The Year In Music – 2015

It’s our favourite time of the year – No we are not talking about Christmas! It’s time to talk about the Year-In-Music. It’s a time to reflect on the previous 12 months in Punjabi music. We’ve had releases from all over the globe from established artists like Bups Saggu, Gurdas Maan, DJ Vix, Tigerstyle, Sahara, Diljit Dosanjh to new acts like Gurj Sidhu, Supnandan, Jenny Johal, Raashi Sood, Kesh K and Sukhi Sivia, to name but a few. Whilst each song is unique, they all have one thing in common in this particular list; they are amongst the best tracks released in 2015.


2015 has been a big year for the punjabi music industry with great music coming from the UK, India, Canada and Australia. With so many great songs released, it would be impossible to come up with a top 10. With that in mind, however our team of music experts and fanatics came up with our top songs released in 2015. This list is created to showcase the best in Punjabi music released in 2015. There were a lot of great songs released in 2015, however this list summarises the top tracks that in our opinion defined 2015 in Punjabi music!
Please Note – This list is in no particular order!




Jenny Johal – Narma (March)


Jenny Johal broke into the scene in January with her debut single – Yaari Jatt Di. Two months later in March, she released her second single – Narma; and what a track to release following her debut. The track did serious damage both on the chart lists and on the dance floor, with it still doing the rounds today. Its just a great track musically and even in its presentation. Everything from the single cover art, to the video concept and quality definitely added to the overall enjoyment. The production by Desi Crew was fantastic and wasn’t overproduced; it complimented the vocals of Jenny Johal perfectly. The vocals are amazing, coupled with the great lyrics provided by the highly talented Bunty Bains, Narma was sure to be a guaranteed hit. Jenny Johal has released three singles in 2015; Yaari Jatt Di, Narma and Mutiyaar Jatt Di. Expectations were big for the second release, however we doubt anyone could have predicted the huge success Narma has seen.





Kulwinder Billa – Timetable (January)


Kulwinder Billa released Timetable in early January. The track literally came out of nowhere and within a number of days was already on every chart list and in the DJ’s playlist. Its not hard to see why as Timetable had such elegant production, catchy lyrics provided by Abbi Fatehgaria, a great melody and superb vocals. The catchy tumbi and great vaja pieces are prominent throughout the track and add to the overall experience. The video was also superb, really encapsulating the emotion of the track with rich, vibrant outfits, great scenery and a fun and quirky plot. Timetable was heavily featured on Bhangra dance groups and competitions, and we can see why, its elegant production and catchy lyrics make you want to join in the Bhangra.




Gurj Sidhu – Putt Sardaran De (November)


Gurj Sidhu is a newcomer to the scene having released just three singles. His latest offering was alongside the one and only Tru Skool for the track ‘Putt Sardaran De’. The track showcases Gurj Sidhu’s powerful raw and unfiltered folk vocals. The production by Tru Skool is crisp and rich in quality, and again a perfect blend of Punjabi Folk and Hip Hop sounds, which is something that you would expect from any Tru Skool track. The blend of Punjabi instruments along with subtle hip hop sound results in a hard-hitting beat, powerful vocals and an overall great listen. Something that is a trend with the songs in this list is the video quality and standard. Along with a superb track, a single has to have a great video to compliment it, especially in todays society. The video to Putt Sardaran De is no exception. Lovely scenery and locations, vibrant colours, great flow and most importantly, great Bhangra choreography and dance moves. The crisp production, vibrant video and stellar vocals highlights the rich Punjabi culture that seems to have filtered out recently.





Badal ft Aman Hayer – Chaska Duet (October)


Badal made his debut in the music scene in 2012 with the hit track Kasoor ft Aman Hayer. He then released another big track in Takk Ke. 2015 saw the fourth pairing from the duo in “Chaska Duet”. The song is superb, brilliantly produced and has a real classic throwback feel to it. The track features not only Badal but also the very talented vocals of Jaswinder Jassi. Its a fun and energetic track, well produced, great lyrics and vocals are spot on. Jaswinder Jassi as a vocalist is someone who we believe should get a lot more recognition; a highly underrated and talented singer. She really adds to the track and gives it that added kick which is definitely  noticeable. Chaska Duet is truly a great track; it has elements of old folk tracks yet at the same time incorporates a unique modern sound. Aman Hayer’s production again is fantastic, really crisp, well mastered and produced; something that Aman Hayer has perfected over the years.





Ranjit Bawa – Tankha (November)


Ranjit Bawa released Tankha in November with lyrics by Kabal Saroopwali and music by Desi Crew. This is a great track by Ranjit Bawa, one that most Bhangra dance groups will look to include in their performances. The production is very lively, upbeat and packed with a thumping dhol beat. Ranjit Bawa’s powerful vocals match the high tempo track perfectly. We really like the sarangi pieces. The melody and lyrics are really catchy; and there isn’t much more to say other than its a great Bhangra track, great vocals, lyrics and production!




Ranjhana – Pappi Gill ft Rajeev B (May)


Rajeev B teamed up wth the highly talented Pappi Gill to release Ranjhana, in what he described as a tribute to the original Rang Kaala by Mukhtar Sahota and that is exactly how we would describe the track. Ranjhana follows the same flow and melody. Papa Gills vocals are sharp and distinctly clear as usual. The subtle background flute in the chorus creates a distinct mood and atmospheric vibe. Production is crisp, clean and simple. The chorus can get slightly repetitive at times however Ranjhana is still a fantastic track and a great tribute to the original track Rang Kala. The track is a message from the women’ perspective asking her Ranjha to come and meet her soon, before she disappears into the darkness. The beautiful lyrics by Karan Buttar are highlighted through the powerful and strong vocals by Pappi Gill.


cover170x170 (1)

Resham Anmol – Jatt Di Yaari (November)


Resham Anmol – Jatt Di Yaari is a great track produced by the one and only Desi Crew. Jatti Di Yaari features lyrics by the highly talented and in demand Bunty Bains. Its again a very catchy track, nice production and a great family oriented and clean video to go along with it. The track emphasises Resham’s powerful vocals and vocal range. Demi Crew have had quite a year, producing several hit tracks; each having its own distinction and uniqueness about it.



Jordan Sandhu – Muchh Phut Gabhru (August)


Bunty Bains is back again, this time with Jordan Sandhu for Muchh Phut Gabhru. Production duties were given to Desi Crew. Jordan Sandhu’s vocals are unique and fresh. The track is such a nice and pleasant listen; something you can definitely see yourself repeating quite a few times. Production is elegant and compliments Jordan’s vocals nicely. The video to Muchh Phut Gabhru is rich, has very vibrant colours and something that can be watched by al family members. Under the lyrical guidance of Bunty Bains, we cannot wait for what Jordan Sandhu has in store for his fans in 2016!


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Jazzy B ft JSL – Repeat(December)


Jazzy B teamed up with the highly talented JSL for Repeat, which was released in December. Lyrics by Balkar Nandghria are portrayed through the powerful and distinctive vocals of Jazzy B. Repeat is a catchy tune, great production matched with the classic style of Jazzy B. Jazzy B always ensures he is up with the current styles and always mixing his style up; Repeat further highlights this as he teams up with JSL offering a familiar yet unique and innovate sound.




Kuljeet Chouhan ft SoE – Hasdi Sohni (September)


Kuljeet Chouhan released Hasdi Sohni featuring SoE in September. SoE does a great job on the production, not overproducing it or adding unneeded instruments or samples. We loved the flute pieces mid-way, it definitely complimented the track nicely. Lyrics were penned by Nav Garhiwala. Kuljeet Chouhan has smooth and soothing vocals and this track was a perfect demonstration of this. SoE is another artist who we feel is underrated as a music producer; his style and sound is refreshing to hear as his approach is unique and adds a different take to his tracks. Kuljeet Chouhan’s vocals are expressive and you can hear real emotion in his voice. Overall the track is just a really chilled out and relaxing song; something that you can simply play in your car or when you are outside. We definitely recommend you check out SoE on social media, iTunes & Soundcloud to hear more of his stuff; highly talented and has released some great numbers that deserve to be highlighted!


cover170x170 (2)


Diljit Dosanjh – 5Taara (December)


Diljit Dosanjh returns with 5Taara alongside Jatinder Shah via Speed Records. Diljit Dosanjh has been known for his upbeat Bhangra tracks in recent years and this is no exception. 5Taara is a great Bhangra dance track, with great lyrics provided by Ranbir Singh. No video would be complete without the classic and now iconic Diljit Dosanjh dance moves. They way he seamlessly dances and comes up with new and innovative routines is remarkable. 5Taara has a great melody and lyrics that are catchy, which you cannot help but sing along to.




Kaur B – Phulkari (April)


Kaur B is a relatively new artist, however in the short space of her career has gone on to release great singles and also sang a duet with the Crown Prince of Bhangra, Jazzy B. Kaur B released her new album Desi Robinhood in April this year featuring production by Desi Crew and lyrics by Bunty Bains. The album featured a whole host of great tracks including Z-Security, Killer Eyes, Supne, however Phulkari is the standout track in our opinion. The melody, verses, music and vocals are all in sync and just work. The combination of Kaur B and Bunty Bains delivers again with Phulkari. Bunty Bains really knows what lyrics, melody and songs work with his artists and how to incorporate new concepts and trends into songs; a trait of a highly talented and knowledgeable lyricst. Production is very simplistic, nothing over-complicated with hard hitting dhols and great musical and sarangi pieces.





Kesh K – Deed Yaar Di (September)


Kesh K, a British born singer, released his second single in September featuring the music maestro Sachin Ahuja with ‘Deed Yaar Di’. This is a great sufi track and has been articulately produced by Sachin Ahuja. All instruments were produced and recorded live. Kesh K delivers a heartfelt and passionate vocal performance, with the music complimenting the soft-style. The Bulbul Tarang piece midway through the song was absolutely fantastic. Its no surprise that Kesh K would go to Sachin Ahuja to produce a sufi song. the musical knowledge that Sachin has is extraordinary; his musical and technical experience is what makes this a very special song. What makes this track stand out even more was the great and vibrant video alongside it; colourful, great costumes and family friendly.







Bups Saggu – Bodyguard (November)


Bups Saggu released his second single in 2015 alongside two newcomers to the scene; Jotti Dhillon and Sandy Sandhu. From the moment we first heard the promo, we could tell Bodyguard was going to be a big track. Vocals from the two newcomers are refreshing, energetic and impactful. Production is also fresh and really catchy, you cannot help yourself nodding your head and bopping along to it; the change mid-way was a welcomed surprise. The highlight of the track has to be the vocals though, Sandy Sandhu and Jotti Dillon truly excel, perfectly complimenting the track, the pairing goes well and overall offers a pleasant listen.




Tigerstyle ft Jaz Dhami – Sitarey (October)


Jaz Dhami teamed up with Scottish duo Tigerstyle for the first time with the track ‘Sitarey’ in October. The elegant flutes in the background really add to the track. Sitarey compliments Jaz Dhami’s smooth and soft-styled vocals perfectly. Tigerstyle do an excellent job on the production with this track. The simplistic approach pays off as you are not overloaded with unnecessary instruments or samples and you can clearly hear the emotion in the vocals. Its just as really chilled out song and lyrics by Preet Kanwal are really addictive. Sitarey is one track that is bound to get stuck in your head.




Raashi Sood – Udeek (October)


Udeek features the vocals of Raashi Sood and production by The PropheC. Udeek is a fantastic track, beautiful melody, soothing vocals and great production. The vocals by Raashi are really calming and smooth. From the first time we heard Udeek, we knew it was going to be something special. The whole track just works and is a pleasant listen, from the lyrics, vocals down to the production. PropheC offers a simplistic and elegant approach with the production; its easy to overproduce tracks and add unnecessary samples and elements, however the production on Udeek is a perfect blend. Raashi Sood is definitely one singer to look out for in 2016, having released a handle of great songs so far. Udeek highlights her smooth and soothing vocals.





Baljit Malwa ft Kaos Productions – Sohni Te Sunakhi (November)


Baljit Malwa returned to the Bhangra scene in 2015 alongside Kaos Productions with Sohni Te Sunakhi which was released in November. You hear Baljit Malwa’s raw and powerful vocals right at the beginning of the track. Jelly Manjeetpuri’s strong messaged lyrics are brought to life by the powerful vocals of Baljit Malwa. The production by Kaos Productions compliments Baljit’s vocals perfectly, offering a pure folk backdrop. This is definitely a track for all the Bhangra folk enthusiasts; Baljit Malwa’s vocals have been compared to the great Surjit Bindrakhi and its easy to make the comparison. The video to Sohni Te Sunakhi is a great watch, concise storyline, great scenery and to top it off, fantastic and energetic Bhangra moves.




Lakhwinder Wadali – Laggian Zora Zori (November)


Lakhwinder Wadali released his highly anticipated single Laggian Zora Zori in November with music by Aar Bee. Lakhwinder Wadali is one of our personal favourite vocalists and he didn’t disappoint with his latest release. Having started his music career in 2005, Lakhwinder released a delightful number on his 10th anniversary as an artist. Laggian Zora Zori combines traditional punjabi lyrics with a fast and pumping beat. The tumbi pieces are a great addition; the flutes in the background give it that extra bit of flavour. Lyrics by Jaswant Baaz are perfect and you cannot help yourself singling along. Another standout is the fantastic video alongside the track. It was a colourful and energetic video, beautiful choreography and very family oriented and clean; something that is common with Lakhwinder Wadali’s music videos. The music compliments Lakhwindre’s vocals exquisitely.


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Sahara ft Manj Musik & Raftaar – Billo Hai (September)


Sahara returned to the Bhangra scene in September after 10 years away and since the release of their album Undisputed. Teaming up once again with Manj Musik, 2015 saw Sahara collaborate with the very talented Raftaar to release Billo Hai. In 2005 Sahara released a track titled Laal Ghagra which saw them travel and tour all across the world. Billo Hai is the first of a few new singles and in a way offers a throwback and tribute to Laal Ghagra. Production by Manj offers the perfect blend of the traditional sound you’d expect from Sahara / Manj and also the incorporation of new modern funky dance beats, resulting in a very upbeat and energetic song. Lyrics on Billo Hai are addictive and highly catchy, a couple of plays and it will be stuck in your head for a while, trust us!. Raftaar showcases why he is one of the most popular south asian rappers today with a great rap, which switches things up mid-way. If you loved Sohniye Ni Sohniye, Laal Ghagra and Undisputed, then Billo Hai will definitely be right up your street.



JSL ft Neha Kakkar – Pyaar Te Jaguar (August)


JSL teamed up with Neha Kakkar & Harshit Tomar for Pyaar Te Jaguar, which released in August. Pyaar Te Jaguar is packed with fresh beats, catchy lyrics by Yuvraj Sandhu and presented through the elegant and sweet vocals of Neha Kakkar. The production on Pyaar Te Jaguar is energetic and compliment Neha’s vocals perfectly. The infectious tumbi throughout the track along with the catchy melody result in a very pleasant listen. It is a track that you cannot help be stick on repeat more than a few times. The rapp mid-way provides a nice break as well.




Jaz Dhami – Munda Like Me (December)


Jaz Dhami returned again in December alongside Jatinder Shah with Munda Like Me. Compared to his previous singles Munda Like Me was a straight up Bhangra dance song. The track showcases Jaz Dhami’s versatile singing range perfectly. Lyrics by Ikka are fun and quirky. Its nice to see Jaz Dhami on a Bhangra track after releasing a string of alternative tracks. The video to Munda Like Me has a nice family-oriented concept and is rich and vibrant. Overall the track is an upbeat dance track with great lyrics.



Rich Rich ft Juggy D & Jay Sean – Freak


2015 saw the return of the music outfit known as ‘The Rishi Rich Project’. The trio original collaborated back in 2003 with the huge anthem ‘ Dance With You’. Fast forward 12 years to the release of their latest offering. Released as a ‘thank-you’ to all the loyal fans showing support over the years, ‘Freak’, offers hints of elements from Dance With You whilst incorporating new sounds and styles. The track itself is great, a structured and elegant beat coupled with the soothing vocals of Jay Sean and the evergreen Punjabi vocals by Juggy D was bound to be a hit. Production by Rishi Rich is new and fresh, really showcasing his musical ability and knowledge; knowing what sound works well with the vocals of both Juggy D and Jay Sean. Freak has elements of the old Rishi Rich Project sound whilst at the same time it infuses the new modern trends and styles, appeasing fans from both sides of the spectrum.





Diljit Dosanjh ft Gurdas Maan – Ki Banu Duniya Da (August)


Ki Banu Duniya Da is a collaboration between two great artists; the iconic Gurdas Maan and the international superstar Diljit Dosanjh. Gurdas Maan rarely collaborates with other artists. However when it was announced he was singing a duet with non other than Diljit Dosanjh, we knew it would be a big song.The track reiterates the message for the youth that speaks about not forgetting your roots, in this age of modernity. It focuses on issues such as drug-abuse, disenchantment amongst the youth and other important topics. Delivered with catchy lyrics and melody written by Gurdas Maan along with the distinct vocals of Diljit Dosanjh, this is a fantastic number. Featured for CokeStudioMTV the track featured a huge collaboration, with two big punjabi superstars. The video to Ki Banu Duniya Da features the whole production outfit, band and the two singers. Seeing Diljit Dosanjh and Gurdas Maan together along with the band really enjoying performing the track is a pleasant sight.




Jaskurn Gosal ft Supnandan – Dil Mangeya (July)


Jaskurn Gosal released the highly anticipated female response to the huge track ‘Haan Baliye’ in July of this year in the form of ‘Dil Mangeya’. The sequel featured newcomer Supnandan who delivers a great vocal performance. The track shows highlights of the original yet adds its own unique twist both in production and lyrics. The song just makes you want to nod your head and clap to the beat. The video to ‘Dil Mangeya’ featured a fun and unique concept, which further added to the overall track. Overall this is a great follow up to the original track Haan Baliyel; keeping a similar flow in terms of melody. Vocals by Supnandan are superb and we cannot wait to hear more from her in the future.




Aman Sandhu – Record (June)


Record truly shows off the diverse production capabilities of E=MC. While it is easy to over-produce a song, adding a bundle of instruments, E=MC takes a different approach and strips that all away. With a grimy bass line, powerful vaja piece, its hard not to clap along with the song. Aman Sandhu’s vocals really shine in this song and it works well with the production. Having such simplistic production is very risky, however E=MC adds the right balance of percussion and music pieces coupled with the deep bass line to make this track stand out. Aman Sandhu is a vocalist who we are very big on, ever since his first release in Koka Nakhro Da and with E=MC guiding him, we are sure he is bound to be a major player in the industry in the future.





Zora Randhawa ft Dr Zeus & Fateh – Inch (January)


Dr Zeus returned alongside Zora once again with the huge track Inch featuring Fateh. Dr Zeus offered his signature and matured production. It is not overproduced, Zeus has perfected his sound. Zora’s vocals are truly highlighted in Inch, clear, crisp and powerful vocals, with great vocal range and ability. Fateh offers a few lines which go well with track nicely. The pairing of Dr Zeus and Fateh is extremely pleasant to hear and the two seem to have formulated a recipe that just keeps on delivering; Inch being no exception. Expectations were high for Zora’s second release after Haa, and he certainly delivered. Accumulating over 12 million youtube videos, highlights the huge popularity of the track and the impact it has had worldwide. If you are looking for the signature Zeus sound, great vocals and catchy lyrics, Inch is the perfect track for you. Zora has just released his new track 22DA and with more singles to come, 2016 is going to be a big year for Zora Randhawa for sure!



JSL ft Sharry Maan – Hashtag (December)


JSL returned in December alongside the highly talented Sharry Maan with Hashtag released via Panj-aab Records. Sharry Maan is a highly underrated vocalist, with remarkable talent and ability. Hashtag is a perfect example of his potential, the production by JSL perfectly fits his voice. Hashtag is highly addictive, the lyrics are catchy and easy to follow. The video to Hashtag further adds to this track, it has a nice plot, great locations and scenery. With several singles released in 2015 and many more to come in 2016, JSL is definitely one producer we are highly looking forward to hearing more of.



Dj Vix ft Ishmeet Narula- Sona Lagda (May)


After releasing a few singles, Dj Vix released his new album Chapter V in May. The standout track on the album in our opinion was Sona Lagda. The melody is strong and very tuneful; vocals by Ishmeet are expressive and there is real confidence in her singing. Its hard not to stick this on repeat a few times! Production is simple and has a real throwback feel to Dj Vix’s previous work (a nice addition!). Ishmeets vocals are sweet and soothing making Sona Lagda a really nice and great listen. The video to this track is again great, simple concept yet executed perfectly.




Sukhi Sivia ft Desi Crew – Canada(March)


Sukhi Sivia released his second single Canada alongside Desi Crew in March via Speed Records. The track is well produced, you can hear the distinct flutes, which compliment the track nicely. The video has a clear storyline and great scenic backdrops. The melody is similar to that of Rang Kaala by Mukhtar Sahota, however it also highlights the incredible vocal ability of Sukhi Sivia and is a catchy listen. Lyrics are penned by Swarn Sivia. Canada further demonstrates Sivia’s incredible vocal ability and range. With this being his second track, we cannot wait for future songs by him.



Dark MC ft NarinderJeet – Maar Suteya (July)


The Dark MC released Maar Suteya featuring newcomer NarinderJeet in July through VIP Records. Production in punchy and upbeat and compliments Narinderjeet’s vocals. Its a fast paced track, with great vocals and catchy lyrics. It has the trademark Dark MC sound that we have come to know. Narinderjeet’s vocals are deep and quite powerful and Maar Suteya is a great debut track, highlighting his range. Its an overall nice track that you cannot help but want to dance to.




Manni Sandhu ft Akhil – Makhaul (March)


Manni Sandhu returned in 2015 alongside Akhil with Makhaul. The track is a perfect track that highlights how diverse of a producer Manni Sandhu is. The emotional video further highlights the track and really adds to the track; a brilliant video concept. Lyrics by Akhil are heartfelt and you can hear the real emotion and passion in his vocals throughout the track. Manni Sandhu has developed and grown as a music producer, constantly switching his style and adapting and learning from his critics. Makhaul highlights his development and musical awareness perfectly. Overall its a great track, with a strong message and a very powerful video





Tigerstyle ft Kulwinder Billa – Chakkwein Suit (March)


After having released the huge hit ‘Timetable’ just two months prior, Kulwinder Billa returned with an equally classic track in Chakkwein Suit. Production duties were given to Tigerstyle, who didn’t disappoint. The elegant flutes, great sarangi pieces and calming beat really sets the mood throughout the track. It is not overproduced and compliments both the track and Kulwinder’s vocals. The melody fits in with the summertime jam-vibe. Overall this was a great track, filled with great lyrics, a very catchy melody, simplistic yet appropriate music. Chakkwein Suit is one of our favourites released this year. The melody is entrancing, production is so elegant and the lyrics by Preet Kanwal are highly addictive. We really cannot find a fault with this track, its a really well produced track, great lyrics, nice video concept. When it comes to music knowledge and expertise, there are few that can match Tigerstyle. They have constantly adapted and developed their sounds over the years and are not afraid to experiment with new sounds regardless of how it affects their ‘sales’ and image. That not only takes guts but shows the mark of great producers, and for the most part, it has definitely paid off.


Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 15.53.04

Ammy Virk – Zindabaad Yaarian(December)


Zindabaad Yaarian is produced by Gupz Sehra and features the vocals of the highly talented Ammy Virk. Lyrics are penned by Maninder Turke. Zindabaad Yaarian is a great track; catchy lyrics, nice production and a great video. The sarangi pieces are a remarkable addition. Ammy Virk is a great vocalist and has released a string of great singles recently. Zindabaad Yaarian is highly addictive and its one of the songs that you can see yourself playing more than a few times.



Kulwinder Billa – Dj Vajda(July)


Kulwinder Billa returned after releasing the huge track Timetable, alongside Aman Hayer for Dj Vajda. Aman Hayer’s distinct and renowned production is noticeable as DJ Vajda is another dance floor hit. This is a track that was designed of the parties and dance floors; with catchy lyrics, hard-hitting dhol breaks and powerful vocals. Kulwinder Billa must have had 2015 in his mind as his year, releasing a total of 5 consistent hit tracks throughout the year. Lyrics are penned by Matt Sheron. DJ Vajda is a great Bhangra track that will liven up any party.



The PropheC – Taur(November)


Taur by The PropheC is an amazing track, taken from his forthcoming album ‘The Lifestyle’. The PropheC wrote the track, composed the music and also sang on Taur, highlighting the multi-talented capability of this young individual. The melody on Taur is so diverse and unique, something you would expect from PropheC. His style and musical thought is so different to a lot of other singers and producers. The vocals on Taur are soothing and calming, production matching his soft-style voice. The PropheC is definitely another artist who will take the industry by storm with his new album, which we cannot wait to hear. Taur further highlights why The PropheC is one of North Americas finest!



Dj Vix ft Sukshinder Shinda – Ek Hor La De (December)


Dj Vix returned in December alongside the Music Man himself, Sukshinder Shinda with Ek Hor La De. This is a straight up dance floor track designed to get everyone on the floor and showing off those Bhangra moves. Sukshinder Shinda rarely goes to other producers for his music however Ek Hor La De saw him collaborate with the multi-award winning Dj Vix. Production by Dj Vix is great and compliments Shinda’s vocals perfectly. The little break towards the end was a welcome surprised, something that really stands out for us.



What defined your 2015 in music? Let us know in the comments below!


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