Albums We Want To See In 2016

We hope 2016 is another big year with a release of lots of singles and albums. However we also hope that we get to see the release of albums from a few select artists in particular as well. This list comprises of rumours of albums being released, albums currently in production and wishful thinking. Check out the list below to see which albums, amongst others, we most want to see released in 2016:


Aman Hayer – Groundshaker 3


When Aman Hayer released the first album in the Groundshaker series in 2005, it literally took the industry by storm. Packed with a massive 14 tracks, Groundshaker 1 featured a colossal list of big names including K.S Makhan, Angrej Ali, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Feroz Khan, Kuldeep Manak etc. It contained some big songs; the likes of which included Tharti Hildi, Seetian, Apne Begane and Dil Nai Lagda. It set the tone for the rest of the year.


Aman Hayer returned with the second instalment ‘Groundshaker 2’ in 2008. The album was packed again with a huge number of tracks and collaborations with both new and established artists – Nirmal Sidhu, Master Saleem, Romey Gill, Jaz Dhami, Jazzy B, Angrej Ali, Manjit Pappu etc. Groundshaker 2 featured some big songs such as Sher Punjabi, Sadi Jind Jaan, Ik Vari Haa, Chargai and Je Naal Nachunga. It also featured the vocal debut track by Aman Hayer with Vekhi Lagdi



Both albums were released in January and with January almost over, its unrealistic it will be released this month. however we are at least hoping for a mention / single in 2016. Whilst we are not too sure on the release date, one thing we can bet on, is that Groundshaker 3 will again be filled with chart busting dance floor numbers.


Tru Skool – (Solo Album)


Tru Skool first emerged in the public eye in 2004 alongside Specialist with the album ‘Word is Born’. The album introduced a fresh dose of raw folk into the bhangra scene; something that hadn’t been seen in a while. Coupled with both remakes and original tracks, the album brought back some of the folk sound along with the raw hip hop influences. The album contained tracks such as Sanehvaal Chounk, Nashia Tho Door, Mooho Boldhi, Saibaa Dha Khath and featured singers such as Labh Janjua, Kaka Bhaniawala, Kulvinder Johal and Ranjit Mani.


Tru Skool would later return alongside The Specialist again with ‘Repazent’. The album was packed with some huge tracks such as Hak Di Kammai, Bhangre’ch, Phrangi Rall Ke and Daru Peekeh. The album featured singers such as Kaka Bhaniawala, Kulvinder Johal, Dippa Dosanjh, Lehmber Hussainpuri as well as introducing newcomers like Jaswant Heera and Gurbhej Brar.



Since then Tru Skool went on to release various albums and compilations as well as producing songs for other artists such as JK, Kulvinder Johal, Diljit Dosanjh and Gurbhej Brar. His latest track ‘Putt Sardaran De’ ft newcomer Gurj Sidhu was released in November 2015. However we are looking forward to a full album by Tru Skool. Whilst he has been working on a couple of singles, we know that his next album will be something truly industry-shaking. The way in which he is able to fuse raw Punjabi folk instruments with classic Hip Hop beats is something that has become unique to Tru Skool. He hasn’t mentioned working on a new album, so this is more wishful thinking at the moment!


Dr Zeus (Solo Album)


Dr Zeus has released a number of solo albums throughout his career, some of the recents ones being Unda Da Influence and its sequel Back Unda Da Influence. Both tracks featured brilliant vocalists and ushered in a new sound at the time. It was completely different to what was available at the time. Under Da Influence featured tracks such as Kangna, Tin Cheeja, Ah Ni Kuriye, Mil De Yaar, Mele Vich Jatt, Naina etc. Practically the entire album was filled with hit tracks; something that was literally unheard of for a Bhangra album. Having developed the trademark ‘Zeus’ sound with Unda Da Influence, Zeus opted for a more desi album with the sequel. It was the introduction of a new singer to the scene in G Sharmila. His vocals were raw, unfiltered and powerful and it needed to have music that complimented his style of singing – and Dr Zeus delivered again! Back Unda Da Influence featured some great tracks including Sat Sri Akaal, Assi Haan Punjabi, Adhi Holi Maar, Kambh and Gaddiyan!



Dr Zeus has worked with a lot of great artists and this year alone released several hit tracks. However it has been a while since we’ve had a complete Dr Zeus album. His last complete album was Back Unda Da Influence. It was released at a time when the industry was going through a transition and Dr Zeus himself was experimenting with new sounds and creating a new style of music for himself. Having had a few years now to experiment and hone in on his work, we believe that a new Dr Zeus album will be something amazing. Dr Zeus has worked with the very best in the Punjabi must industry and has also introduced several new comers to the scene. We cannot wait for what Dr Zeus will have in store if he decides to release a new solo album. One thing is for sure though – it will definitely shake things up…again!


Jazzy B – Folk N Funky 2


With the album scheduled to be in production, we cannot wait for part 2 of one of the most iconic bhangra albums of all time. Using some of the original equipment and instruments to further recreate that iconic sound, Jazzy B will collaborate with the Music Man himself Sukshinder Shinda. The opening track London Patola was such an energetic track and captured the whole innovative sound during the 90s. The pairing of Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda has always produced classic hits and is a partnership that just works. The crisp production by Sukshinder Shinda compliments Jazzy B’s folk style vocals perfectly. Folk N Funky 1 featured tracks like London Patola, Majajne, Chor-Chor-Chor, Jat Surme and Akhian etc.



Since then we have seen a more computerised sound in Punjabi music and there has been a shift from the traditional sounds. Whether that is necessarily a good thing is debatable however with news that Jazzy B is releasing Folk n Funky 2 using the classic equipment and instruments has definitely got us excited again. No release date has been set or announced, however this is one album that has definitely got us excited. Its going to be time to bring back those jackets, hairstyles and bust out those moves once more!


Panjabi MC – (56 Districts )


Panjabi MC is an artist who needs no introduction; having ushered in a new sound and being responsible for one of the greatest cross-over tracks ever, he has certainly cemented his name in Panjabi music history. The way he seamlessly and effortlessly creates hit tracks and hit albums constantly is something that is truly incredible. It can be safe to say that every album has had a real anthem that is still in rotation at many clubs, dj sets and parties. Panjabi MC returned to the music scene in 2008 with ‘Indian Timing’ featuring a whole host of new and established artists. It was a massive 20-track album that featured hits like, Snake Charmer, Can’t Stop Us, Kee Lagh Da, Indian Timing, Panjaban, Makhana etc.



Panjabi MC returned two years later with ‘The Raj’. The album featured 18 tracks and introduced several new sounds and infusions. Having something for literally everyone on the album, it further demonstrated Panjabi MC’s ability to create new sounds and keep up to date and up with times. The album featured tracks like Moorni, Big Day Party, Akh Da Eshara, Jatti, The Raj, Kuri Panjaban etc. There have been rumours of a new album in the making titled 56 District, however we are not sure if it will be released or announced this year. Its been almost 6 years years since we have had a Panjabi MC album and even a mention of a new album in 2016 would be enough to keep us excited!


Manni Sandhu – Welcome To The Future


Manni Sandhu is an artist who we were really big on when he released his debut album “My Time” in 2012. Simply due to the fact that we had seen him grow as an artist and develop his natural sound and style. From his vaja sessions online to him producing mixtape tracks we could really see a development in him as an artist. Fast forward a few years to 2012, and he finally released his debut album, which featured a number of great artists including Bakshi Billa, Jelly Manjeetpuri, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Manak-E, Nirmal Sidhu, Jaswinder Daghamia etc. It featured some great tracks that really highlighted Manni Sandhu’s diverse production knowledge and capabilities – Door Ni Kulne, Bottle, Mutiyaar, Balle Balle, Pegg 2012, Sona and Gidhiyan Di Rani etc. 



With news of a new album being completed and being finalised we cannot wait to hear the new sounds of Manni Sandhu and to see who is going to be featured in his second solo album. Manni Sandhu is amongst some of the great new UK talent that has emerged over the last few years and we expect big things from this young producer. Having already worked with some of the biggest singers in the industry it will be interesting to see who he has collaborated and how his music has changed and adapted to new and recent changes. One thing is for certain though and that it is definitely an exciting time for Punjabi music.




Rishi Rich – Music


Rishi Rich is known as one of the pioneers of UK Asian Music; ushering in a new sound and introducing to the scene two newcomers who went on to become global superstars in Juggy D and Jay Sean. Rishi Rich has worked with a huge number of great artists, the likes of which include Craig David, Britney Spears, Westlife, Mary J Blige, Jassi Sidhu, H-Dami, Master Rakesh, Des-C, Rafaqat Ali Khan etc. His last solo album was in 2009 titled – The Project and featured 19 tracks including a few interludes.



He returned to the UK Asian scene in 2015 alongside the other two members of the Rishi Rich Project – Jay Sean and Juggy D with ‘Freak’. (click here to watch the video). It was an exciting throwback track to the classic Rishi Rich sound and tracks like “Dance With You” released over 10 years ago. Having worked alongside some of the best singers in the world, Rishi Rich has developed a unique sound that has seen him reach the number 1 spot on countless music charts.


As we were writing this list, we heard news of a new single by Rishi Rich, with a new album set to release this year. We cannot wait to hear the new sound Rishi Rich has been working on. The new album will feature a whole host of exciting singers such as Shazia Manzoor, Juggy D, Miss Pooja, Hunterz, Ishers, H-Dhami, Navin Kundra, Amrit Dasu, Ray-J, Sayhba, Veronica, Rush Toor, Usman Rehman, Soloman, Kiran Dhanoa, amongst more! The first single from the album features Master Saleem, called Ik Tere Pyar, which is out on the 28th of January. (click here to check it out)




Ravi Bal – United States of Bhangra


Ravi Bal is a true pioneer of UK Bhangra music having worked alongside some of the greatest singers within the music industry to also introducing several new stars. We cannot wait for his new album titled United States of Bhangra to release and are eagerly waiting to see the track listing and singers featured. Ravi Bal has always innovated his sound and style to match both the singer he is working with and the style and sounds that are popular and trending at the time. This has allowed him to continuously create hit tracks and memorable songs that have spread across generations. We cannot wait to hear the new sounds and songs coming from the Ravi Bal Production acts comprising of Parvinder Sandhar, Tejinder Kaur, J Shahi and Farooq Ilyas.



Ravi Bal has recently released his first single from his new album titled ‘Bass In Ya Boothi” featuring the vocals of Victor Kamboz (click here to watch the video). With the album consisting of a massive 18 tracks, there will definitely be something out there for all types of music lovers. Ravi Bal is set to release new music over the next few months, so hopefully we will not have to wait too long for the complete album. Along with Ravi Bals album, we are hoping for new albums for the RBP acts such as Pavinder Sandhu and Tejinder Kaur etc.


Which albums are you most looking forward to in 2016? Let us know in the comments below:


10 thoughts on “Albums We Want To See In 2016

  1. Aman Hayer Groundshaker might be released this year. More importantly he has tracks with Manmohan Waris,Ranjit Bawa,Roshan Prince,Manak-E & Kulwinder Billa forthcoming.

    Truskool has an EP releasing not sure who will be featuring on it .A track with Jazzy B also forthcoming plus a new singers solo album & JKs album, I dont think all of these will be released in 2016.

    Dr Zeus came on the radio and said he has 100 tracks ready and his solo album will be out this year. No vocalists were mentioned but he has tracks with Banger,Yuvraj Hans,Jazzy B on the way.

    Panjabi MC has an album pipelined called 56 Districts but again doubt it will be released in 2016.

    Jazzy B Folk N Funky 2 will feature styles & sounds from all of his previous albums until and including the Romeo album. Should be the biggest album of the year.

    1. Hopefully Folk n Funky 2 lives up to the Original. I heard in a Jazzy B interview on youtube that they are aiming for end of summer for the release but he said don’t quote him on it. I would say it gets pushed back till Nov-Dec time. I never heard a Jazzy B and Tru-Skool callob but that would be sick. Would love to see the Ranjit Bawa and Aman Hayer duo.

      Glad I found this website that has update to date info on the bhangra industry and that makes blogs on what we will see or could see in the bhangra industry.
      I really miss when i used to get all my music info from Punjab2000 fourms, which used to be a great place to discuss music but its gone down the drain in the past 5 years or so.

      Keep up the good work guys..

      1. Definitely looking forward to Jazzy B’s Folk N Funky 2; hopefully it exceeds expectations.

        Thank you for your kind words; we have a lot of new and exciting things planned throughout 2016 which we hope you guys will enjoy!

  2. Looking forward to

    1. Boota Jagpal – Solo Album
    2. Jeet Bhogal – need to bring this guy back. He had a loads of talent
    3. Pal D – Another big talent who disappeared
    4.Bally Jagpal – Solo Album
    5. Gubi sandhu – Dance with billo

  3. Add Bhinda Jatt to that list. He came out with 2 singles last year “kala chadra” and “londono”. Hopefully we see a full album from him this year.

  4. Manni Sandhu album should be good; thats some real talent there.
    Rishi Rich – That guy has been out of the Asian / Punjabi scene for too long, its about time he is back; hopefully the album features Jay Sean as well

  5. 56 districts is going to wipe out anything else coming! PMC is very tight lipped about this, and you just get the feeling what he drops is going to shake up and down the world!

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