AMX announces his return to the music scene


It’s been a long time since I have officially shared any news on upcoming music.


Much has changed over the course of time whilst working on music and within life generally. I decided to remain low key.

I’m excited to finally be sharing news of my forthcoming studio album along side Canadian rapper Daku titled ‘For Better or Worse’ the official follow up to 2010’s “Broken Silence.” I feel this album takes my production work and Daku’s delivery to unprecedented limits where we have both been working alongside various artists, both living and dead including some features from various other rappers. These artists add a lyrical dimension on life’s experiences, ranging from death to love and friendships to betrayals, caste, money and trust.


This is not a traditional folk style album and acts as a clear contrast to Broken Silence.There’s still the odd traditional hearted folk style song but the overall focus is placed on my desire to narrate powerful stories through the medium of music, as its ultimate expression. It follows that any intention to please a particular music demographic, or fit within current music with this album is neither my aim nor my hope. The music speaks for itself.

Solo albums for singers will remain more traditional, with Manjit Upplanwalas album releasing first.


Thank you for all of your support over the years.


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In the mean time check out the duo’s recent track titled Nakhre featuring Aalam Jasdeep



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