Top 5 Dream Collaborations

Throughout the years there have been a number of memorable pair ups and collaborations within the Bhangra industry. Its pretty common for artists to work together even if they are specialising in different styles of music. We look at 5 dream collaborations that have not yet happened, that we would like to see.


As the old saying goes, ‘never say never’, so with that in mind we look at some collaborations that would be pretty epic and that could happen in the  future. It would be pretty cool to see what kind of magic a collaboration between the two artists would produce.


1 – Dr Zeus / Gurdas Maan




Gurdas Maan rarely works with other producers and even rarely duets with other singers. He appeared on Sukshinder Shinda’s first Collaborations album back in 2006 alongside Abrar Ul Haq; he also recently collaborated with Diljit Dosanjh on ‘Ki Banu Duniyan Da’. The style of Gurdas Maan is quite different especially compared to whats offered in the UK scene. However if Gurdas Maan were to collaborate again with a UK producer, we honestly could not think of anyone else but the doctor himself Dr Zeus.


Zeus has been responsible for countless hits over the span of his illustrious career and has worked with a number of big artists as well as introduced newcomers. He has found a way to continuously adapt his style and keep his sound and beats, sounding fresh, time after time. A collaboration between these two great artists would be magnificent, be it a traditional bhangra track such as Sachiyan Suniyan, Sat Sri Akaal or a more urban style track such as Kangna, Rendeh or Inch. Or perhaps a remix of an old track – Challa with Dr Zeus production would be chart-topping.


Check out some of their work below:






2 – Panjabi MC / Jassi Sidhu




Here we have two of the biggest bhangra artists to emerge from the UK scene, Jassi Sidhu and Panjabi MC. Jassi Sidhu’s trademark sound, diverse singing capability and distinct vocals alongside the unforgettable production by Panjabi MC would definitely be something special. Jassi Sidhu started in the industry with the collective known as b21. Since pursuing a solo career he has worked with a number of select producers, Rishi Rich, PBN, Aman Hayer, Pami Sarai etc. Panjabi MC has been responsible for arguably the biggest mainstream crossover anthem – Mundiyan To Bach Ke. Though that is not his only highlight, having worked along side some of Bhangra’s biggest names and creating some memorable tracks though his career.


Panjabi MC recently returned after a while out of the industry with two chart topping albums – Indian Timing and The Raj, both having highlight tracks. Both artists have their own unique sound, however a collaboration would definitely test the abilities of both as they are quite different in their approach. If a collaboration were to happen, i would imagine it to resemble tracks like Moorni / Main Hogiya Sharaabi – a quirky, edgy and all out fun-feeling and party song.


Check out some of their work below:






3 – Tru Skool / Miss Pooja




Miss Pooja has collaborated with a lot of artists and producers, but one that hasn’t connected as of yet is Tru Skool. Tru Skool is known for his raw folk and desi production coupled with classic hip hop beats. His work alongside Specialist on ‘Word is Born’ is still in rotation in my music playlist. Miss Pooja is a very talented singer and very versatile as well which is why a collaboration with Tru Skool, could be pretty big.


Tru Skool is just coming of a recent collaboration with Surinder Shinda, Gurbej Brar, Kulvinder Johal and JK on ‘Puth Jattan De’. Miss Pooja has released desi and folk tracks in the past, however the style, structure and quality of Tru Skool’s production, something that sets him apart from others, matched with Miss Pooja’s vocal would truly be something to check out. The infusion of grimy and classic hip-hop sounds alongside the everlasting sound of the dhol would amount to a pleasant listen.


Check out some of their work below:






4 – Bally Sagoo / Jazzy B 




Jazzy B is known for his numerous hits, party starters and straight up anthems alongside his long-time friend and producer Sukshinder Shinda. He has also used other producers such as Ravi Ball, Aman Hayer, Popsy etc. Bally Sagoo is known for countless hits and his work with Malkit Singh, Gunjun, Apache Indian etc. A collaboration between the two would certainly be interesting as both have a very distinct sound and the style of music is quite different.


Bally Sagoo has just released his latest album titled ‘Cafe Punjab’, which included some great tracks such as ‘Chhalleya’, Tutte Dil Da and Kenu Kenu Dasa. This sort of lounge style punjabi music coupled with Jazzy B’s raw folk vocals would be something different indeed. Jazzy B is known for keeping up with the times and offering something fresh with each release, so a collaboration between two of the biggest international artists is something i would definitely like to see.



Check out some of their work below:






5 – Tigerstyle / Malkit Singh


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 21.54.55


Malkit Singh has worked with an incredible list of musicians, songwriters and producers over the course of his near 25 year music career. However he has never collaborated with the Scottish duo Tigerstyle. The pairing may seem slightly confusing at first however i believe that a pairing of Malkit Singh’s traditional and legendary vocals alongside the diverse and innovative production by Tigerstyle would be a gift to the ears. I can see a digi-electric vibe for the beat, something futuristic similar to what we found on Digibhang. As of yet Malkit singh hasn’t really got that sort of song.


Tigerstyle continue to push the envelope and break barriers in all counts of music and are not afraid to experiment with their sound and their style. And to innovate one needs to take risks whether they pay off or not and for the most part it has with Tigerstyle. Their sound has evolved over the years and are offering something alternative for fans to listen to. Their work in the last few months alone highlights the musical knowledge, technical experience and creativity of the Scottish duo; providing tracks such as Chakwein Suit, Att Goriye, Swag Jatt Da, Husn The Kali, Sukha Jinda Anthem etc.  Though time continues to change, the unique, distinct and legendary voice of Malkit Singh has remained the one constant throughout. When you hear a Malkit Singh song, you can tell straight away that its a Malkit Singh song by the vocals, or music. So a collaboration between the two would be something worth looking out for.


Check out some of their work below:





Who do you want to see collaborate in the bhangra industry? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Number 1 has to be Jazzy B & Truskool
    2.Shinda & Lehmber
    3.Aman Hayer & G Sharmilla
    4.PMC & Gurbhej Brar
    5.Dr Zeus & Bakshi Billa

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