Shaan & Verinder break down their new album Inspired

    Shaan & Verinder released their highly anticipated album today titled 'Inspired'. We recently caught up with the guys themselves to break down how each track came about. Check it out below.   Intro -  We knew from the offset that the album would have an Intro which consisted of a rapper going

Dj Dips ft Badal – Desi As Folk (Album Review)

  To say this album was eagerly anticipated is a massive understatement. I've been a huge Badal Talwan fan ever since his first track 'Kasoor' featuring Aman Hayer. He has released a few tracks here and there with the likes of Dj Dips, Popsy etc but they have always been

Tarli Digital’s Albums, Ranked!

  The second article in the series features Tarli Digital. Tarli Digital has released 4 studio albums and has mentioned in past interviews that his 4th album was indeed his last. With that in mind we take a look at his albums and rank them based on which ones we preferred.

Kay V Singh – Bhangra Takeover (Album Review)

  Kay V Singh released his new album titled 'Bhangra Takeover' on the 21st of April, which was just over a year and a bit since his last offering 'Bulletproof'. The album features 7 tracks and features collaborations with Epic Bhangra, Binnie Marwa, A2, DJ EM, Raj Singh Music and Jay

Exclusive review of This DJ Mixtape 2017 by DJ Dips (Out Now) were given the exclusive opportunity of listening to and reviewing DJ Dip's new Mixtape titled This DJ Mixtape 2017. The Mixtape is out now. Read our review below now:   The Mixtape by DJ Dips features some of the biggest tracks spanning across multiple genres including Hip Hop, Garage, RnB and

Gurj Sidhu – Sentimental Value (Album Review)

    Gurj Sidhu released his highly anticipated debut album titled Sentimental Value at the end of February. This album marked the 10+ year journey of Gurj Sidhu. Having released a couple of single tracks over the past few years, he was ready to unleash the full album; Sentimental Value. The album

Manni Sandhu – Welcome To The Future (Album Review)

  Manni Sandhu released his highly anticipated second album on the 10th of June after a 5 year gap. Expectations were high, with both music fans and industry peers who couldn't wait to see or rather hear what new sounds Manni Sandhu would bring out this time. "My Time" was an

SoE – SummerNights (EP)

  SummerNights is the new EP by SoE and it features vocals by Aman Sandhu, Tej Gill, Rubia Sagoo, Ginz and Jinder Jinda. It is an EP that is not intended to be pumped at the dance floors and parties nor is it expected for iTunes charts and radio listings. What

Aman Sandhu – 2 Fingers 2 The Game

  ‘2 Fingers 2 The Game’ is the debut album by Aman Sandhu which has been produced by E=MC! The album was released on the 25th of June 2015 via Planet Recordz. This is Aman Sandhu’s first official album and production duties have been placed with the multi-talented E=MC, who has

DJ Vix – Chapter V

  DJ Vix returns for his fifth album release, aptly entitled “Chapter V”. His last official album release was the Identical 2 None. Chapter V features 9 original tracks with no remixes.   Track 1 – Kehra Roakda   Starting off the album is Kehra Roakda, vocals by Saini Surinder. This is a straight