Benny Dhaliwal “Tere Vyah De Din” Feat. K-Singh & Dav Juss (Out Now)



The “Badboy” of Bhangra Benny Singh Dhaliwal is set to release his forthcoming single “Tere Vyah De Din” on Thursday 1st December 2016. The lyrics have been written by internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Harf Cheema. The track features hardcore, versatile and Desi flavour produced by brotherly duo K-Singh & Dav Juss.


Benny needs no introduction to the Bhangra industry as he is well known for his many hits. Tracks such as Range Rover, Desi Yaar, Aish Karo and Ghora just to name a few. He has collaborated with some of the best producers in the industry which now brings him to his latest venture “Tere Vyah De Din”.



The collaboration came about after Benny had heard impressive recent projects by Kay & Dav.  Benny’s close friend Harf Cheema had recently been in talks with the team regarding a single which he thought would work perfectly for them.  After various conversations with the brothers, Benny provided them with a sample vocal to see what the brothers could deliver. The track was completed within a short space of time and Benny was “highly impressed by the quality of the music”.


BD Ents & 3Q Media are now proud to present the powerful Bhangra single “Tere Vyah De Din”.


 Benny Singh Dhaliwal “Tere Vyah De Din” featuring K-Singh & Dav Juss will be releasing worldwide on Thursday 1st December.


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