Dazzlers ft RivaSoul – Yaar Mere Vaary (Out Now)


With “Girl Like You”, a top ten single in the Itunes World Music charts already under his belt, RivaSoul has wasted no time before heading back to the studio. His new song “Yaar Mere Vaary” which translates as “my friends are my enemies” is due out next month and is his first independently produced track to be released on Tigerstyle’s boutique music label Soldier Sound Recordings.


The song features an up and coming rap collective from Delhi who go by the name Dazzlers and are only 17 years of age. Rivasoul has praised the young artists for their work ethic and spoke in length about how important it is that emerging talent in the Indian music scene be given an opportunity.


“I found it pretty hard breaking into the music scene so now I have, I feel like it’s my duty to help other young artists”… Dazzlers are a prime example of this. A group of great young guys who I believe have what it takes for the big time.”



The song is part of an on-going incentive put together by Rivasoul to sign up new emerging talent from India and Rivasoul believes this first song will surprise quite a few people.

“I’m honestly surprised at how quick it came together. Everyone was on the same page right from the start and it was a pleasure to produce”


You can find out more information on Rivasoul’s upcoming projects by visiting www.rivasoul.com.


The artist is promising many more releases in the near future so be sure to keep an eye out.


Title: Yaar Mere Vaary


Artist: RivaSoul feat Dazzlers


Producer: RivaSoul


Writers: R Dhillon


Label: Soldier Sound Recordings


Publisher: A K Music Publishing


Release date: Out Now!


Click the button below to download ‘Yaar Mere Vaary’ from iTunes now!


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