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‘2 Fingers 2 The Game’ is the debut album by Aman Sandhu which has been produced by E=MC! The album was released on the 25th of June 2015 via Planet Recordz. This is Aman Sandhu’s first official album and production duties have been placed with the multi-talented E=MC, who has produced various hit tracks such as Yaari, Sahellian Nu, Mahi ve Mahi etc. The album contains 9 original tracks.


Track 1 – Milky


The first track off the album starts with a funky hip hop / electro style beat. Its a pretty catchy number, elegant beats and easy to follow lyrics. Production by E=MC is again fresh and offers a different take on the track. The track itself is quite short at just 2 minutes 46 seconds, however its a great opener to what i’m sure will be an interesting album.


Track 2 – Record


Record truly shows off the diverse production capabilities of E=MC. While it is easy to over-produce a song, adding a bundle of instruments, E=MC takes a different approach and strips that all away. With a grimy baseline, powerful vaja piece, its hard not to clap along with the song. Aman Sandhu’s vocals really shine in this song and it works well with the production.


Track 3 – Ik Tere Karke


After finally getting myself past Record, the mood starts to shift as we start to hear the intro to Ik Tere Karke. The song itself kicks off around the 1 minute mark. The production again is simple yet effective and compliments the flow of the melodies. The sarangi backdrop adds a unique touch to the song as well. While the song can get repetitive at times, it is definitely catchy and offers some great musical pieces.


Track 4 – Heer Jamti


Heer Jamti is a great song, E=MC again outlines the track with a simple yet effective beat. The track takes elements from another track but the lyrics are clean and easy to understand. Musically, the song is simple, there isn’t too much going on in terms of production. The sarangi pieces are a great addition though.


Track 5 – Jogi


We move onto what i believe is one of the standout tracks on the album. Jogi has simple, effective and easy to understand lyrics. The high level of production continues. You can hear the subtle violin in the background which really adds to the sound of the overall track. The beat compliments Aman Sandhu’s vocals really well and this is a great listen all round. Something that has been a recurring theme with this album, is the simplicity in the production . This song is another instance where less is more and the production is articulately produced to coincide the sweet toned vocals without over producing and adding a bunch of un-needed instruments.


Track 6 – Phase 3B2


The tempo switches again for Phase 3B2 as we begin to hear the smooth, calm guitar chords. The lyrics are meaningful and Aman Sandhu gives an impressive vocal performance. E=MC adds a few lines in the song as well, which was a nice addition. Whilst the chorus can be a bit repetitive, the rich and entrancing production really gives a summertime feel which ends up being a really chilled and calming listen.


Track 7 – Dil Todgi


The song starts off around the 1 and a half minute mark. It has a more dark tone and the music shows that; with a prominent flute and sarangi in the background. The track is missing something to make it standout. With the other songs, simplicity worked well, however I feel that this type of track needed some deeper production and the background instruments don’t add anything to the track. To me its an average song, that takes a bit long to kick in and when it does, its nothing that instantly grabs your attention.


Track 8 – Dream Girl


Dream Girl was released as a separate single; with the album version being identical. Roach Killa is on board with this song and adds the urban touch along with the reggaeton-like beat. The track is very catchy down to lyrics through to the production. Its an uplifting song that makes you want to either nod your head or get on the dance floor.


Track 9 – Tere Pitchey


Tere Pitchey is the last track on Aman Sandhu’s debut album. Tere Pitchey features special appearances by Tej Gill, who does a great job on the vocals as does Aman Sandhu. The composition is quite different, and it works really well. The production is more urban, with E=MC striping the traditional instruments and taking the song in a different direction; something that has been a recurring theme throughout the album. Overall its a decent track and a good way to close out the debut album by Aman Sandhu.


And with that, the album comes to an end. Aman Sandhu first broke into the bhangra limelight with the track “Koka Nakhro Da”. Since then he has gone on to release various singles. The album as a whole does him justice and offers a variety of tracks to suite a wide range of needs. The album is centred towards a more urban demographic with dance / club oriented beats; this compliments the vocal style of Aman Sandhu. Lyrically the album excels as well, with the tracks offering rich and diverse content. There are tracks on the album to suit almost everyones needs and tastes. The production on the majority of the songs were well thought out, articulately produced and composed. The album is a solid release for a debut album


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