which was to create a follow up to Haan Baliye) and he wrote the perfect reply. He also put me on to Supnandan, whom I met and recorded while I was in India in 2012. The rest is history!


The video to Dil Mangeya had a fun and quirky concept. How important are videos and image in today’s society?


We purposely made the video to Dil Mangeya to be simple. There are no super-hot supermodels, fast cars or celebrity cameos. We wanted a simple story that the audience could laugh at and relate to. I’m sworn to secrecy, but someone close to me actually wrote the storyline of the video, according to events that had happened to her, in real life! Rolling Canvas done a great job in putting it all on to the screen and the response has been quite overwhelming both here and overseas. People just need to calm down with their video’s and image portrayal these days. Keep it simple and straight!


You released Dil Mangeya alongside Vip Records. Tell us how did the opportunity arise to work with VIP Records and how supportive have they been in your career? How important is having a record label supporting and backing you especially in today’s climate?


I’m very lucky to be associated with VIP Records. To be based in the UK and be investing in an artist totally across the other side of the wide is a big deal. They have kept faith in my style and brand of music and while, there have been gaps between releases, they have always fully supported me. I approached them back in 2008 when I wanted to release Bakshi BIlla’s debut, ‘Nachne Da Mazza’. They liked the album and released it for me.It’s very important for an artist to have such a support base because as we all know, the industry can be a bit difficult at times.


Coming from Australia, would you say its been more difficult to break into the Bhangra Industry?


Coming from Australia, I did find it confusing at first, as to how I could break in to the industry. Especially 8-10 years ago. The internet has helped a lot of new artists get that exposure now, so if you are half decent, you will get noticed I guess.



What are your thoughts on the Bhangra Industry in general? Are we in a better position now than say 5 years ago?


The bhangra industry is a funny one. It’s like a roller-coaster which runs the length of the world. Back in the day, I used to look forward to all the UK releases…sometimes staying up till the early hours of the morning, to wait for an album release. And now, we hardly get 4-5 uk based albums released per year. The focus has definitely shifted to Punjab. Every week theres a new singer emerging. I don’t mind that, but I do hate the copy-cat attitude. If one singer has an original idea for a song, you will find 10 other songs within that month with the same style, lyrics or music. Originality is very hard to find.


If you were given the opportunity to work with any artist in any genre of music, who would you choose?


If I could work with anyone in the world, from any genre…..it would definitely be Surjit Bindrakhia….and maybe Timbaland too!


If you had to describe your music and sound in now word, what would it be?


If I had one word to describe my music…it would be ‘different’. Not necessarily different to other producers, but the fact that I consciously try and make each of my tracks sound different to each other. Maybe I’m shooting my foot by sacrificing a ‘signature’ sound….but I don’t want people to pigeon-hole  me to a particular style. That’s the beauty of our art….you can change it up and experiment all the time!


Random Quick Fire Round:


Favourite Colour:    BLUE

Last film you watched:    THE GODFATHER (for the 500th time)

Ideal holiday destination:   SWITZERLAND

UK Music scene or India music scene:    UK


What does 2016 have in store for Jaskurn Gosal? Can we see more singles or perhaps an EP / Album?


I’m working on a number of projects. I will be more active in 2016 than ever, with my music and I have promised myself to give my 100% effort. I’ve been lazy in the past and all that is about to change! You will see a number of new and established singers and most likely an EP towards the later stages of the year.


Do you have any final messages to your fans and the readers of BhangraCentral.com?


Big thank you to all of those people that have heard my music and supported me and pushed me to make more music. It’s a great feeling when someone compliments you on a bunch of work you’ve done. I’m still relatively fresh in the industry and looking to really put my foot down this year. Also big up to Bhangra Central for providing the service they do to all of the music lovers out there. I’m sure I can speak for a lot of artists when I say we truly rely on you and your support!


We’d like to thank Jaskurn Gosal for taking time out to conduct this interview with us and wish him all the best in the future!

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