Das Music presents the debut album titled Danger Zone by DangerDhami (Promo)


DAS Music presents the debut album by DangerDhami, titled Danger Zone.



Danger Zone is a 10 track Punjabi folk remix album, which mixes well known traditional Punjabi songs with classic Hip-Hop type beats. DangerDhami has reproduced each track from scratch and mixed recognizable Hip-Hop sounds with recordings from iconic Punjabi folk artists. DangerDhami, a midlands based producer, tributes this album to some of the key influences within the UK Bhangra scene who broke through with classic remixes from the 1990s. This album aims to bring listeners back to that “golden era” type sound.


The album will be fully released on DAS Music’s YouTube channel and also downloadable from www.dasmusic.co.uk.

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