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For those of our readers who don’t know you, please introduce yourself


Hello, Sat Sri Akal, Salaam and Namaste to all fans and friends around the world. Myself Amandeep Singh Sandhu a.k.a ‘Aman Sandhu’ belong to a town called “Dera Bassi” in Punjab, India. I am a professional singer, artist and performer who loves to perform live and is always there to entertain you.


When did you first decide that you wanted to pursue a singing career?


 I have been singing since childhood, used to play harmonium in school prayers. Singing passion slowly turned into a profession whilst I was studying at G.G.D.S.D College in Chandigarh. I used to participate in youth festivals and different events. My school and college friends, teachers always used to tell me that you’ve got a good voice and you can be a good singer.


With their love and the support of my family I then decided to pursue singing as my career. Then I started learning music from Shri Vinod Puri ji from my hometown Dera Bassi at the age of 16. Got some classical singing tips from him. Then my second ustad ji’s name is Shri Varinder Bachan ji who is a famous music director. I then went to Canada for studies and lived there for 5 years and kept on continuing this art of learning from Ustad Rajinder Raj ji who belongs to Patiala Gharaana. I’m still learning small things everyday from everyone.


Who did you look up to within the music industry growing up?


 My influences are a lot of singers. I pick every positive point from every singer. Basically at the initial stage i used to listen Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan Ji, Ustad Nusrat fateh Ali Khan Ji. then Sardool Sikander Ji, Gurdas Mann Ji,  Hans Raj Hans Ji, Kuldeep Manak Ji, Surinder Shinda Ji etc…. can’t name all of them. So there is no particular one singer whom i listen to or follow.


You first emerged into the main public domain with the huge track – Koka Nakhro Da. Did you expect that you would receive such a response from fans for that track?


First of all i would like to inform my fans that “Koka Nakhro Da” was my first Audio track (single) which was released only on online back in 2010 with the music by “s.O.e” written by Bhupinder Matorwala.


Actually I was very new and having no knowledge of the Punjabi Music industry at that time and was so nervous too. I never ever expected the huge amount of love I got from people for that song. I still remember that day when i recorded that song in the basement of s.O.e in a cold room having no hi-fi equipment. We made that song just for fun. But when it was out online I got massive response and mostly positive comments from all over the world. It was like a dream come true. It was a feeling which is indescribable. Especially got huge love from UK, Canada and North America for that song.


2 Fingers 2 The Game was your solo debut album released in 2015. Why did you decide to call the album that? How proud did you feel to see the final product in your hands and on the iTunes chart?


 “2 Fingers 2 The game” was my first solo album released in 2015 which comprises of 9 different flavours of songs. Actually the name of the album was decided by my brother and music director of album “E=MC”, myself and the label. We wanted the name itself to stand out amongst the people as it is a symbol of Victory. Also we find it a very different and unique name which Punjabi music industry never had.



When i had the final product in my hand i was feeling so proud on one hand and on the other hand emotional too as it was the 5 years of hard work and sweat which myself and E=MC put in this album and it is now officially and legally there for all the fans to hear and download it on iTunes wolrdwide. That moment when all the press reporters were asking questions to me in the Press Conference regarding the album, I felt on the top of the world on that day.


What was it like working with the highly talented E=MC? What advice and help has he given you over the years? 


Working with E=MC is really a big honour for me as i was listening to his music since his “Call It What You Want” album time. I also used to listen to his songs in college. But i never thought that God would give me opportunity to work with this highly talented individual one day. It’s been always a happy and friendly environment working with him. My voice feels so comfortable in his music. We have a great chemistry together whenever we are in the studio. Also he shared his all experience in the music field he had in the past which is helping me a lot now.


Did you have a particular objective / goal in mind when you started to compile tracks for the album? 


Yes, I aimed to cater this album worldwide. The topics were written by Preet Jallewalia, Love Brar, Vicky Churchak and Tej Gill. I want to make sure that the album covers different genres and age groups. It compiles of Bhangra, romantic, hip-hop, reggae, sad and club genre.


A lot of people are keen to get into the industry as singers or producers. What advice would you give people?


There is only one message to all upcoming singers and music producers that I want to give and that is whenever he or she is thinking of releasing a project, before that at least learn the basics of music which will help them to stay in the game for long time and also keep on listening to good music.


What genre of music are you currently listening to? Whose music stands out to you at the moment?


Currently i have been listening to bhangra and bollywood music. The stand out music producer right now for me is E=MC.


Do you have any upcoming plans to collaborate with any UK music producers? Do you have plans to release some bhangra dance floor type songs?


Yes a few songs are coming this year with very famous music producers from UK and also with Indian music producers too. I can’t name them right now but it’s a surprise for all fans. This year is going to be more of bhangra and dance floor anthems.



You always have clean, family friendly music videos. How important is it to have not only clean videos but videos that actually relate to the song?


 Video concept is always planned according the demand of the song. It is always essential to make clean and family friendly videos as we are representing our Punjabi culture. As an artist it’s my responsibility to spread good message through my videos. But at the same time it should be entertaining too if we see the commercial side.


Starting in the music industry in general is difficult let alone the Punjabi music industry. Did you find it difficult to put yourself out there and get acknowledged by both your peers and fans?


I did not find it difficult to make my name in Punjabi music industry. As i always have great support from my friends and family. In the beginning music producers like s.O.e., E=MC, Nick Dhammu, Amzee Sandhu etc helped me a lot to make my mark. Also Sarbjit Saroya from Planet Recordz who is supporting me from day one. There is one name which I always say, which is Jaswinder Minhas bhaaji from Canada who supported me as an elder brother. So the music journey both has good and bad times. Sometimes everything seems to be easy and vice versa.


You have released slow songs such as Red Rose, Hanju, Phase 3B2 and also full out Bhangra songs like Rumaal, Lakh De Hullareh and Record. What style do you prefer and feel most comfortable singing?


 By God’s grace i always feel so lucky that he gave me a versatile voice. I feel comfortable almost in every genre whether it’s a bhangra song, romantic, sad or club song. I want to be a versatile singer.


What is your personal favourite track that you have recorded and why?


 It’s a difficult question. I love all of my tracks because every track I sung till now shows a different voice texture and will give you a different feeling.


What makes Aman Sandhu stand out from the rest? What do you bring to the table thats unique?


 Personally I think my versatility in singing and voice texture in different types of songs that helps me to stand out differently from others. Also you will find a bit of semi-classical or classical touch in my songs which very few singers do in the Punjabi music industry. Furthermore I love to experiment and singing in different scales.


You’ve recently been heavily featured on the EP SummerNights by Toronto’s SoE. SoE is such a unique music producer who has developed his own distinctive style. Tell us how the collaboration initially came about and what the experience was recording for his EP


Working with s.O.e is an experience which i can’t describe in words. There would be no Aman Sandhu without the support of s.O.e. I met him while i was working in a factory in Canada and i was singing PMC song ” Mai Ho Gaya Sharaabi” in the washroom. And this guy came to me and told me that you got an amazing voice and I am a music producer. This is how we met each other.


He is the guy who always supports and encourages me. He is the person who helped me to start my singing career professionally. I must say he is the backbone of my career. Working with him in the studio for his EP “Summer Nights” was a memorable experience. We work together on different styles of music in this EP. I have an intro and 4 songs Hanju, Rumaal, Preeti and Ranjha in his EP. Every song has a different vibe. We have a very strong, cool and calm chemistry when we work in the studio. He is one of the most humble guys i have ever met in my life.


What are your views on the current promotion of guns and violence in Punjabi music songs and videos? What can we do as fans and artists to reduce this?


I don’t want to say anything to anyone regarding this as everyone is doing their own work. But personally i don’t like these type of videos and songs as it is spreading wrong message to the punjabi youth. It’s my request to all fans first not to support these type of songs, because always it’s the fans that play an important role in making a superhit song.

If the fans will stop promoting these songs then automatically singers will not think of doing these songs. As an artist I can only say to my fellow brothers and sisters that we should make more songs which are family and cultural oriented ones. Yes I know the commercial side is also important, but do that stuff which will not inspire the youngsters to do wrong things in society.


If you could work with any producer today, who would it be and why?


At present i would love to work with either Dr. Zeus or PMC. I love their style of music and the vibe they have in their songs inspires me a lot.


Giddeh Vich by Maharajas featuring yourself and HMC was a spectacular track. How did that collaboration come about?


Giddeh Vich is one my those tracks which fans have always demanded from me to do; a fast dancing and foot tapping song. The track was produced by Maharajas who are UK based producers and I had a great experience working with these two talented brothers Deeps and Jas. Also HMC gave a different taste to the track. I met Maharajas in India through one of my friends and the video was shot in Birmingham, UK. Overall I had a very happy and joyful time with Maharajas.



If given the opportunity which female singer would you want to sing a duet with?


Rupinder Handa.


How important is it that singers are featured in music videos for their own track? Should the lyricists also be shown in the video as well?


It is very important for the singers to feature themselves in the videos. It helps in growing the popularity among people, which will further help in shows. The more you come in front of people more fans you get. There are a lot of singers whose tracks are super-hit in the world but people don’t recognise them still. It’s beacause they were not featured in the video, so for me it’s a very important part. Lyricists also can come in the videos depending upon the concept of video. It’s good for lyricists too.


What has been your most memorable moment working in the music industry so far?


The most memorable moment of my singing career till now was the day my album “2 Fingers 2 The Game” got released on June 25th, 2015. The press-conference of that album was like a dream come true as I belong to a middle class family. I was feeling like a king on that day. It was like all the hard work is paying off. Also the best moment is when everyone is carrying the hard copy of the album in their hands and having pictures with me. That was just mind blowing and emotional too.


Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of Punjabi Music


Diljit Dosanjh, Feroz Khan, Sardool Sikander and Surinder Shinda.


Random Questions


Football or Cricket? – Cricket.

Favourite Duet song – Mahi ve Mahi by Didar Sandhu.

Dhal or Saag – I love both.

UK, US or Canada Music scene – Indian music scene.




A true brother and number 1 music producer.


2 Fingers 2 The Game


Dream Project.




One of the most humble and honest person i have ever met. Then a talented music producer and brother.


Kuldeep Manak


 A legend whose songs will remain forever in the hearts of people.


Koka Nakhro Da


Unexpected hit.


Sardool Sikander


Most versatile and multi-talented Punjabi singer.


Kaka Bhaniawala


King of Bhangra songs.


What does Aman Sandhu have planned for 2016? Can we
expect some more singles or perhaps an EP / Album?


In 2016 i have lots of single tracks lined up for all the fans and let’s ready to dance with yours Aman Sandhu.


Where is the best place for fans to contact and interact with Aman Sandhu?


Fans can contact me on facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat.





Snapchat – amansandhumusic


Do you have any final messages for your fans and the readers of BhangraCentral.com?


I just want to say a big thank you to all fans who are supporting my tracks from day one. Keep on loving as the new projects are lined up for you.


Also support the clean music and buy original songs from iTunes.


Finally a big shout out to bhangracentral for this interview.

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