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DJ Vix returns for his fifth album release, aptly entitled “Chapter V”. His last official album release was the Identical 2 None. Chapter V features 9 original tracks with no remixes.


Track 1 – Kehra Roakda


Starting off the album is Kehra Roakda, vocals by Saini Surinder. This is a straight up bhangra track, with a powerful hard-hitting dhol and entrancing vaja and sarangi pieces. Saini Surinder delivers once again on the vocals and compliments the dominant beats. Overall this is a feel good track with very catchy lyrics, you cannot help but play this in full at least once.


Track 2 – Har Pal


Next things are switched up a bit as we hear the soothing voice of Kumar Sanu. This is definitely a song for all the romantics. It has a summertime feel to it, very calming and the production is articulately produced. This is a song that would be fitting for a first dance at weddings and ceremonies. The musical pieces have been carefully chosen to compliment Kumar Sanu’s vocals and give it that extra touch to make it stand out.


Track 3 – Changey Mundey


Manjit Pappu is up on the next track called Changey Mundey. This track has a similar feel as Kehra Roakda in regards to hard-hitting dhol beats and and instrument pieces. Manjit Pappu’s vocals are a compliment to the track, it offers a much deeper, powerful sound. Manjit Pappu is an artist i believe is highly under-rated and has a unique voice and presence. To me this is one of the standout songs from the album. He also released his debut album ‘My Turn’ produced by DJ Vix, which features some great numbers. Click here to purchase My Turn


Track 4 – Sona Lagda


Ishmeet Narula blesses Sona Lagda with her vocals on the next track. This is one of my personal favourites from the album, it has a throwback feel to some of DJ Vix’s previous work. Again it is not over-produced, really simple beats and carefully chosen musical pieces to suite the sweet voice of Ishmeet. The melody is strong and very tuneful; vocals by Ishmeet are expressive and there is real confidence in her singing. Its hard not to stick this on repeat a few times!


Track 5 – Punjabi Boys


Bhinda Jatt returns on Punjabi Boys. Dj Vix and Bhinda Jatt collaborated in the hit track “Glassy Nachdi”. Its a decent song overall, with Bhinda Jatt steady on key, seeming as though he hasn’t missed a step. Whilst this is a very catchy song, it falls slightly short compared to “Glassy Nachdi”, which came out of nowhere. Expectations were high for his second offering, and to me, i feel it fell short.


Track 6- Gidha Pao


Vix remakes the classic hit Gidha Pao by Mohinder Kaur for track 6. Vocal duties are given to the one and only Miss Pooja. To remake such a classic song, one would need a vocalist capable of doing the song justice. I believe that Miss Pooja does certainly do justice to the track. Coupled with the again effective, high quality production by Vix, this is sure to remain a key track for all the DJ’s come wedding season. There have been a few remakes of this particular track, however taking into account the elegant vocals by Miss Pooja and the simple, yet effective, edgy beat, i reckon this will be one of the standout covers.


Track 7 – Kade Kalja


Labh Janjua is up next for Kade Kalja. Vix switches it up with a more urban styled beat and track, adding in Guess Who. The song itself is quite catchy and Labh delivers on the vocals as always. However at the same time, i feel its missing something to truly make it a standout track.


Track 8 – Marda


Marda is track number 8, sung by Hunterz. Whilst Kade Kalja was a more uptempo track, Marda, switches it again and has a more relaxed, chilled tempo. Hunterz’s soothing voice compliments the track nicely and sets for quite a pleasant listen. This also has an early 00-01 throwback feel, something that was present throughout a few tracks in ‘Chapter V’. Definitely going to get a few repeats once you hear it.


Track 9 – Desi Beat (Extended Version)


You might have heard this song before as it was released as a single, however the Chapter V album version features an additional verse. The tempo changes in the song really add to the track and get you wanting to jump up and do some Bhangra. The track itself is again really catchy. Malkit Singh knows what songs work with his voice and this certainly works. The track again is highly produced and reminds me of sounds from Malkit Singh’s Millennium Mixes. It has a very old school feel, with a modern twist designed specifically for the dance floors and parties. This along with Gidha Pao is I am sure to be in every DJ’s set come wedding season.


And with that, Chapter V comes to an end. Its been 8 years since Vix’s last official solo album. The bhangra industry has changed quite a bit since then, and Vix has adapted his music to suite today’s needs, however there are still elements in some songs that remind you of some of Vix’s early work, which were a pleasant and welcomed addition. Find out what rating we gave Chapter V below as well as a link to purchase from iTunes, if you liked it.


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