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After a few singles, DJ Raj released his debut album titled ‘The Album’ in April 2015. We analyse each and every track and give our honest and unreserved opinion. Check it out below!


Track 1 – Jatti Heer (Sarika Gill & Dav Juss)


The first track on the album features vocals by Sarika Gill, a relatively new artist to the scene. Jatti Heer is a straight up bhangra song, with thumping dhol beats, catchy verses and powerful vocals. The production compliments the track and you cannot help but clap your hands along with the beat. I can’t really find a fault with this song, as it is catchy, well produced and just an all out banger. As a starter to the album, this is a great start.


Track 2 – Freshy (Harry)


Up next is Freshy, sung by Harry, who does a great job. The production is again of very high quality and the musical pieces really add to the track. The lyrics are easy to understand and Harry does great job on the vocals. The chorus is catchy and i can see myself sticking this on repeat a few times. The video to ‘Freshy’ was quirky and fun as well.


Track 3 – Ek Pegg (Kaka Bhaniawala)


Kaka Bhaniawala is up next for Ek Pegg, who gives a very powerful performance as always. The song is a little more up pace compared to the previous songs. Lyrics are catchy. Its always great to hear a Kaka Bhaniawala vocal. The track itself has a dance-type feel as have the previous tracks aimed at the dance floor and dj sets. The vaja pieces are great.


Track 4 – Mittran De (Nirmal Sidhu & Dav Juss)


Mitran De is track 4; the album version does not include Sudesh Kumari, and is slightly more uptempo. This is one of the stand out tracks for me from the album, production is fresh, clean and just adds to the overall song. Nirmal Sidhu’s vocals are edgy and powerful. Whilst the duet version was a very good track by itself, i actually prefer this version more. There is something about it that makes it stand out. The track makes you want to jump up and ‘do some bhangra’. Production is rich with hard-hitting dhol beats and baseline. Compared to the previous tracks, this is one of the more polished in regards to overall production and sound.


Track 5 – Pyaar (Pritam)


Things are switched up for track 5; Pyaar is a more chilled song, with the production reflecting this. This is Pritam’s first appearance and he does a fantastic job, his vocals on Pyaar are emotional and heartfelt. This is a well produced track, music pieces are articulately selected and developed. The production is not over produced, and its a refreshing change, which pays off as Pyaar is a great track.


Track 6 – Tere Bin (Pritam)


Pritam is back for his second vocal performance on the album with Tere Bin; which was released as a single in 2013. The melody is strong and very tuneful; vocals by Pritam are emotional and there is real confidence in his singing. Pyaar was a great track, however Tere Bin is Pritam’s best performance on the album; production is fitting and atmospheric; again not over produced. The flutes in the background really add to the track. Even though it was released nearly two years ago, it still sounds as fresh and polished today.


Track 7 – Nachdi (Bill Singh)


Nachdi was released as a single in 2013 and its been included in the album release. Upon first hearing it, I knew it was going to be a big song. The production down to the vocals, straight to the lyrics offer a catchy and pleasant listen. Bill Singhs vocals are impressive and are quite refreshing to hear. This is another standout track from the album. I can definitely see myself replaying this track at least a few times.


Track 8 – Wanga (Pritam)


Pritam is back for his third and last appearance with ‘Wanga’. This is more of a dance / party type track compared to his previous two songs. Production is good, however i feel that there are too many party songs and it can get quite repetitive. The violins in the background are pleasant to hear however.


Track 9 – Jago (Bakshi Billa & Sarbjit Kaur)


Bila Bakshi and Sarbjit Kaur are up next with Jago; previously released as a single. Again this is a great song aimed at the wedding season. Production is simple and the lyrics are catchy. Compared to some of the other songs, this is one of the weaker tracks; thats not to say it is a bad song, but its overshadowed by some of the songs before it.


Track 10 – Saari Raat (Manjit Sohi)


Manjit Sohi makes his only appearance for track 10 – Saari Raat. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and musically. The melody and verses are distinctive and punchy. Manjit Sohi is a very talented and diverse singer and this track highlights and showcases his vocal ability. This is a great way to end the album.


The album contains quite a few songs aimed at weddings and the dance-floor such as Jago, Freshy, Nachdi etc. However the album also offers more relaxed and alternative songs such as Pyaar and Tere Bin. Overall this is a good album, production is fresh and has been carefully chosen, as have the choice of vocalists. As a debut album, its a good effort, with a few hidden gems. I look forward to see what else DJ Raj has in store.


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