Bhangra Time Machine – Juggy D – Akheer


This series looks at reviewing a particular track from the past. It can range from hidden gems that didn’t really get a chance to shine or some big anthems that, looking back just gave me some good vibes. Either way i’ll be sharing some of my personal favourite tracks from the past and reasons why it stood out to me.


Juggy D – Akheer



For this particular track we look back in time to 2004, when the music industry was predominantly focused on full out Bhangra dance-type tracks. Juggy D released his much anticipated debut Bhangra album titled ‘Juggy D’. For me Juggy D just had the complete look; rocking the trademark Adidas hoodies; rockstar hairstyle and energetic Bhangra performances; it was definitely something new especially from a UK standpoint in Bhangra music.


The album as released via 2Point9 Records and featured production by Mentor and Rishi Rich. The entire album was amazing and had some pretty evergreen tracks however there was one track in particular that caught my attention and is the track i will be focusing on in this edition; Akheer.


The album contained a lot of dance tracks and love/type songs but Akheer was something completely different. It had a lot of soul and emotion in not only the lyrics but the overall track. It basically says that when you lose all hope and friends and family are nowhere to be seen; take comfort in god. It’s honestly a really emotional song once you break down the lyrics.


On top of Juggy D’s great vocal performance; the video is also very striking. Set in an ordinary cafe; it features several scenarios with various people; highlighting the stresses and difficulties that are common and occur amongst everyone. I was really into tracks like ‘Billo’, ‘Sohniye’, ‘Gabhru’ etc as was practically everyone back in 2004, however when i first heard Akheer, i was shocked at how deep and rich the lyrics were. This coming from a UK born Punjabi vocalist as well.

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