Tarli Digital’s Albums, Ranked!

  The second article in the series features Tarli Digital. Tarli Digital has released 4 studio albums and has mentioned in past interviews that his 4th album was indeed his last. With that in mind we take a look at his albums and rank them based on which ones we preferred.

Mukhtar Sahota & Honey Mirza – ELECTRO MIRZA (VIDEO)

  Mukhtar Sahota brings you, ‘ELECTRO MIRZA’ with singer Honey Mirza, a fusion of ‘Electro Dubstep’ OUT NOW!   ‘Electro Mirza’ is Mukhtar Sahota's latest single brought to you by ‘Mate Melodies’ and ‘Internalmusic’, with singer Honey Mirza who hails from Chandigarh, Punjab.  After introducing ‘Reggae’ and ‘Rock’ to the Asian music

Mannie – All Night (Video)

    Mannie storms onto the scene with his debut single ‘All Night’Mannie is a young emerging talented Punjabi singer based in Tenerife. Mannie, who hails from Punjab, began singing from a young age in school competitions, where his talent was quickly recognised by his peers. His style of singing and classical tone

Monthly Music Review – May 2018

  Check out the top 15 tracks we thought stood out the most in May 2018 below along with the accompanying videos       Number 15 - Rupinder Handa - Parwah Ni Karidi   Rupinder Handa released Parwah Ni Karidi featuring Arpan Bawa. Lyrics were written by Happy Bandala. The message of this track is

Album Spotlight: B21 – By Public Demand

  This is a series where we look at some of the most iconic Bhangra albums released in the UK and we ask Bhangra artists who grew up listening to those albums, their thoughts, and to share their memories upon first listening to the albums. This edition features the unforgettable album

Haider Abbas – Ki Kariye (Out Now)

  TerrorMuzik Record Presents “KI KARIYE” singer HADISTARR (Haider Abbas) a new talented Artist coming with his Official Debut Son.   Hadistarr has released Mashup song and featured with other Artists. Hadistarr is talented artist who resides in Pakistan. TerrorMuzik Previous released earlier this year Hadistarr’s “Bollywood Mashup. KI KARIYE’s lyrics are written by Hasan Abass from Pakistan.   This track is a sad romantic

Kay V Singh – Bhangra Takeover (Album Review)

  Kay V Singh released his new album titled 'Bhangra Takeover' on the 21st of April, which was just over a year and a bit since his last offering 'Bulletproof'. The album features 7 tracks and features collaborations with Epic Bhangra, Binnie Marwa, A2, DJ EM, Raj Singh Music and Jay